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Phantom-like Menace
11-29-2006, 12:28 AM
I've searched and couldn't find any thread about Babylon 5, but if it exists, any mod should feel free to merge this.

The original B5 series (save the fifth season) was awesome. The Shadow war was one of the most compelling stories I've ever had the opporunity to enjoy, even though the effects and acting could have been better.

Crusade had a lot of potential if TNT hadn't mucked the whole thing up with their nonsense. I purchased the DVD set for this series early this year to rewatch some of the techno-mage episodes, and I decided the other day to watch through the entire DVD. I realized quite quickly that I never even watched the chronological first episode. I watched the first episode aired, but TNT aired them out of order. I'll have to continue watching to see if there were any others I missed. I didn't think there were. I'm really interested in finding out more about the Apocalypse box.

The movies were fairly hit and miss, more misses than hits. It's a shame Legend of the Ranger sucked and sucked hard, since Marcus Cole was one of my favorite parts of the B5 series.

I've gotten a great deal of enjoyment from two of the three book trilogies based on outlines written by JMS. The Centauri trilogy had some really nice stuff with Londo and Vir and one particular line late in the third book that almost made the entire trilogy for me. The techno-mage trilogy was a great read, and it makes me really upset that the techno-mages weren't explored more in depth during the series. They came off as sideshow magicians in the series but they are actually immensely powerful, especially Galen, the mage from Crusade.

Of course, there have been rumors back and forth about new projects. A feature film called The Memory of Shadows was in the works for a while but died an early death. And speaking of deaths, Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs (G'Kar and Stephen Franklin respectively) died, and both of them were to be heavily featured in future projects.

I guess the latest rumored project is Babylon 5: The Lost Tales, an anthology series. Apparently, judging by Wikipedia (and don't we all trust that source?), the first three installments will deal with Sheridan, Lochley, Galen, and Garibaldi. I'm a huge fan of Sheridan and Galen, and I liked the earlier Garibaldi more than the latter, but Lochley has never really interested me a great deal. Hopefully this project doesn't disappoint and we get more. I'm definitely looking foward to it.

11-29-2006, 12:00 PM
It was a very good show that suffered a bit due to the end of the syndicated show era. I keep bugging people about the DVDs to no avail as well. I would like to try to watch it in the chronological sequence, starting with the movie "In the Beginning", than go through everything and skipping over Crusade while focusing on the station. It was nice to have an actual show written that after he was given the contract, wrote it out and dealt sparingly with the other stuff of contract disputes and ratings when it became necessary but never forced into the series like a great deal many other shows. I always do think that a miniseries that focuses on something in the big gaps chronologically could be done at any time.

11-29-2006, 10:18 PM
Loved the show until TNT grabbed onto it and made Season 5 suck bad, but I stuck with it through the good and bad after that.

This new project is confirmed for at least 2 TV movies, I believe. I wish Lochley weren't involved, Tracey Scoggins is a bad actor and totally miscast in the role, she brings everything down hard, but everything else sounds good. Too bad G'kar can't be in it.

11-30-2006, 01:51 PM
This new project is confirmed for at least 2 TV movies, I believe. I wish Lochley weren't involved, Tracey Scoggins is a bad actor and totally miscast in the role, she brings everything down hard, but everything else sounds good. Too bad G'kar can't be in it.

There are ways to refer to him. He and Lita Alexander could still be off gallivanting around the galaxy.

Phantom-like Menace
12-08-2008, 11:49 PM
JT and I mentioned B5 in the thread for the Chuck series, and I wanted to post a little more without hijacking that thread.

I couldn't remember if there was a B5 thread, so I searched only to discover that there not only was one, but I started it. Gah, stupid.

So the anthology has been out for more than a year. I wasn't impressed unfortunately. The Lochley story was meh, and the Sheridan story was only slightly better. I had read early on that a major revelation about Galen would be featured. His backstory is one big revelation after another, so I was stoked. We got exactly nothing.

And it seems there are no plans to continue the series of DVDs. JMS was unhappy with the budgetary constraints on the first DVD (just two million dollars), and though WB is interested in doing more, he's holding out for a feature-strength production.

12-12-2008, 07:21 PM
Nicely done, your own thread, marvelous. :p

Yeah, the DVD didn't deliver and JMS didn't use his money wisely there. It was nice to see Galen and Sheridan again, but that story didn't deliver much. I think he needs scripts that fit the device, big stories told in intimate ways, not bland nothing stories. Apparently he wanted to do Twilight Zone-style stories with Lost Tales, but I don't think his script writing delivered, and he blames that on budget constraints. Apparently, the writers strike last year also hurt the timing which messed up the whole future of the project.