View Full Version : Courage Under Fire

11-18-2006, 02:01 AM
In this movie, President George H.W. Bush wants to posthumanously award the Medal of Honor to the first woman to ever receive it - an Army captain of a helicopter rescue team during the first Persian Gulf War (Operation: Desert Storm). Investigating her worthiness (Captain Walden played by Meg Ryan) is Denzel Washington's character, an Army Colonel who was mixed up in friendly fire and mistakenly ordered his tank to fire on a close friend of his. He ended up saving most of his armored calvary unit from the Iraqis, but feels he certainly did not deserve his own hero's welcome home.

Denzel plays a soldier still traumatized by this 1991 war very well as he drinks and tries to cope with the other soldiers who returned from Captain Walden's mission, including Kevin Bacon and Lou Diamond Phillips' character from whom a shocking revelation is uncovered.

I want to recommend the movie, not spoil it, so I'll leave it up to someone else, or the passage of a little time (without objections) to describing how it ends and what the big secret is.

There's some great combat footage in it, desert-style, and it has plenty of relevance to today's state of current events. That brings home a lot of realism for the movie as well (Saddam Hussein plays the evil dictator out to take over Kuwait. It sort of makes you believe that Desert Storm was completely on the up-and-up and honorable - it may have been indeed. And it certainly was a completely different kind of war than the one we're engaged in Iraq now.) However, it's sad that things came down to Bush wanting to take the publicity bonus he'd get by awarding the Medal of Honor to the first woman recipient.

I believe this was a true story.