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11-03-2006, 02:56 PM
Another fattening double-sized update, it's Hasbro's answers to SSG questions for November 3rd, 2006.

Thanks again to Hasbro for the answers, to all the folks who sent in questions and especially those who voted on them. Here come Hasbro's answers, and remember to check out ActionFigs.com (http://www.actionfigs.com/index.php?categoryid=12&p2_articleid=162) for their weekly Hasbro Q&A as well (which also got an update today).

This week's update includes answers for the questions we sent in both last week and 2 weeks ago, so we are finally caught up to date! It's magic time...

Hasbro Q&A for the week of November 3rd

Q: In a recent Q&A you stated it's important that Cantina patrons have bendable knees because many were sitting. With that said, why don't the figures in Death Star Briefing pack have bendable knees? If I remember correctly these guys were all sitting down, besides Vader and maybe Tarkin.

A: The difference there is that we have produced the Cantina bar elements and we needed to be consistent with that. For the Briefing set, we went largely with character tools we had available to us at the time we created it. We thought it was more important to go for this set this year because we might not have had a window to do it down the road.

- -

Q: Would Hasbro consider changing the Greatest Hits-style line to have packaging different from the regular basic line, the cardback graphics being more different than they currently are, so both it and the regular line draw unique attention from each other?

A: We work with Lucasfilm very closely on the differentiation of each line. It's felt that a "family" look is more important than a different look, and that is why there are small changes between the two rathar than very large ones. This is likely to be the case next year for the 30th Greatest Hits line as well.

- -

Q: Is there any way that HasbroToyShop.com could be better-stocked than it is? There's rarely any new Star Wars product on the site. And could HasbroToyShop.com's ordering system be augmented with an active preorder system on all items listed as "coming soon"? Currently they cannot be preordered if they're still listed as "coming soon". And/or how about an email-notification system on "coming soon" and "out of stock" items? All the pages say now are "check back soon" which isn't too handy, especially for high-demand items that sell out quickly once they go online.

A: These are good suggestions and we've passed them on to the HasbroToyShop.com team. As for product availability, Star Wars has been challenging this year because of contuinued high demand for many assortments... a lucky problem to have, but a problem nonetheless.

- -

Q: If Hasbro is "testing the waters" with the new Unleashed reissues, why release figures like Grievous who were easy to obtain the first time; why not the second (unmasked) Darth Vader, which you've said you know everyone wants and very few people were able to get? And if the retailers were largely concerned with the size of the Unleashed figures packaging, why re-release them in packaging that is about double the size, especially given that they would logically be a tougher sell at the 33% higher price?

A: That would be a good Vader to do next, but we have slotted one Vader at a time to be on shelf (the exception being the K*B re-release of the Best Buy Vader). As for Grievious, we thought the tube package format really made this figure shine and if there was a figure that would expand the appeal of Unleashed 7" to a new market it would be a great figure execution like Grievous.

- -

Q: Why aren't all the SW forum boards voting on the inclusion for next year's Greatest Hits line?

A: In the future, if we run another such poll, we will probably do it differently to make sure we get the widest possible net-wide participation. Ideas range from selecting a smaller subset of figures for voting and allowing all sites to send back results, or possibly using the Hasbro site as a voting place. We understand the reluctance to drive traffic off-site, but I think it's the community that you and others have worked so hard to foster is what makes each site special, and that's what makes people keep coming back.

- -

Q: Lots of fans love both Jedi Starfighters and were looking foward to the AOTC Action Fleet release and then the ROTS Titanium 6" Ultra release, both were cancelled just before going into production but were tooled up. Could these be saved from limbo and presented as an exclusive special Titanium 2-pack?

A: We have no plans for Action Fleet at this time, but stay tuned for new on the Titanium vehicles. We are working on a way to bring them to retail.

- -

And the questions from ActionFigs.com (http://www.actionfigs.com/index.php?categoryid=12&p2_articleid=162):

- With Hasbro now producing 6" super articulated Marvel figures, could we eventually see a special line with 6" super articulated Star Wars figures?
- Will you ever release the Trade Federation PK Droid seen in The Phantom Menace? You could use the Star Wars Saga SP-4 figure mold for the body since they have the same design, and just make a new head.
- What is with the somewhat recent practice of putting the faces of clone template actors Temuera Morrison and Bodie Taylor on helmeted troopers that we never see unmasked in the movies, especially those in the Original Trilogy who likely are not clones (and if they are clones wouldn't be clones of Jango Fett since the DNA source was killed in Episode 2)?
- Hasbro previously said in a Q&A they wouldn't be releasing any new Separatist Leaders in 2007, but when you do decide to visit these characters, instead of worrying about basic figures not selling, what about offering them as a set like the upcoming Death Star Imperial Briefing set? You could even do an AOTC set and an ROTS set.
- Now that we're getting a super-articulated Super Battle Droid figure in the 30th Anniv. line, can we expect to see a super-articulated regular Battle Droid as well? If not, what is holding that back?
- Hasbro's efforts to produce a transforming Droid Fighter/Vulture Droid in the 3" line wasn't entirely successful, yet the Action Fleet Droid Starfighter mold is a very accurate version of the transformation with a quality sculpt and opening wings that's also a tougher toy and coincidentally is nearly the same size as the Hasbro 3" line's version. Can Hasbro start using that Action Fleet mold as the 3" line's Vulture Droid? It could even be offered in Ep 1 colors and Ep 3 colors.

11-03-2006, 03:42 PM
By the way, I've just added links in the main Q&A article to every week's thread, so if you want to go back and discuss the June 23rd Q&A in the forums, now it's right there in the article.

Rogue II
11-03-2006, 03:50 PM
Over at Sandtroopers, they asked a similar quesiton about RS getting the greatest hits poll.

Do some other Star Wars sites/forums get exclusive official polling rights with Hasbro, or do all sites get equal input? If we are all equal which figures does Sandtroopers.com get to have in our poll? And what other sites will be included in this polling survey?

This is a great question and an opportunity to explain for everyone the philosophy behind the Greatest Hits polling. As you now know, we are working very quickly to make sure we have two basic figure assortments running full year next year -- and we are going to populate the second line with Greatest Hits like we did this year. Unlike this year, where our carryforward figures were all Episode III, we wanted to draw from all films this time around. As such it made sense to open it up to a fan vote. But we needed to act quickly, while at the same time getting the most accurate input possible. We decided that ALL previously created figures would be eligible for fan voting and consideration for the Greatest Hits.

We approached RebelScum.com with the idea of collaborating on a poll among fans since they have a great comprehensive database and an ability to implement such a poll almost immediately. The fan vote is not exclusive to RebelScum. All fans can vote in Round 2 (the bracket of 64) from across the net and make their voice heard. (Registration is not required for Round 2.)

Ensuring that the fans know that their voices are being heard is imperative. I hope all other sites, such as Sandtroopers.com, realize that although there are many Star Wars fan sites with unique approaches and thriving communities, the Star Wars fandom community as a whole is incredibly strong and this is a chance for all of you to be heard.

11-03-2006, 04:44 PM
Not bad answers all around this week. A straight foward answer on the brifing room set.

11-03-2006, 04:44 PM
Nothing unexpected. In fact I think I could have written all of these answers before hand. Maybe that should be a weekly contest. See who can predict the answers best. At least then when they don't throw us a bone we can still have some fun with these questions.

Edit: I also noticed that there were a lot of spelling errors in their answers this week's answers perhaps we have uncovered the source of the spelling errors.

11-03-2006, 05:36 PM
Dindae, what do you mean when you are referring to the source of the spelling errors?

Darth Jax
11-03-2006, 06:47 PM
i believe dindae was referring to the frequent spelling errors on hasbro product.

11-04-2006, 05:56 PM
Over at Sandtroopers, they asked a similar quesiton about RS getting the greatest hits poll.Yeah, they didn't get that answer until 2 days after we sent in our question though (which I didn't want to send in the first place :p), then Hasbro didn't answer our question for an extra week.

Edit: I also noticed that there were a lot of spelling errors in their answers this week's answers perhaps we have uncovered the source of the spelling errors.I hadn't noticed that in ours, the only spelling error I found did not get put up, they typed "ach" when they meant "each", I corrected it before posting. I've seen other typing errors in their answers on other sites though.