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El Chuxter
11-11-2006, 07:25 PM
Time for thread #4 using this methodology. (Read the one on the Beatles if you need the rules.)

I'll go first:

Album: Their Satanic Majesties Request
(And, yes, I realize I'm probably the only person in the world who would choose this as their favorite Rolling Stones album.)

Song: "Paint It Black" very narrowly beats "Tumbling Dice"

11-12-2006, 12:37 AM
Dead Flowers

Rogue II
11-12-2006, 09:51 AM
Song: Paint it Black

Album: Yeah, I only have their greatest hits type albums, so I don't really know.

Bobby Fett
11-12-2006, 09:59 AM
No particular album, but

Song: Sympathy for the Devil :twisted:

11-12-2006, 10:46 AM
Album? Note sure really.

Song? Honkey Tonk Woman.

Darth Jax
11-12-2006, 12:50 PM
song - what you want with ruby tuesday a close second.

album - ???

11-12-2006, 05:39 PM
Album: No stand out here

Song: Ruby Tuesday

Mad Slanted Powers
11-13-2006, 12:38 AM
My brother had Emotional Rescue. I liked most of that.

Song is a tough one, but I'll probably go with Jumping Jack Flash over Paint it Black and Gimme Shelter.

11-13-2006, 02:51 PM
Well I only have greatest collections so I'm passing on the album.

Song - Shattered

Mad Slanted Powers
11-13-2006, 07:21 PM
Well I only have greatest collections so I'm passing on the album.

Song - Shattered

There's a song by Cop Shoot Cop called "Got No Soul" that has the line "My TV mind set is shattered (sh'dooby)", so a little reference to the Rolling Stones with that one.

11-19-2006, 09:30 PM
Album-Wouldn't know. Got my Stones songs off iTunes.

Song-Start Me Up

Darth Jax
11-19-2006, 11:03 PM
taking a cue from the beatles thread, i do believe it's time for the worst stones songs.

worst - jumpin jack flash - don't care for the song, hated the whoopi movie of the same name.

El Chuxter
11-19-2006, 11:51 PM
I hate "Jumping Jack Flash." Mainly because "Street Fighting Man" sounds the same and is a billion times better.

Mad Slanted Powers
11-20-2006, 12:43 AM
One thing about "Jumping Jack Flash" was that it was a bit of a return to some kick butt rock and roll after their summer of love and "She's Like a Rainbow" stuff. While I like "Satisfaction" and think it is a great tune, I eventually realized how little there is to the song. Yes, it has the classic riff at the beginning and the chorus, but the guitar in the rest of the song is almost non-existent. It's mostly the drums and the vocals. I kind of like what Devo did with it. In the future, every song will sound exactly like Devo's version of "Satisfaction", just with different lyrics.

11-22-2006, 11:40 PM
Speaking of movies with Stones' songs for titles:

Satisfaction starring Justine Bateman

Phantom-like Menace
11-22-2006, 11:59 PM
"Paint it Black"

Like many here, I'm not too familiar with specific albums, but I've liked "Paint it Black" since before I even knew who the Rolling Stones were. It was the theme song to Tour of Duty, which I used to watch all the time, and I fell in love with it.

Mad Slanted Powers
11-23-2006, 10:13 AM
I also think of that song whenever I see a red door.

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
11-24-2006, 08:52 AM
Beast of Burden is a great song that I didn't discover until years after I purchased my Stones CDs.

The catchiest song I like is not one of their best songs, but I always hum the tune to "Mother's Little Helper."