View Full Version : Jedi vs Darth Sidious Battlepack

10-22-2006, 06:48 PM
Here's a pretty cool set that just came out. The Jedi vs Darth Sidious Battlepack includes Darth Sidious/Palpatine, Mace Windu, Agen Kolar, Sasee Tiin and Kit Fisto. First off, they're ALL re-packs s I'm gonna go over the merits of each figure. Starting with...

Darth Sidious Is the same #35 ROTS Chancellor Palpatine
with some slight re-tooling. He comes with the incorrect deformed head which is still easily swappable with the previous figure's head. he contains no extra hands this time but does have the actual Sidious lightsaber accessory as opposed to the weapon-stuck-in-the-figure's han lightsaber from before. For some reason though, my figure stands at a slight lean :sad:

Agen Kolar This is the exact SAME Kolar from the ROTS line. He even has the same incorrect green lightsaber -when it should be blue. Still a great figure anyways.

Kit Fisto This is the ROTS Kit. Exept he now has a cool soft goods robe which fits him nicely. Its a struggle to refit his robe underneath his dreads but it looks goo either way. This is now what I call the best version of Kit in plastic (aside from Sideshow's awesome 12" Kit).

Sasee Tiin Another ROTS figure also with an awesome soft goods robe. The figure itself is a great one anyways and now he has the robe he should have always had. I'd say is the best Sasee figure yet.

Mace Windu This is the most useless figure in the group. He's got 2 useless arms. He can only hold his lightsaber in one and not even passibly with both. He has good articulation in the legs as (I believe) is the Jedi Council Scene pack Mace. The skirt part of his tunic has the soft goods. The figure is basically good for the lightsaber and robe which you can put on the ROTS Mace and have a really awesome figure!

For $19.99 at Target you can't go wrong. Yes I bought these figures before but they should have always had their robes. Also, it breaks down to about $4 a figure which sure beats the standard $6.99 PER 1 figure. So Hasbro can stick that in their pipe. So now I have the better figures and some accessories to boot. The extra robes are a real +