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02-01-2002, 01:11 AM
O.K. first of all, does anyone like these new features that come with the EP II line (ex. Kit Fisto swinging ligsaber, Anakin "Force Sensitive Lightsaber," R2-D2 w/ beeping sounds, etc..)?

I for one do not. That is a majority of what I DON'T like in action figures. Also why is Hasbro catering this line towards CHILDREN? This is clearly a gimmick to draw in unsuspecting children who will look at the figure and say, "Hey cool it beeps just like in the movie."

I believe that children today have a very short attention span and need things with technical stuff or some special feature in it in order to be interested. However, why does Hasbro have to start catering to JUST THEM. Hello, Hasbro. Yeah over here, it's the COLLECTORS. You know, the people that stand for about 60% of your business. Yeah, without us, where would you be?

I suggest that Hasbro rethinks it's policy about how they make their figures and hopefully once the new EP II line fails miserably they will say, boy I guess we should have listened.

Anyone agree here?

02-01-2002, 01:18 AM
I don't like any of the new features.. turn waist to make Padme's arm pop up? It looks horrible when down at her side.

The lightsabers aren't THAT bad though on Obi-Wan's front view close-up I think energy blasts like on Eeth's saber are on there.

3PO's plating could've been done alot better and the whole 300th fett jetpack rip-off for Jango was a bad idea.

Kit with lightsaber chop action? Aye corumba....

02-01-2002, 01:23 AM
It doesn't really bother me since I'll leave most of them carded so it doesnt really matter.Only the openers will complain and all :rolleyes: But as long as they remain at retail price I'll buy them but ef they go up anyfurther Hasbro better rethink how much to charge for them!

Darth Ovori
02-01-2002, 04:34 AM
I don't like them...

I hate those gimmics with spring action, magnets and etc...

And whats up with R2's accessories... Those little worms look like cheap plastic insects from the cafe shops...

02-01-2002, 04:50 AM
Uh, okay. I'd just like to point out the utter insanity of *****ing about a toy line being aimed at Children. Uh, hello, folks. They're called toys. Like it or not, most toys are bought by children. All you people do is ***** ***** *****.

"The figures are statues. You can't do anything with them. They just stand there...blah blah blah."


"There's too many cheesy action gimmicks. Magnets! Retractable saber like the vintage! Why can't they just stand there?"

Ugh. People. Give it a rest. If the toys suck so bad -- just quit already. Grow up. (You all whine more than the average four year old.) Just move on. Save your money. But for the love of Artoo Detoo can anybody just once have something positive to say?

As for the Jango backpack ripoff dilemma -- HELLO? Isn't it the supposed to be the same backpack in the film? I.E. shouldn't they then be the same?

02-01-2002, 05:15 AM
I collect SW and will keep collecting. And by golly, as a frickin' consumer, I have a right to complain if I want to. These "childish" features are just going to drive a child a way, it's common sense. Give a child a figure like this and they'll probably get bored with it after awhile since it's got limited things it can do, give a child something like the CTC Trooper, and boom.

On the Jango/Boba pack, basically it's stupid because we're getting jipped in an obvious way! Think about it, the pack was on the 300th Boba Fett figure which was $10 and was basically just a statue with limited movement...so now Jango has it also and he's on the same detail level and he's basically a statue with limited movement also (and less articulation) but he also has a removeable helmet feature..and he's RETAIL PRICE.

And ya know, you made a valid point... These are toys. Which is why it doesn't make sense that Hasbro wants all their figures lately to just be treated as just display peices for collectors.

02-01-2002, 08:49 AM
I actually like the R2-D2 with sounds and lights idea. None of my other R2 figures do that. If I don't like the sounds then I won't press the button.
I do like the C-3PO with removeable plating idea.
The jetback feature on Jango does not bother me at all.

However, lack of articulation and the poses are very annoying to me in most of the figures I've seen.

I don't know about the action features yet. Some of them sound kind of interesting. The magnet thing sounds kind of neat for the lightsabers. The automatic attack features are something that does not sound good to me. Like the Kit Fitso automatic attack when you raise his right arm or whatever. I remember a similar feature on my Indiana Jones figure when I was a kid. That always annoyed me.

I can understand Hasbro trying to cater to kids concept. From all the plot scenarios I've read this movie sounds much more interesting and action packed which will probably be more interesting to kids. So, they may actually want some of these figures. If I was a kid I'd think that Kit Fitso with the tenacles coming out of his head would be cool and the super battle droid and Jango among some others. If they threw some zappy features on the packaging I'd probably be craving some of the figures and bug my parents to get them. Hasbro I'm sure figures that all the collectors will be with them regardless. May not happen this time around, but I'm sure that's their mentality.

02-01-2002, 08:53 AM
For those that didn't see my article...


02-01-2002, 10:43 AM
Originally posted by SithDroid
I for one do not. That is a majority of what I DON'T like in action figures. Also why is Hasbro catering this line towards CHILDREN? This is clearly a gimmick to draw in unsuspecting children who will look at the figure and say, "Hey cool it beeps just like in the movie."

I believe that children today have a very short attention span and need things with technical stuff or some special feature in it in order to be interested. However, why does Hasbro have to start catering to JUST THEM. Hello, Hasbro. Yeah over here, it's the COLLECTORS. You know, the people that stand for about 60% of your business. Yeah, without us, where would you be?

I have to say you should check your calculations there SithDroid. The main buyers of the EP2 toys are NOT going to be collectors, they WILL be kids.and speaking as someone with two little brothers, kids DO like the gimmicks like these.

Now I personally hate any gimmick that makes the figure less poseable, like Kit Fisto & Anakin. But if they can add a feature that will appeal to kids and not make the figure less appealing to collectors, then they pretty much should; ie: the Electronic R2, or Jangos backpack.

Collectors may be a much larger percentage of Hasbros buyers during the off-movie years, but when AOTC comes out, it will be children lining up all around us collectors to get the toys. It's easy for us to think that we make up a larger part of their buisness than we actually do, because we are the ones who organize, complain, and write letters to Hasbro. Kids, well, kids play with the toys, and that is that. But dont think that children are not the reason that toys are made.

02-01-2002, 10:57 AM
That's just it, these aren't toys...Hasbro's turned them into statues that can hardly move and have little realism with the movie (Super-Abs Padme anyone?) and even with cheap gimmicks like this kids will be interested sure but then they'll get bored because that's all the figures do, is their gimmicks, they can't change what they do in anyway and that's all they'll be able to do. Granted kids don't care about consistency with the movie but how many kids will be happy when they get bored with Kit only lightsaber chopping and nothing else? Padme's big gimmick is throwing her arm up, you twist Padme's waist, her arm goes down, twist her waist back, it flies up. That's appearantly all she does, yeah a kid is going to have years of fun with that. :D It's not the present that's really a bother, it's what these type of figures could lead to, which is full destruction of the SW line.

02-01-2002, 11:06 AM
Good point LTBasker. I think Hasbro is really trying to design these with a balance between what a collector wants and what a kid wants.

Unfortunately, they just aren't very good at it :D

02-01-2002, 11:09 AM
Yeah cause first they gotta learn that Applause/Attakus/etc. does the statues, if we want statues we'll take our business elsewhere, Hasbro should be making toys.

02-01-2002, 12:16 PM
Ihave a few things to say about these toys but I'm going to concentrate on 3PO. firstly, 3PO is a silver skeletal droid in episode one and this episode two toy looks nothing like a metal droid at all. I don't recall 3PO being milky grey ever. The paint is slapdash and badly applied. Garishly coloured and tacky. The basic figure looks as bad a s a cheap bootleg toy that comes out of the oriental quarter and sells at bargain stores. Those panels you can clip on look okay as far as the sculpt goes but how long before the pegs wear out and the panels just fall off? The colours are way off compared to the movie photo next to them on the package. Green? Maroon? In the movie 3PO is mostly metallic blue. I guess the sculptor must be crying to see their hard work ruined by shortcuts and penny pinching production values. company compromises that result in shoddy looking product.
As I've said, i have no problem with the artists who sculpt these figures. I think they do a fantastic job creating figures in such detail at such a tiny scale. I aplaud their craftsmanship. I don't however applaud the fools who teach the monkeys how to apply decals or paint decos. Or the fools who choose the materials the toys are made from. It is these idiots who are ruining the figures. Maybe the new plastics do allow for finer details but there was nothing wrong with the level of detail in the POTF2 line mostly and they were made of sturdier stuff and it shows. These newer figures look cheap and nasty next to the older figures. We don't need that level of detail in toys. That's normally the reserve of resin statues which is what the company seems to be moving toward anyway.
Adding electronics to figures is pointless. maybe for five minutes it's interesting to a consumer but then it's useless, boring. It robs children who recieve the toys of the joys of play. No need to use their imaginations when some gimmick will fill in the required noises for them. What happened to imagination? I remember happily making all the noises for myself and making my ow adventures with the figures. Now Hasbro are saying if the character never flew a vehicle then the won't make it to fly a vehicle. robbing children of play opportunities yet again.
I think Hasbro have forgotten why they make toys and who for.
Yes most of us are adults who collect but theseare still toys intended for children to play with. Only they can't because now we're supposed to either keep everything sealed and hang it all on our walls or we're supposed to disply it all in glass fronted cabinets in a look but don't touch way. Plain insanity.
My nephews are welcome to pick up and play with anything in my collection which must be worth thousands of pounds by now. I really love to see their faces as they make all the sounds and decide for themselves who's good or bad. And who gets to fly the vehicles. It's as nature intended it's warming and educational and aiding in their development as balanced individuals. What play should be all about. Not push the button and the figure does it for you. Not sit back while the entire dialogue from the movie plays from the belly of a beasty. It's all gone wrong.
I'm not buying a lot of these toys from episode two for that reason. I won't deprive my nephews the chance to use their imaginations.
If Hasbro need to address anything it's the basic underlying reason for making these things in the first place. Who exactly do they make them for? What does a collector need a gimmick for if they never pick up the toys and use them in play? Why does a child with a vivid imagination that is growing daily need gimmicks that stunt that imagination?
What happened to the quality control? Why are these figures looking like knock off toys from the orient, and why do so many have heads that don't turn with no sticker that says if you turn the head it will tear off. If we aren't supposed to play with these figures and they are just for collectors to mummify on shelves and in star cases then what the hell is a toy company making them for? Isn't that a case for the trading standards authorities? Selling goods as something they aren't is an offense in the UK prosecutable by law. Surely the Atates has a similar legislation?
I really don't understand any of this mixed up intention thing. I would dearly love some kind of clarification from someone at Hasbro. help me to understand what the hell is going on.

02-01-2002, 02:37 PM
I agree with you EMPEROR JARGO. Do kids nowadays have no imagiantion. I never needed any special gimmicks for my vintage SW figures, or my G.I.Joes, or my Transformers. I made the sound effects myself and that is all I needed. If I wanted somebody to be put in a special position I would do it myself instead of pushing a stupid button on the back or twisting someones waist.

As I just said, probably my favorite toy line when I was a kid was G.I.Joe. They had so many points of articualtion that you could pose them into pretty much anything you wanted to. And since Hasbro owns G.I.Joe, it's not like they don't already know how to make SW figures have some, if not the same kind of articulation as the G.I.Joes. Hasbro, do you even talk to each other? You do realize you have the ability don't you? You do realize you make G.I.Joes right? It can't be that complicated.

02-01-2002, 04:12 PM
All I have to really complain about is the prices for these little figures. I bought a freaking Samurai Spawn for the same price (maybe a buck less) and he comes with articulation up the @$$, GREAT detail, about 10in tall, etc. If you have/seen this figure you'd know. Now which do you think I got the bang for my buck with? 4.99 would be a VERY reasonable price. What's the difference between the new SW figures compared to the 95 ones? Besides likeness/detail same size same amount of items. Hopefully the price drops somewhat but with these gimmicks who knows?