View Full Version : Passenger 57

11-23-2006, 04:49 AM
This movie was borderline crap and a cliche fest. I saw it a long time ago and remember liking it. Today it just didn't play well with me.

Is Tom Sizemore annoying in this film or what? He's in so many movies, but in this one I liked his character the least!

Wesley Snipes is alright, but totally unbelievable. Is he supposed to be ex-FBI or something that he's allowed so much lattitude with law enforcement? Was he an ex-special forces something to be so well trained? The movie gave you little background on why he was capable of bringing down all those hijackers.

Also, notice how it's Snipes' character of John Cutter that gets ALL the bad guys - every last one of them? With nearly 100 law enforcement agents of one kind or another around - Cutter takes down 6 or more terrorists himself without any help! Yeah, right.

I know it's an action movie and he plays an action hero - so it's all full of cliches and makes the main protagonist out to be some kind of James Bond - but I don't think the movie was originally intended to be taken so lightly.

The main baddie was sort of annoying, too. He had some good moments, but he seemed very effeminate - which is a characteristic I just despise. The movie was PC by not making the terrorists Arabic, but instead relayed he was with the Irish Republican Army, but cooperated jointly with Palestinians and Libyans before. Uh-huh.

It's hard to believe that I once liked this movie. I have nothing against Wesley Snipes - I like him as Blade, in US Marshalls, Rising Sun, etc. But Passenger 57 wasn't his best - though that wasn't exactly his fault.

Elizabeth Hurley was hot as usual though. A sequel with her in a women's prison would be smoking!

Anyway, if you haven't seen Passenger 57, don't waste your time.