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11-14-2006, 04:51 AM
Tommy Lee Jones reprises his role as US Marshall Sam Gerrard in order to stop fugitive Mark Sheridan who's a top secret CIA operative that's been set up for the fall for others conspiring to sell US military secrets to the Chinese regarding Taiwan and South Korea.

I'm not so sure as to whether there's a real deep plot to this movie, or it's just a big excuse for a lot of chase sequences and shoot-outs. But there are some seriously good scenes therein, especially the US Federal prisoner plane crash. That outdid the train wreck in The Fugitive by 3,000 miles.

But it's great to see the whole Marshall posse back together again and doing a great job of that. Don't they ever chase down suspects who are actually guilty though?

Wesley Snipes gets practice playing a fugitive somewhat early and over a decade prior to his role as a real person-of-interest on the run for tax evasion. He has some cute French girlfriend in this picture that's nice eye-candy to look at. Actually, she can act too - so that's always a plus.

Anyway, for the action (directed by Star Trek Nemesis' Stuart Baird) you can watch this one a few times over again - but you may not be doing that for the plot. I guess something more sophistocated appeals to me more - or maybe I was just tired and watching this one at 1 in the A.M. is not the best time for it.