View Full Version : Does Lucas have any Hasbro/Kenner toys?

12-07-2006, 06:45 PM
Does anyone know if Lucas owns any Hasbro/Kenner toys and if so what does he have?

12-07-2006, 07:25 PM
I think he's too busy making money from selling them. lol

12-08-2006, 12:20 AM
HE only has the real life family collection

12-08-2006, 02:23 PM
Lucas is one of the two people who actually like Star Wars Transformers.

Plus the basement in Skywalker Ranch is packed with cases of Sio Bibble, R2 with holo Leia, and Ephant Mon. Poor Rick McCallum's hammock is strung between two water pipes overlooking all those boxes.

12-08-2006, 09:27 PM
But for real, has anyone ever asked him in an interview about owning star wars merchandise?

12-08-2006, 09:41 PM
Really, I don't think he owns much...he's got that Chewie mug on his desk and maybe another item or two in his office ?

Of course at The Ranch they have all kinds of stuff on display but from what I've seen in interviews, I don't believe he really "owns" more than a few pieces. :)

12-10-2006, 09:57 PM
Hmmm...good question. As far as the figures go, he probably has Jorg Sacul, the Lucas Stormtrooper, and the Lucas Family Gift Set. Hasbro might have sent him those.

12-10-2006, 10:25 PM
On the original Kenner toys he received at least 1 of each. And I know some actors received them as well - Mark Hamill has spoken about getting boxes delivered from Kenner back in the day..