View Full Version : Trade for the Dagobah X-wing

Dark Marble
11-09-2006, 09:34 AM
I have 3 X-Wings one is a MIMB Red one X-wing, the next is a mint in open box POTF2 electronic X-wing (decals unapplied) but the sound isn't perfect, and finally the original Dagobah X-wing from Toys R Us a few years ago. It is out of the box but still in its original insert. Basically I took it out of the box to store better but left it in the insert so it wouldn't get hurt, it still has the R2 and accessories in a separate bag. Whew, what a description!

I would like to trade either the electronic X-wing and Red one X-wing or the electronic X-wing and Dagobah X-wing for the new Dagobah X-wing if that makes any sense. It would be two X-wings for the one Dagobah X-wing which I really want but don't want to pick up at reatail and need to clear space for. Thanks!!!