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El Chuxter
10-18-2006, 11:57 AM
I do not care if you have never cracked open a comic book in your life. I don't care if you can barely read. Hell, I don't care if you're saving money for every stupid repack of the POTJ Han Solo that Hasbro will be releasing in the next decade.


This is a massive tome of a graphic novel, about 1400 pages long. It's currently being reprinted in smaller manga-sized novels by Scholastic, but I'd recommend finding the one-volume edition (partly because Scholastic's not even half done reprinting it yet). The one-volume has been out of print for over a year, and some dealers will lead you to believe it's a rare collectors' item, yadda yadda, but it's remarkably easy to find at cover price. (I doubt there's a Waldenbooks in the country that doesn't have at least one copy on the shelf.)

I think it is safe to say that the acclaim it's received is entirely justified, and this is one of the greatest works of sequential art ever produced. Jeff Smith's name definitely belongs on the short list of the best of the best, alongside names like Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Will Eisner, Carl Barks, and Jack Kirby.

Bone is almost impossible to accurately classify. Take three cousins who look (and talk) as if they stepped out of a forgotten Disney short from the 30s or 40s, toss them into a medieval valley full of farmers, funny animals, cigar-chomping dragons, cow races, monsters, and orphaned princesses, and spin it all into an epic that is on par with Tolkien.

I don't want to spoil any more of the premise and story. Just trust me. Get a copy of this book and read it ASAP or sooner!

Edit: It looks like the one-volume edition (http://tinyurl.com/yhykg9) was re-released last month and is currently back in print!

10-18-2006, 10:26 PM
I've read the first issue, way back when Image reprinted it.
I thought it was good, but I had a lot on my comic plate at the time so I never continued.
But $27 for 1400 pages? I may reconsider.

10-18-2006, 10:44 PM
Man I loved bone about ten years ago, when it was first out!!!!! I don't remember why I stopped reading it, but I never finished the series. I think it may have bothered me that it wasn't in color. But I think that someone reprinted them in color didn't they? Anyhow, I have a stack of comics sitting around that isn't doing me any good. I may try to trade them for some bone stuff.

10-18-2006, 11:21 PM
There are a million and one things on my "To Read" list. Bone is #426,322 - somewhere before "The Dark Tower" by Stephen King, but not quite as high up as "Brave New World".

El Chuxter
10-19-2006, 10:26 AM
I believe the Scholastic reprints are in color. I may have to spring for them eventually.

I discovered last night that there are two other graphic novels/collections that tie-in: "Stupid Stupid Rat Tails," which got some comparatively negative reviews but sounds interesting to me (if only for background on why the Rat Creatures cut off their tails), and "Rose," which is illustrated by Charles Vess (!) and MINOR BONE SPOILER looks to be about Gran'ma Ben when she was Queen of the Valley.

Y'know, I'm not one to normally clamor for comics to be adapted into film or TV just because they can be, but I can't help thinking about how amazing this could be as a trilogy of animated films or, even better, two seasons of an animated series. (55 issues plus a few short fill-ins, so approximately 56 issues. Two issues per episode would be 28 episodes, or 14 per season, which is about right.)

03-08-2008, 02:23 PM
I dug this thread up to share this piece of information with you guys.

Warner Bros. Picks Up Bone Comic

Source: The Hollywood Reporter (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/film/news/e3i1de189927bfff7586370a339aef45dd6)
March 8, 2008

Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to "Bone," the acclaimed independent comic book series from artist Jeff Smith, says The Hollywood Reporter. Dan Lin will produce.

The fantasy series followed three cousins from the Bone family who are small, white and bald humanlike creatures with big noses. The trio are run out of their hometown and find themselves in a mysterious valley where they are separated and hunted by other creatures. They are taken in by a girl named Thorn and her grandmother, and find out that the valley is threatened by an evil force called the Lord of the Locusts.

The series ran irregularly from 1991-2004. Scholastic has been publishing the collected stories in graphic novel format since 2005, selling more than 1 million copies so far.

A decision on what kind of format "Bone" should take -- live-action or animated or both -- will be based on filmmaker meetings.

An animated version was in development at Nickelodeon Films but fell through, partly because Smith was displeased that the studio was aiming it for kids and wanted the film to include pop songs.

Visit the official "Bone" website (http://www.boneville.com/bone/) for more info.


Now, I've never read "Bone" (though I am very aware of it), but I know that some of you are fans. What do you make of this?

03-08-2008, 03:35 PM
This will go nowhere. WB will let it die on the vine when a few VPs realize that it's not a film they can really make.

03-08-2008, 07:42 PM
I dug this thread up to share this piece of information with you guys.And where on earth did you find this news? :D

El Chuxter
03-08-2008, 09:34 PM
If done well, which it could be, Bone would make a spectacular movie. I'm thinking it should be a 3-hour animated film. I know that sounds a bit excessive for a cartoon, but, otherwise, it would have to be severely cut. It'll have to be cut down as it is, but the more that can stay in, the better.