View Full Version : Marauder Inc Modified British Sterling (E11 Stormtrooper Rifle)

10-18-2006, 04:02 PM
For obvious reasons, a small online company can't call something by the name we know what it looks like. I've been ordering from Maruder for the past 2 years and have no problems. Marauder John as he's known has created a niche on making accurate (sans trigger guard) weapons to either replace lost or rearm with more accurate versions for military figures. The payoff? These aren't casted resin but actual plastic!

This time though John has out done himself with capturing the likeness of this one, better known to all of us as the BlasTech E11 Stormtrooper Rifle.

Here are some various stormtrooper molds each holding that one gun...I do have one very honest complaint, especially compared to Marauder John's other weapons. This complaint should be weighed against the fact that this weapon is nearly perfect. The trigger guard here is a real draw back. The series 1 weapons don't have a trigger guard as do most of the series 2. The mold is sturdier than the rubbery carp that Hasbro's been including for the E11. The look is that of the movie/TV screen. When held by the figures, they look like real functioning weapons that are being fingered or ready to be fired. The other thing of note here is that the stock is held by two small pins. If you wanted a stockless weapon, clipping the pins would be an option.


Alright, if you want some good replacement weapons, would like to standardize your imperial troops or would like to do a total refit of all your troops like me, this is the set you can't miss on.

Additionally, you can have two more guns that have a decidedly Star Wars feel to it. The First is the Navy SoCom pistol; It does require some work.

I get to thinking, I don't want the silencers. They'd make great guns with lights for my joes. So I go to slice off the silencer, only I never get a clean cut at the muzzle. But this is another happy accident. The gun looks perfect as a Star Wars blaster.

There's obviously at least 2 ways to do this, one with a slight lip at the focusing muzzle, and one with out. You could also vary the lenght of the silencer cut off, but risk it looking too much like an earth gun.

I don't like this one as much as the following


Finally, some pure whimsy here. If you don't know, the G1 Transformers Megatron is a modified P38 Walter pistol.
It's shown here with some other custom guns I've done.

For the price, you can't beat (and shipping is a bargin too!). Just to state again, these are not casted resin. These are plastic. They are robust (but not indestructable). You won't be unsatisfied with the look or the service.