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10-21-2006, 08:29 PM
Ooooooooookay, I've been able to work for the past few days, solidly (aren't y'all just amazed I could focus for that long--I was :yes: ) - and I have several boxes with items for some of you. There are a few things not here that were on your lists, and I've finally matched up those cute little books with someone I'm unfamiliar with -

fuzzyj: 1 each of ep1 children's books Anakin's Race For Freedom, Watch Out JarJar, I Am A Droid & I Am A Jedi, srp $3.59 each; many more as i get round to diggin em up :)
I don't know who fuzzyj is, but have the 3 books here.

Here are boxes I'm working on, finding things. I can send you specifics w/images, etc. (Word Document for each) if you reply to my e-mail address - round_grandma@msn.com - and can get going on whatever I DO have here to send y'all.


LowlyBanthaCleaner - please e-mail me about your list - are the mini-heads the Riddell Helmets? Have a few questions.

There are also things that have not been spoken for, as far as I know and I've been putting them on another WORD Document w/links to rebelscum.com or other sites for info and also IMAGE links.

I must humbly apologize for having taken this long. I've been mentally paralyzed much of the past few weeks, ending up with Jéan T on my mind, nearly constantly. Mom's fallen again and has been sore for a couple of weeks now. No excuses, just an update on a few things. We had intended to get a really nice headstone for him, but after a series of events, another really nice headstone is in the making. I'm to get a layout of it this next week - for some reason, the Archdiocese Mortuary doesn't have the images available online, so we'll be getting a copy mailed to us. If I can get my scanner working, I'll post it here. It will have his SSG Avatar, in color, his name/dates/"Great Artist"--Mom wanted this/ "May The Force Be With You Vulcan-Touch" and "Missed by many, worldwide" (I hope that's not too presumptious).

The initial selection was the Sunset Headstone at West Memorials in Tennessee - http://www.westmemorials.com/imgdetail.asp?id=4939 - Take a peek, it's really cool! The one ordered is nice, but less unique. Also, it was 1/3rd the cost of the Sunset one. As there was no money to get one, Mom kept insisting she wanted to get one for him by Christmas (she now knows it takes 5-6 months), saying it would be the last thing she gives him. So, she borrowed on the equity of her house and was able to get it started.

Well, guys, I'm going to quit for the night - orrrrrrrrrrrr maybe I'll keep pricing and labeling pieces so they'll be easily identifiable when needed. Gosh, I'm hungry. Guess this CHUBBETTITA's gotta feed her hips. I'll be up for a few more hours and as usual, early tomorrow morning. I really want to get this wrapped up before we start getting bad snows - they'll be coming to pick up any remaining items and driving down here is not particularly safe in bad weather - it's an hour's drive:Ponder: . I'd LOVE to be able to get down there to search for everything on all the lists, but it would entail their coming to get Mom & me and returning us at the end of the day or we'd have to rent a vehicle - her's is getting ready to throw a rod :dis: and wouldn't survive the trip up. We get 35mph tops on its own, 45 if we're on a roll downhill :thumbsup: . No kidding. Life's a buncha laffs, eh?

I'm here if anyone wants to reach me. I'm notified when e-mails come in, so replying here or at my e-mail address will reach me tonite as soon as it's sent.
Tootles y'all :love:

VT-Mom :) :) :)

10-21-2006, 08:36 PM
That is a nice headstone. SSGer's, If you have business to do, get it done. I got my items, and I am very happy with them!

10-21-2006, 10:09 PM
The mini heads for LowlyBanthaCleaner are probably the Micro Machine mini heads.

I got my item from Marilyns collection and I couldn't be happier.

I must thank you guys again for putting so much time and effort into this when it must be so tough to do so.

10-21-2006, 10:29 PM
I'd like to see all requested items in their intended collector's possession. Time's running out to get these sent and before we know it, it'll be the end of the year and they'll all be picked up.

I'm really enjoying working on this project, as I've had the time and non-interruption to get into it. Thankfully, it's time-consuming - hours pass w/o much notice, and it helps relieve the funk I've been dropping into.

You guys have been soooooooo patient and kind about this and I truly appreciate any and all help I've had or can get with other deciphering of my son's abbreviations (he always did use those - from the beginning).

Back to the toyroom :pleased:


10-22-2006, 07:24 PM
:thumbsup: I never knew there were such things. I did find images, but don't believe they were brought here. I've got everything out, several boxes all but ready to send. Just need mailing instructions and payment, of course. I've sent Mike and Laura the same update. It's been a long day, Slicker. We ran an errand and dropped by to say a quick "Hi" to Christie and the boys. Ken's at work now - first day back. And, AND - I went into Jéan's room and found yet ANOTHER box of items! I'd put them all in there when my grandsons were here last weekend. It was good to know I hadn't been dillusional about seeing some of the pieces in ithat box.:yes:

Well, back to work - messed around enough, I'd say :D


VT-mom :) :) :)

10-23-2006, 01:50 PM
Holler if you need anything from me, VT-Mom- I'll provide as needed :)

10-23-2006, 03:34 PM
I'm off to run a couple of errands w/Mom. I'm sending you an e-mail w/the details. Let me know if you want me to send your located items, or wait until the end of the week, when I should KNOW what there is in Marilyn's collection that's to come to you. I'll have to handle VT's stuff to you after this is done, if that's okay.

Later, Dude - Is your snow gone too?

VT-mom:) :) :)

10-28-2006, 01:32 PM
Don't know- I'm in Dayton, OH for job training right now. I here Bozeman is snow-less right now though. Looks like Colorado Springs had a blizzard judging from the picks my sister sent me!

10-28-2006, 05:27 PM
a few rooftop areas and northern exposures still have any left. The streets are dry and sandy :ermm: . Yes, the Southern areas got oodles and bunches and northern NM got a few billion flakes, as well. My sister, Shirley and her husband, Don are on their way back thru there, from having taken one last trip to CA. Don's taken at least 3 'last' trips and, most likely, this WILL have been his last. Not because he's running on about 1/3 of one lung and was literally given several weeks to live, last Spring, but they've gone on the last stash of vacation buckaroonies. They were Jéan T's godparents, when baptized.

Sounds like you're getting a big bundle of training there, guy. I hope you're enjoying it. Perhaps they would consider sending you somewhere a bit more exciting, like Las Vegas, Palm Springs or Helena? lol Actually, Don's from Des Moines (it is dez MOYnez, isn't it?:D )

I'll wait to hear from you when you've returned, Warstar. Will it be soon? Enjoy the exotic perks of travel :yes: for work.


PS - Oh GEEZ, I just realized you're in OHIO!!!!:shocked: Kinya bring me back a buckeye? What IS a buckeye, anyway? I gotta start sleeping nights :laugh: . I'll tell you a funny 'ghost' story about Ohio sometime.