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10-13-2006, 05:57 PM
We always do those year-end round ups in January - and while that's more than 2 months away right now - we know the figures that will be shipping.

General Veers still stands out as me getting exactly what I wanted from a figure (remember our lists we voted on?)

But a few others give me pause:

Leia Boussh was a nice resculpt. I didn't need her and didn't buy her, but I did admire her.

SunFac was interesting - even if we're sick of seeing him at Toys R Us.

The Clone Commando was inarticulate, but nicely sculpted.

The Firespeeder Pilot was random and obscure, but seriously cool.

Cody was long awaited for - yet feels like ANOTHER Clone. (Well, technically he is one)

Momaw was a nice resculpt!

Hem Dazon was once my most-wanted figure since Vintage days. But he's alright - I'm just glad to have gotten him done.

R5D4 was another nice resculpt - but one I really didn't need to use.

Chief Chirpa turned out awesome, but I have trouble seeing him even when he's in the palm of my hand. Can I borrow your microscope?

C-3PO proved what they said was impossible to do, was just another excuse manufactured in Rhode Island. I didn't need to buy it, but it did turn out nice.

Luke Endor is exactly what I wanted for a long time and I really like the figure. Funny that the vintage figure from 1985 has a better poncho though. And the gunbelt and holster is clearly a KENNER interpretation of the character, as Luke stopped carrying a gun by ROTJ.

The Podracer 2-pack adds value, plus Dud Bolt was one of my favorites amongst these guys.

Gragga is a great figure along the lines of Dexter Jettster, though not quite Ephant Mon.

The Endor Rebels are cool. I didn't really look them over too carefully - but they might be a reuse of the Saga 1 body. I'm not sure.

In the final 22, which we'll see between X-mas and 1st Quarter next year, I don't find anything too exciting. I'm buying some Clone Sergeants (ATOC) and 5 Kashyyyk troopers - that's it (2 types out of 22 possibilities - miserable waves....)

So what are your thoughts about all this?

10-13-2006, 06:15 PM
I would have to say that General Veers was my favorite this year and was the figure I have been wanting all these years. I really got mad at the TRU Battle-Pack that had the POTF2 AT-AT commander, labeled General Veers. I think Hasbro was listening to the Fans, and a few months later, came out with a decent Veers (or is that Quentin Tarantino? lol)

10-13-2006, 06:22 PM
That Sandtrooper was nice (albiet a resculpt). Veers and Jerjerrod were essentially the same figure with slightly different toolings, accessories and heads, so I don't rate them as high as others. The one figure that's missing on these lists that I rate higher (and I held off on till just now) is the Imperial Gunner. Armor, removable helmet, holster, all nice touches. Beyond that another outstanding cantina set of aliens. The other thing is the redone Garindan was excellent. The final thing is just minor, but despite a repack, the chest with the latest Luke is probably one of the bes suprise accessories.

10-14-2006, 03:41 AM
I can't wait to dump on Tycho for that Veers figure come January. :p

I liked Leia Boushh, showed how out-of-date the '96 version is, the standout figure of that wave for sure, but somehow not that memorable and doesn't sell well.

I liked Sun Fac a lot, I just wish his paint had been better - it didn't match from piece to piece. This is a body I want to see them recycle into a generic Geonosian warrior down the line.

Tycho, the "Clone Commando", you mean Republic Commando's Scorch? I expected a little better from Scorch, the sculpting, paint, and articulation feels a few years behind the times, he's good but should be a little better.

Firespeeder pilot seems like a good figure but not much of a Star Wars guy.

Cody disappointed me because they didn't ball-joint his shoulders (real ball-joints, not universals, ball joints would be limited but have enough movement to give range) and didn't articulate his ankles, even with the articulation he DOES have he feels preposed and limited. Plus, Cody and the Utapau Clone have paintjobs that are way too bold and LOOK like paint jobs.

Momaw was indeed nice, now he's a pegwarmer for his troubles. Somehow this one felt like it was mistimed and should have been released elsewhere, the 30 anniv line would have been perfect.

Hem Dazon I really wish they had done something more imaginative with, the body is just a "regular guy" with alien extremities. Also, the head sculpt is a little off in part due to accomodating the ball-jointed neck.

R5-D4 was great to have, I only wish his body panels were sculpted on instead of just glued.

Chirpa is a total ripoff sold alone and without major accessories, plus they didn't even universal-joint his friggin' shoulders???

Endor 3PO rules, I wish they could do a 3PO that wasn't chrome so he was built sturdier and had even more articulation, but this will do for now.

I can't speak about any of the figures from Endor2/TPM on, haven't seen 'em in person.

Additions beyond your list:

- AT-AT Driver took a figure I considered to be "done" and took him to the next level, very nice work indeed even if he is misassembled.
- Hoth R2-D2 improves on the short paint work of the VOTC figure which is good, but I still want better.
- Lushros was pretty good work for what it was I suppose.
- Garindan was a very good update.
- Everybody seems to love the Death Star Gunner, he's a really nifty figure, his vest is wrong but oh well.

- Should we mention the VTSC?

I must say, 2006 so far feels like a year without a true standout figure or group, that's both good and bad - good because there weren't too many turkeys that felt like the line was dragged way down by them, but bad because there was no shining achievements.

10-14-2006, 04:05 AM
- Should we mention the VTSC?

With all the other rehashes and resculpts, surely we should include the VTSC??

My vote for figure of the year goes to VTSC Greedo - a perfect figure that totally rejuvenated my enthusiasm for the hobby. I totally love this guy - it's not just my pick of the year, but my absolute favourite figure ever!!

Apart from him, I was most psyched to finally get Hem Dazon - he's been top of my most wanted list for years.

10-14-2006, 04:43 AM
I must say, 2006 so far feels like a year without a true standout figure or group, that's both good and bad - good because there weren't too many turkeys that felt like the line was dragged way down by them, but bad because there was no shining achievements.

So true, JT: So true!

The fact that we're only discussing a handful of figures in a 70-some figure year suggests things were pretty lackluster.

Yeah, Cody could have been something awesome, but they dropped the ball a little with him.

Hem Dazon might've even been a little more than what he was, too.

So could that R2-D2 as a matter of fact.

In Jaff's year-by-year, wave-by-wave poll, I haven't seen such enthusiasm for figures save for 2001's Power of the Jedi waves. That was a good collection.

Now I think the ROTS figures were very good too (many but not all). Saga 2 sort of disappoints and to be honest, I'm skeptical about the 30th Anniversary figures although the Lava Miner will be awesome and if they do something great with Elris Helrot (if it's true), that will be a cool figure. The Galactic Marine is a new sculpt, as is the Airborne Trooper, but I'm not doing cartwheels over them.

10-14-2006, 11:13 AM
My favorites of the year:

1.) All the VTSC figures, they rock big time, all should be made like this.
2.) Death Star Gunner: nicely done & worth every penny I spent last night.
3.) At-At Driver: like someone else said, they took it too another level so I bought two plus the two others that I got with both Walkers.
4.) General Veers (Q.T.): enough has been said about him already, very nice to have finally.
5.) R5-D4: kicks butt to finally have one that is better than the piece of carp that was released years ago. (Still trying to figure out what to do with the old one.)
6.) Endor C-3PO: been waiting for this for a long time & I was not disappointed last night.
7.) Commander Cody: nice to have, but my re-tooled version that I put together kicks Hasbro's version all to hell.
8.) Sandtrooper: didn't think they could improve this one but they did, great job with the extras.

There are some others like the Jedi Sora Bulq, Garindan, Moff Jejerrod, Firespeeder Pilot, Naboo Soldier, & the Cantina Aliens. So far I'm just waiting for the Naboo Soldier, the 501st Clone Commander, some clones & Possibly Mace's R2 unit.

Next year it looks like I'm interested in only 10 figures so far from the list /rumour list & the rest will be chosen wisely as the price rises unless my son wants something then I have no choice.:D

figrin bran
10-14-2006, 09:46 PM
my personal favorite was the AT-AT Driver.

Veers was nicely done BUT what about that half tailed job they did on the armor?

there were a lot of great figures that fell short of perfection for one reason or another...

R5D4 - they didn't paint the panels on the back
Firespeeder Pilot - IMO, the head is too small and out of proportion with the body
Sora Bulq - could've used articulated knees

10-15-2006, 03:06 PM
I'd like to add Bren Derlin to the mix. I know he peg warmed, but he is a very nice rebel hoth fig, the scultping was good, as was the likeness.

10-18-2006, 11:01 PM
There were quite a few good ones in this wave, although the large number of re-packs was pretty disappointing (although it did save me money).

Major Bren Derlin may be a peg warmer, but I have to agree that it was a great figure. The likeness of Cliff Clavin was pretty good, and IMO, this figure covers the original "Rebel Commander" figure from the vintage line.

General Veers was a cool figure, worth buying two of these just to have him with and without the armor.

R5-D4 finally gave us the figure we'd been screaming for since that abomination back in '97.

Sora Bulq was a great looking figure. An EU character, but one that did see movie action. Now if only we could get Quinlan Vos to go with him.

Commander Cody ranks among the best of the year for me. The complaints logged by people here never really bugged me about the figure, which I was lucky enough to actually find very early on - a rarity for me with popular figs.

Chief Chirpa was long overdue, and well worth the wait. Awesome sculpt, and the removable knife was a nice touch.

C-3PO w/Ewok Throne was another long-awaited figure thast was well worth the wait. 3-PO looked cool, and the bendable legs completely kill the vintage version that didn't have the articulation, thus looking pretty dumb on the throne that came with the Ewok Village.

Rep Been is another great-looking figure. The sculpt and the costume on this figure are amazing.

There were also a few turkeys in the bunch. The holo figures all seemed like unneccessary re-hashes, with only Ki-Adi Mundi really making any sense movie-wise. The Naboo pilot just seemed unneccessary, considering we already got Ric Olie, unless they're planning on re-releasing the Naboo fighter. Hem Dazon was OK, but the humanoid body just didn't seem right. Scorch also seemed unneeded here - I only bought him because I was thrilled to finally find this rare figure. Foul Modama also semed pretty lame. I also had Kabe and Muftak, and so this re-hash just didn't seem worth getting, especially for a character that never appeared in the movies.

10-18-2006, 11:55 PM
Sora Bulq was a great looking figure. An EU character, but one that did see movie action. Now if only we could get Quinlan Vos to go with him.

While it's a rumor until we see a picture, as the EU comic-2-packs continue, Quinlan Vos, along with Villie, will be coming our way probably 2nd Quarter next year! Yaaay!

Commander Cody ranks among the best of the year for me. The complaints logged by people here never really bugged me about the figure, which I was lucky enough to actually find very early on - a rarity for me with popular figs.

I haven't opened mine. Maybe I'd like him even more. I do like him - he just would have been nice to get in 2005, don't you think?

Darth Cruel
11-04-2006, 11:26 AM
I will chime in with some that will have some people rolling their eyes. These are in no particular order.

Parjai Trooper from the Mace Windu Battle Pack - Most prefer the Color of the Utapau version that will grace the pegs later this year (and if that happens, this one will change to the Utapau version) or early next. And some consider it to be "just another clone". But this figure was, to me, different enough from the already-released clones to stand apart as a totally new figure. And I have preference for colors other than purple as well...but I do not dislike the purple. This IS a great figure. As close as you can get to SA while having the straps from the shoulder to the belt. Removeable Helmet.

AT-AT - This figure may just be, quietly, the best figure of the year. What a great upgrade! Sculpt, paint, articulation...all excellent. And to feel this way about this figure is a little strang for me as I am no fan of miter-cut elbow articulation. But on this single character...it may just be better as I think it allows for the correctly bent arms for operating the AT-AT without sacrificing the sculpt of the jointed area as much as the universal joints do. And on regular troops...I much prefer the loss of the sculpt at joints in order to allow poseability.

Death Star Gunner - This one rates right up there with the AT-AT Gunner. The miter-cut elbows are less appreciated on this one. But this character also only operates a console and the action poses are less required. And the removeable Helmet is a huge plus. AND I don't care about the armor not being movie-accurate. My imagination easily gets around that detail.

Retro TSC Scout Trooper - What can be said. ALL of the Retro TSC figures are very good updates at least. And the Scout Trooper was ball-jointed hips away from perfection.

Retro TSC Luke - Can you get a better figure to sit in an X-Wing? You would have to show me.

SA Shock Trooper from Skirmish in the Senate Battle Pack - Here comes the Clone Trooper Lover in me. Although I know it is a re-paint of a previous sculpt, this figure has everything I want in a figure. It is Super Articulated. It has a clean (no stupid battle damage) and movie accurate paint job. And is a character that is marked as a specialized fighter in the movie (being Palpatines own legion). Despite the fact that it was released last year in another form (actually, 6 total to date if you include Mace Windu's Attack Battalion) it is, to me, a completely different figure because it is a different character. And unless Commander Appo (Commander Apple if you ask my son) is clean and a #41 sculpt, the #41 Shock Trooper will get my vote as my favorite of any of the Clones.

R5-D4 - The best Astromech so far and a HUGE improvement to Transformer R5 from the POTF2. He will be topped only by the black version coming out...whenever.

Sandtrooper - Goes without saying. Any version of the SA Stormtrooper is great.

"Blackhole" (or "Shadow" if you prefer) Stormtrooper - This may very well be my favorite figure...ever...period. Super Articulation...movie accurate sculpt...troop-builder...essential character...and, though I know it is not movie accurate, I have thought the Stormtroopers would look better in black since Star Wars debuted in 1977. Black is my favorite color. I own 27 of these and I am about to put in an order for 10 more. And I will likely not stop buy 10 whenever I get the chance until they are no longer available at SWS. My biggest regret concerning these figures is only ordering 5 on my first order instead of going for ten out-of-the-gate. (Side note - I will be doing the same with the 12" Medicom Version)

I only wish I could add Cody and Scorch. But they were much too disappointing for me. To the point of possibly being the biggest goofs of the year. Not necessarily the worst figures...but the biggest goofs. I hated Mace Windu with the lightsaber-swinging action from 2005 but I didn't see that figure as being as big a failure as Cody or Scorch. And the rest of Scorch's squad will be the exact same failures.

11-04-2006, 12:31 PM
VSTC Scout trooper--maybe the most articulated figure ever???

"Airborne Trooper" from Mace battlepack--pretty much for the reasons Darth Cruel gave. This figure also has real quality look to it. (not an army builder IMO though. I see it strictly as a commander).

Utapau clone trooper--the most dynamic clones in ROTS. The simple orange patterns really enhanced the SA clone.

Shadow stormtrooper--for reasons Darth Cruel gave. A beautiful figure.

Sandtrooper--Hasbro didn't have to, but they gave us a fantastic VOTC-style sandtrooper(plus, they make for good stormtroopers so these get the Multitasking Action Figure Award:D)

Veers--Hasbro made a more comprehensive figure than I expected with this one.

Kir Kanos/Carnor Jax--I'm not a fan of EU at all and I'm pretty ignorant of it, but I really like these figures.

C3PO with Ewok Throne--I was surprised, but this figure actually blew me away. C3PO never does that for me.

Captain Fordo--from Hunt for Grievous battlepack. I don't really collect AOTC clones, but I really like this one.

R5-D4--an astromech droid that impressed me. Just about perfect.

Sora Bulq--the face is really well done, as is everything else about this sort of obscure Jedi.

Just didn't make it: (Cody--I like the figure, but he's too short and unarticulated; Scorch--again like this figure, but he's got a dumpy look to him and he's not essential).

11-04-2006, 11:32 PM
Hey Luuuuuuke, the most articulated SW basic figure ever is the potj FX-7. :)

My favorites...

1. What? No one has mentioned the newly sculpted SNOWTROOPER? This guy rocks. I do not normally army build but I do army build snowtroopers because they are cool. I thought this resculpt was a job well done.

2. R5-D4 We have been begging for this resculpt for a very long time, and it finally happened. The paint is great, the sculpt is perfect, and the "pop up" feature is one gimmick I can live with; not bad at all!

3. AT-AT driver <see #1>

4. General Veers This is close to perfection for an armored imperial officer

5. Hem Dazon Some people cried about the body, but it does not bug me

6. Momaw Nadon What a perfect resculpt, and I am happy that Hasbro did this one!

7. Shocktrooper Yes, it is a good idea to put any clone in the SA body

8. Cheif Chirpa People say he isn't worth the money, he is too little, etc, but I love this little furball!

9. Endor C-3PO Am I dreaming or did they finally give C-3P0 bendable knees? THEY DID! :D

10. Gragra I have only seen pictures, but this one is a can not miss!

11. SA sandtrooper Just perfect!

12. All votc except for han in trench coat. Han was a good idea and better than the potf2 one, but he just seemed lame. GREEDO was perfect as was Biker Scout. I loved the tusken raider (although some do not) he, to me, is the best one so far. Luke in X-wing gear may be the most improved upon resculpt EVER!

11-05-2006, 04:07 AM
1. What? No one has mentioned the newly sculpted SNOWTROOPER? This guy rocks. I do not normally army build but I do army build snowtroopers because they are cool. I thought this resculpt was a job well done.It's not actually a resculpt, it's just the body of the Saga Snowtrooper and the limbs of the POTF2 Snowtrooper. That's probably why no one else mentioned it.

11-06-2006, 02:21 AM
My faves or usually figures other than resculpts. Still some of the figs they redid were just perfect.

Momaw Nadon, Veers, R5 and even the Luke in Poncho were huge winners in my book.

I am severely impressed with the Naboo wave though. Graga is obscure, and nece for my tastes and Rep Been is cool.

For army buildiers I love the Endor soldiers. I love the fact that Hasbro made variations on one figure to augment variety in a dio. The R5-A1 was nice too. He's R5-D4 with that dark edge. Dutch Vander was also very cool!

11-06-2006, 03:41 AM
It's not actually a resculpt, it's just the body of the Saga Snowtrooper and the limbs of the POTF2 Snowtrooper. That's probably why no one else mentioned it.

Also - no elbows, knees, ankles, etc... In fact, I thought this figure blew, especially compared to the upgrades given to the AT-AT driver and DS Gunner. Hasbro, IMO, still needs to do a definative snowtrooper. This one was weak.

11-06-2006, 05:27 AM
I gotta say that I just got Graga and she is everything anyone could want in an action figure. Sculpt, accesories, articulation, crazed alien look - perfect. Graga, you so craaaazay. (ala Homer to Ned)

11-07-2006, 06:11 PM
The Snowtrooper takes the superior Saga torso sculpt and adds the older, more neutral limbs of the POTF2 figure, I can see why it'd be more appreciated by some.

The mouth on Gragra won't stay in place too well, looks like a muppet.

01-06-2007, 06:39 PM
Just found this thread. Thought I'd add my 2 cents...

2006 was a good year for us collectors. Right off the bat, we got some great figures in January with the Carkoon wave. The Leia as Boussh was a much needed resculpt. Bib Fortuna was also a great resculpt. Han Solo was also pretty good. Next came the Hoth wave, with the awesome General Veers. Whenever they want to rerelease an AT-AT Commander, they should just repack him. The AT-AT Driver was a great resculpt. Also, while he was a pegwarmer, Major Derlin was a great figure to have. Also, early in the year we got the Lucas Family Collection, which had three new good sculpts and a repack. The Geonosis wave was filled with duds, but Sun Fac and Sora Bulq were great new figures. Scorch was cool, too, but I never bought him. Plus, we got a nice surprise of the long-awaited Utapau Clone Trooper being released a wave early. The Coruscant wave finally brought Commander Cody, one of my favorite figures of 2006. The Firespeeder Pilot was also good. Lushros Dofine and Holo Ki-Adi were nice to have, even though they both pegwarmed. The VTSC figures hot right after this. Greedo and the Biker Scout were the gems of this wave. The Tusken Raider was a great sculpt and the Endor Han resculpt was much needed. The only one I wasn't too crazy about was X-Wing Pilot Luke. But these paved the way for the campy George Lucas in Stormtrooper Gear mail-away figure, which I was excited to get. The Tatooine wave brought some cool figures. It was awesome to finally get a Hem Dazon. Tatooine Luke was a cool figure because I believe it was the first time we got Luke in his Tatooine poncho. The Momaw Nadon and Garindan resculpts weren't really necessary, but welcome anyway. Plus we got a gimmick-free R5-D4 with a great (repaintable sculpt). Next came the Endor wave. After what seemed like forever, we finally got a C-3PO with articulated knees! The Death Star Gunner was a great figure, Jango head or not. It was great to finally get a Chief Chirpa in the modern line. Moff Jerjerrod was a disappointment because Hasbro dropped the ball on the sculpt and it was probably the biggest pegwarmer of the year. After this came the nearly impossible to find Naboo/Endor 2 wave. Endor Luke is a nice figure and looks good next to Endor Han. The Endor Rebel Trooper was great for you armybuilders out there. I can't believe it took them 7 years for them to make a Gragra figure. The Holo Darth Maul is an ugly hunk of plastic. In my book, more podracers are always a good thing, especially if they're in a two-pack like Mars Guo and Dud Bolt. The Naboo Soldier was kind of lame but Rep Been more than made up for that. Wave 8 was all repacks and repaints. The only ones I picked up were the Imperial R5, Holo Cody, and the AOTC Clone Sargeant. Now I'm just waiting for Wave 9. Overall, 2006 was a good year for collectors. My personal favorites of the year were General Veers, Commander Cody, and Endor C-3PO. Great year, and 2007 is going to be just as good.

El Chuxter
01-06-2007, 06:53 PM
Chirpa, Pilot Luke, R5-D4, and Tusken Raider.

The rest were generally pretty good, but not in the same ballpark. Especially another friggin' Greedo that they essentially made us buy to get the crappy Lucastrooper.

01-06-2007, 07:13 PM
Best - R5, VOTC Biker Scout, 3PO with chair, Gonk

Worst - Quentin Veers, Chirpa(too small for 7 bucks)

Darth Cruel
01-07-2007, 02:02 AM
I think some of you have left the path as far as determining a "best" figure for the year. What I read in this post is more of a "what I liked and didn't like about the figures this year".

In order to determine the single best figure, we have to look at what makes a good figure to start out with. And that won't be easy as there are many different priorities from one collector to the next. So we have to try to incorporate things that go beyond broad-spectrum popularity. We have to include as many aspects of the figures as we can. Things like sculpt, paint apps, character importance, accessories, and even character popularity.

And we have to define qualifiers as well. What I mean by that is: are we judging EVERY figure released this year or are we omitting repaints, resculpts, or outright re-packs? My own opinion is that it is the figure and not the packaging being judged, so re-packs of identicle figures such as the Heroes and Villains and Greatest Battles re-packs are omitted. On the other hand...resculpts are easily a new figure such as with R5-D4 and Momaw Nadon, even if it is of the same character as a previous sculpt. But in that same point-of-view...re-paints make for either a different, updated version of the same character as in Barada and even the AOTC Clone Sergeant, or even a completely new character a la the #41 sculpt Clone re-paints as the Shock, 442nd Siege Battalion, 5th Fleet Security, and Mace Windu's Attack Battalion troopers. For the record...I, myself disqualify the AOTC Clone Sergeant, as the change in the paint is absolutley inconsequential, unlike Barada's which makes a major change to the figure's appearance.

So, in keeping with trying to be objective even with the powerful strengths of my own convictions, here are the better figures as I see them.

Sculpt - Sculpt, to me, covers detail of features, character likeness (which is unimportant to me), articulation, and the hiding of the articulation.
WINNER - A tie between all of the #41 Clone Trooper repaints and the re-paints of the VOTC Stormtrooper (Sandtrooper, Blackhole /Shadow Stormtrooper). So poseable that they can be given a great range of poses. 4 good firing positions, a neutral standing pose, a running pose, running-and-shooting poses...the most versatile of all of the sculpts. And though it was easy for an armored character, the accuracy of the detail was without reproach other than the antenna.
1st RUNNER-UP - AT-AT Driver - the mitered elbows instead of universal joints and the complete lack of torso and ankle articulation kept this figure from winning. It was about the best for hiding the articulation in the knees and elbows.
2nd RUNNER-UP - Death Star Gunner - This figure beat the AT-AT Driver for articulation by a swivel torso, but the detail made it lose ground fast. The sculpt is wrong on the chestplate AND the sculpt causes the chestplate to sit askew on the figure.
3rd RUNNER-UP - Leia as Boushh - Great character likeness...maybe the best to have been done on Leia so far. I was very impressed by the details added such as the tendrils of her hair that had fallen down her cheeks. I have always been of a mind that a good paint app can allow a great deal of forgiveness to an imperfect sculpt. But this figure even has very good sculpting under the paint. It also has great detail on a complex costume, but those pre-posed arms knocked her back some.
Loser - Barada - The sculpt on this figure is not lacking in character likeness, nor in detail. But the neutral pre-pose gives the figure even fewer uses than the other pre-posed figures like the Pod-Racers and Endor Rebel Troopers. Even the Emperor has a little more versatility than that.

Paint Application - As I stated above...paint apps can hide a lot of imperfect sculpting. It can also cause a figure to just look sloppy if they are done poorly. So it is even more important in my own mind.
Winner - Leia as Boushh - Though the sculpt was there to help, the paint app went a long way to making this figure resemble Carrie Fisher. Not perfectly...but very, very well. The leather thong in her braid, the detail on her helmet, even the small metal studs on the backs of her hands were painted without being off of the target.
1st RUNNER-UP - Rep Been - This figure's costume was very fancy. And the well-applied paint gave aesthetics that went a long way to bail out an otherwise loss of a figure.
2nd RUNNER-UP - Camoflaged Battle Droids - The addition of the camoflage to the paint on this figure simply improved the figure magnanimously from the plain, drab tan or brick color of the previous releases.
3rd RUNNER-UP - Momaw Nadon - The paint app on this figure went far enogh to give the impression of the character having spent time on a desert planet with 2 suns without looking like the figure just got too close to a paint spray gun and got a whole bunch of overspray like the Sandtroopers.
Loser - Barada - The paint apps did less to help this figure than the paint apps on the holographic figures like Ki-Adi Mundi, Darth Maul and Commander Cody. They just didn't bring the POTF2 sculpt into the Saga world.

Accessories - Accessories can go a long way toward helping a figure. Accessories can be popular or not depending on what a collector likes about the figures. For example...I like weapons. They are my favorite accessories. But others will like other things for other reasons which I can scarce fathom. So I will base my rankings on accessories that go a long distance toward helping to improve a figure overall as opposed to what are the simple coolest ones.

Winner - Endor C-3PO - The throne took an already nicely-improved C-3PO (the leg articulation) and actually made it a figure worthy of recognition in the Jedi Archives by adding TONS of playability in one fell swoop.
1st RUNNER-UP - A tie between #38 Darth Vader and #10 R2-D2. The crates and equipment add a lot of playability or just depth to a displayed figure. Stuff like that can be over-done...but they were well-used on these figures.
2nd RUNNER-UP - #36 Luke Skywalker - The chest added playability AND was just cool. But it didn't add quite as much as the multiple ones of the two 1st place figures.
3rd RUNNER-UP - Tie between Momaw Nadon and Hem Dazon - How can you go wrong with being able to add chairs and glasses to your Mos Eisley Cantina, especially when there were three different glasses for each of these two patrons.
NICE TOUCHES - Leia as Boushh's thermal detonator, Bib Fortuna's "secret" knife, Neimoidian Pilot's data pad, Garindan's comlink, the Sandtrooper's removeable thermal detonator, Chief Chirpa's knife, and Gragra's ax (the frog thing was obligatory).
Loser - Barada - Some figures like the basic droids do not need accessories even though they are nice to get with them. But Barada? Come on! Something! A force Pike like the other gaurds got, a holster for that crummy blaster, a pair of manacles to secure a prisoner...SOMETHING!

Overall Popularity - Overall popularity will generally be debatable. I will form those rankings based on two things...1)How well I perceive them to be selling, and 2) how I have perceived them to be appreciated on the various websites I have haunted.
Winner - Commander Cody - Now, I know not everyone liked the figure. And I know that not everyone bought him. And I know that thanks to army builders like myself, my buddy Big Yoda, and Jedi Master Sal (among miriad others, of course), there were other figures that outsold him. But based on what I read and saw at retail, he seemed to have the broadest appeal and most everyone seemed to want or get one as far as I could tell.
1st RUNNER-UP - #41 Clone Trooper re-paints - easily based on reading the various websites, looking in a lot of retailers in person, and that they seemed to be the widest-distributed figures based on the number of slots they were given in the case assortments...these would likely take all of the top spots for shear number of figures sold. But I know that those numbers belie their actual popularity across the collector spectrum. It seems to me that slightly fewer individuals bought any of these clones and that troop-building gave them a huge boost at retail.
2nd RUNNER-UP - Scorch - Seemed to be fairly popular across the board except with the extreme haters of EU. In fact, that figure is still selling for exorbitant prices on the secondary market.
3rd RUNNER-UP - AT-AT Driver - Figure for Figure this is still one of the more difficult to find even though he had 2 more slots in the case assortments than Leia did. She warms the pegs and he doesn't.
Loser - Moff Jerjerrod - 'Nuff said.

And of course...it ends up after all that this IS still my opinion even though I attempted to be objective.

01-07-2007, 02:41 AM
The absolute best of the best, in order:
1. Chief Chirpa!!!!
2. VTSC Biker Scout
3. AT-AT Driver
4. R5-D4
5. Endor Threepio (as a Threepio figure, he's not the best sculpt, but just a great overall package)
6. Garindan
7. Hammerhead
8. Imperial Gunner
9. General Veers
10. Sandtrooper

The worst:
1. Darth Vader - Battle of Endor
2. Darth Vader - Bespin Confrontation
3. Darth Vader - Battle of Hoth
4. Darth Vader - Ep3 Heroes and Villians
5. Han Solo - Escape from Mos Eisley
6. Luke Skywalker - Escape from Mos Eisley
7. Moff Jerjerrod
8. See-Threepio with Battle Droid head
9. Lushros Dofine
10. Naboo Soldier

01-07-2007, 04:23 AM
Darth Cruel put a lot of effort into advancing his criteria. I considered it a bit and came up with a few nominations (from all new figures, not repacks):

Sculpt - Sculpt, to me, covers detail of features, character likeness (which is unimportant to me), articulation, and the hiding of the articulation.

Firespeeder Pilot, Momaw Nadon, R5D4, Chief Chirpa, Gragga.

Paint Application - As I stated above...paint apps can hide a lot of imperfect sculpting. It can also cause a figure to just look sloppy if they are done poorly. So it is even more important in my own mind.
Winner -

Leia Boussh, Sun Fac, Momaw Nadon, Chief Chirpa, Dud Bolt & Mars Guo

Accessories - Accessories can go a long way toward helping a figure. Accessories can be popular or not depending on what a collector likes about the figures. For example...I like weapons. They are my favorite accessories. But others will like other things for other reasons which I can scarce fathom. So I will base my rankings on accessories that go a long distance toward helping to improve a figure overall as opposed to what are the simple coolest ones.

Winner -

Leia Boussh, General Veers, Momaw Nadon, Hem Dazon, Chief Chirpa, Luke Endor,

Overall Popularity - Overall popularity will generally be debatable. I will form those rankings based on two things...1)How well I perceive them to be selling, and 2) how I have perceived them to be appreciated on the various websites I have haunted.
Winner -

AT-AT Driver, Snowtrooper, Scorch, Commander Cody, Utopau Clone, Momaw Nadon, Chief Chirpa, Death Star Gunner, Endor Rebel Soldier, Luke Endor, Dud Bolt & Mars Guo, Gragga

So, based on my opinion and Darth Cruel's criteria, I ultimately think that either Momaw Nadon or Chief Chirpa is the best figure of 2006.

Since Momaw is a resculpt the 3rd time over for the modern line, I therefore might nominate Chief Chirpa as the best figure of 2006

In spite of this, I enjoyed getting Luke Endor more, but I hadn't reasoned it out as Darth Cruel did. Interesting and most logical approach. And I like my little Ewok figure a lot.

Darth Cruel
01-07-2007, 10:03 AM
Thanks for the props Tycho. It did take along time to put that post together. I didn't keep track but it wouldn't surprise me to find it was 2 hours or more of going through figures. But it was fun.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
01-07-2007, 01:52 PM
First off, I really liked the card design. A nice mashup of old and new. I also really liked the movie- and character-specific bases. The hologram figures were cool at first but got a little old after the 18th Queen Amidala. I didn't buy any of the UGH figures, but they looked cool. As far as the actual stuff:
Basic Figures
Battle of Carkoon - This seemed an odd way to start off the line. I love the Leia and Bib figures. Han's carbonite block is way too small, but I like the idea of it. I didn't bother with the other figures (Barada, Chewie, Boba).
Battle of Hoth - One of the best waves in recent memory. Veers, Derlin, and the AT-AT Driver were all pretty much perfect. R2-D2, Snowtrooper, and the Power Droid pack were great retools that were good enough to buy. Rieekan and Vader were pointless.
Battle of Geonosis - Hopefully 2007's Geonosis wave will be better . . . Sora Bulq is nice, and Sun Fac is damn sweet. Scorch was a ***** to find, but thankfully they reshipped him later. C-3PO, Poggle, Yoda, and Jango were all old news.
Battle of Coruscant - A good time to get some background characters - Firespeeder Pilot, Lushros Pegwarmin' Dofine, Foul Moudama. Cody and his clone are great, with or without ankles. I liked the redone Grievous and Ki-Adi-Mundi enough to get them, but Anakin and Obi-Wan were not new enough.
Escape from Mos Eisley - Momaw Nadon and Garindan were a lot better than I expected them to be. Hem Dazon's head was off, as were R5-D4's back red panels (still good figures, though). Han's new head, Luke's new stuff, the Sandtrooper's new stuff, and Vader's newish crates were enough to warrant getting them all. This was, I guess, the only wave where I got them all.
Battle of Endor, I and II - Chirpa, Death Star Gunner, and the gloveless pegwarmin' wonder Jerjerrod were all good. C-3PO, Luke, Vader, and the two Rebel Troopers were awesome retools. Palpatine can go play in a ditch, why oh why did they rerelease that one?
Battle of Naboo/random TPM - Rep Been, Dud Bolt & Mars Guo, and Gragra are all amazingly good. Maul should've used a different, shorter sculpt (like the Trophy Assortment figure), the Naboo Soldier's arms were too long, and Obi-Wan was a pass for me.
Waves 8-10 - I don't have any of these yet. Most of them are good recycles. Hopefully I can actually find them.
Heroes and Villains/Greatest Battles - Kind of stupid. I got a few clones out of it, though, so it wasn't all bad. I didn't really have a problem with them pegwarming out here.

Exclusive Figures
*General Grievous (Demise of Grievous) - another overpriced Target exclusive. It's a pretty okay figure, but not really worth $13.
*George Lucas in Stormtrooper Disguise - a goofy, fun figure. Thankfully it was free, and I wanted all the VOTC figures.
*501st Stormtrooper - I like the banner and whatnot. I could've done without the writing on his chest.
*Shadow Stormtrooper - I just got him in the mail yesterday, but haven't opened him. He's pretty sweet-lookin', though.

Vintage Figures
Biker Scout and Sand People are freakin' amazingly awesomely sweet. Luke's head is wonky, and his helmet always makes his head come off. Han was pretty good for a retool. I really like Greedo, but he wasn't completely necessary.

*Astromech Droid Packs - damn, these are cool. They should do more of these kinds of things.
*Lucas Collector Set - I like it. If nothing else, it's a way to get background characters.
*Republic Commando Delta Squad - kind of 2006, kind of 2007. This thing is damn sweet, I love how all the troopers have different backpacks. The paint on the Geonosians is great.

*Battle Above the Sarlacc, Jedi vs. Darth Sidious, Sith Lord Attack - I got none of these, as they offered nothing new.
*Mace Windu's Attack Battalion - I love this set. I would like to see it done with more of the movie-accurate clones, maybe without the Jedi.
*Skirmish in the Senate - despite the Palpatine and Yoda repacks, this set is sweet. I love the clones and senate thing.
*The Hunt for Grievous - the best of the year, I think. Five awesome clones.

01-08-2007, 08:09 AM
Best for me would be a tie between Commander Cody and General Veers, worst would be the re-pack of Barada and Chewie.

01-08-2007, 11:13 AM
I'm not going to go into the detailed study of the figures. This is just how I feel about the figure after I bought and opened it.

New Sculpts

Best - Gragra great obscure alien that I've wanted for a while. Hem Dazon was close but since I had only every seen the head I had a slightly different image in my mind's eye.

Worst - Han in Carbonite - This just wasn't a figure I really wanted and didn't really blow me away.


Best - Utapatau clone

Worst - Obi -wan Ep1 we got not one, not two, but three reissues of old Obi figures this year and they blew each time.

Mad Slanted Powers
01-09-2007, 09:54 PM
I was really excited about the 2006 line of figures. The first two waves had some great stuff that really had me looking forward to what would be coming the rest of the year. Sure, there were a lot of repacks, repaints, resculpts and kit-bashed figures, but some of them were really worth getting. Here are a few awards I'd like to give:

Best figure never done before: Firespeeder Pilot. This figure had nice detail, great articulation, and had a decent accessory.

It's About Time Award: Bendable knees for C-3PO. Runner up is Hem Dazon. Considering he was the first Cantina alien we saw, it shouldn't have taken nearly 30 years to get this figure. Honorable mention goes to the R5-D4 resculpt, but he wins the...

Best Resculpt, Droid: R5-D4. C-3PO is a runner up.

Best Resculpt, Army Builder: AT-AT Driver. Death Star Gunner is runner up.

Best Resculpt, Main Character: Princess Leia - Boushh Disguise.

Best Reason to Buy a Figure You Already Have: All the cool accessories that came with Luke Skywalker. A poncho and Obi-Wan's chest, as well as floppy hat and macrobinoculars.

Worst Peg Warmer: Moff Jerjerrod, with runner up Darth Vader from the Hoth wave. Lushros Dofine and Holo Ki-Adi Mundi deserve mention as well.

Worst Wave: Geonosis. I passed on Yoda, Jango and C-3PO since I already had these. I should have passed on Poggle since this version wasn't much different from the version in the 3-pack. Scorch and Sun Fac would show up later in the Republic Commando set, so the only figure that was really necessary to get here was Sora Bulq.

They Should Break the Mold and Never Make This Figure Again Award: Emperor Palpatine. He also could have been mentioned for the peg warming award.

Some other things I'd like to rave about. I really liked the stands that came with the figures this year. I like that they were lower and not as bulky as the Saga/OTC stands. The silver lettering and movie logo were also nice touches. Even nicer is the silver stand that came with my Shadow Stormtrooper.

Also, three cheers for the EU. We got a figure from the Clone Wars cartoon with Foul Moudama. We also got a video game figure with Scorch, and eventually got his whole squadron in the Republic Commando pack. Also, while I've yet to see it, a comic repaint of Aurra Sing. There were also plenty of clones which may or may not have been in the movies. I'm looking forward to even more EU offerings in 2007.

And speaking of cheers, we finally got a Cliff Clavin– I mean Major Bren Derlin figure.