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Phantom-like Menace
12-09-2006, 12:27 AM
Is anyone playing this game? It seems like a must for many of us here.

I don't have a lot of spending money, so I'm renting it from Blockbuster, but I've been able to play it for a few hours. It hits and misses, not that that is surprising.

I'm not sure what I think of the character selection. For people with the previous generation of console, Storm, Iceman and the obligatory Wolverine are the only X characters, and I'm not saying they need more X characters just that it would be nice if we got someone we hadn't played in Legends or maybe even someone like Beast or Psylocke who we only got in the first Legends game. Otherwise I like that the Avengers are heavily represented, but it makes it too easy to end up with teams that are really just Avengers Light, like your team is just moonlighting from their day jobs as Avengers. It doesn't help that Tony Stark volunteers to allow your team to use Stark Tower as a headquarters--probably because everyone is living there anyway.

I thought the excellent character creation was the best feature of X-Men Legends II, and the lack of that level of customization is soorly felt by me in this game. I have too few options to make my characters unique to the point where Iron Man and Deadpool feel less developed in this game as main characters than in Legends II where they were simply unlockable. The nicest feature of character creation, though, is the costumes. It's cool that different costumes affect the stats of the characters. That feature would have really added to Legends II.

The team customization seems cool, but I haven't done much with it. As with above, I'm wishing there were a different selection of characters. I would probably have less of a complaint if Fury, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, and Silver Surfer were playable from the start as none of them are either Avengers nor X-Men. As it is, if I lump Deadpool in with the X-Men and point out that Sue, Reed, and Ben all were members of Avengers teams at one point, the only two non-X-Men, non-Avengers you can play from the start are Elektra and Johnny Storm. Of course that says more about the Avengers lineup than it does the lack of character choices. All told I like having a team, but as with the characters I wish it were more customizable.

Otherwise, even on the first gen Xbox, the cutscenes are awesome. The Nightcrawler scene is superb and really poors salt into the wound I received when I learned he would not be playable. The story is a little busy. It almost feels like they wanted to shoehorn everything into this game. I've been to so many realms and locations I'm waiting to show up in the Marvel Zombies or Spider-Ham universes. Hell, I've been in the Pitfall universe (kind of)! I have to imagine they're going to make a sequel, so it would have been nice if they'd left some of this stuff to that.

But as much as I complain, I like the game more than I dislike it. Just what similarities it has to Legends give it a passing grade from me. I doubt I have the time to beat it before my rental is up, so I may make plans to purchase it in the future.

El Chuxter
12-09-2006, 11:41 AM
Can you play as Sleepwalker?

If you can, I am totally there.