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12-12-2006, 04:29 PM
Since its almost the end of the year (and even though there will be a few more notables before the end of the month), its time the question was brought up:
What were your favorite and least favorite movies of 2006?

Mine, no particular order:

My 10 Favorites:

Borat: Cultural Learnings... - Is good! I like!
Casino Royale - Like nearly everyone else I wasn't sure about Craig's casting as Bond, but I held a wait and see attitude. I think I like this one better than Goldeneye, my previous favorite Bond flick.
Clerks II - Almost nothing about this movie I didn't like.
The Departed - Completely blown away by every performance in this movie, even Dicaprio. The twists and turns had me thinking (and even saying) "Holy sh*t!"
Flags of Our Fathers - Eastwood's adaption was almost as good as the book, but sadly underperformed and wasn't as accepted by the critics as it should have been.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - It was nowhere near as fun as the first, but it was still a great action movie.
Shortbus - Fantastic drama/comedy from the writer/director of Hedwig and the Angry Inch about sex, love, and relationships that you probably didn't have a chance to see unless you live in a bigger city because it featured it's actors engaged in very real sexual acts.
Superman Returns - Not as exciting as it sould have been, but a nice re-intro for the franchise.
V For Vendetta - Great adaption of the comic that wasn't bastardized like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a few years ago. The changes were handled very well and Natalie Portman was fantastic as always. Hugo Weaving also delivered a great performance from behind the mask, which had to be hard to do.
X-Men: The Last Stand - Like Pirates, it was not nearly as good as the one before it, but it was a fun popcorn flick. Plus, the Juggernaut B***h line was classic.
Honorable Mention:
16 Blocks - Bruce Willis delivers one of his best performances in a longtime and Mos Def was continues to impress me as an actor.

My Least Favorites (I'll limit it to 5):

Bloodrayne - I'm still wondering why I didn't change the channel while I was watching this crapfest on cable a few weeks ago. But it was based on a video game, so I shouldn't be surprised.
The Da Vinci Code - Hands down worst movie of the year. Quite possibly the most boring adventure-ish movie of all time. The so-called "revelations" were old news and this was Tom Hanks' worst performance ina very long time. And he had that horrible mullet.
The Last Kiss - This was more of a disappointment than a bad movie. Zach Braff's follow up to Garaden State (one of my favorite movies) is very well acted but pretty damn depressing.
Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny - Like The Last Kiss, this was more of a disappointment than a bad movie. It had a few really funny moments, but I think I would have loved it if I were a stoner.
World Trade Center - Nicolas Cage is a flat as ever and Michael Pena was far better in Crash. Rather than getting wrapped up in it emotionally like United 93, I was felt next to nothing watching this.

12-12-2006, 06:18 PM
I liked Borat, Clerks II, Little Miss Sunshine, For Your Consideration, and The Departed. Rocky Balboa hopefully, too.

12-12-2006, 07:25 PM
Ten Favorites:

Good horror fun, better than the first two.
A new type of horror movie that had a great premise.
The Hills Have Eyes
To complete the horror trifecta, a remake that's better than the original.
Casino Royale
Bond is back, and this was one of the best Bond flicks I've seen.
Clerks II
Hilarious. Kevin Smith is a pure genius.
X-Men: The Last Stand
I'm in the minority, but I liked this movie. Good action movie, but it was too short.
Superman Returns
Brought me back to the Christopher Reeve movies I loved so much growing up. Could have used more action, though.
Funniest movie of the year, maybe one of the funniest of all time.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Just as much fun as the first one, and a great ending to boot.
The Departed
Great acting, great story, great movie. I hope this wins Best Picture at the Oscars.

Honorable Mentions: World Trade Center, Flags of Our Fathers, V for Vendetta

Five Worst:

Talladega Nights
Wasn't a bad movie, just a disappointing follow-up to "Old School" and "Anchorman"

Again, not a bad movie, just disappointing compared to Pixar's gems like "Toy Story", "The Incredibles", and "Finding Nemo". Still bought it on DVD to complete the Pixar collection.

This one was pretty lame.

The DaVinci Code
Probably the most boring and predictable movie I have ever seen.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Jordana Brewster's buttcrack couldn't even save this movie.

12-12-2006, 10:22 PM
Talladega was a disappointment, no doubt.

12-13-2006, 08:15 AM
Let's see :

Cars : Cute and funny. Loved this flick thought the concept was great.

Superman Returns : AWESOME, loved every minute of this film, can't wait for the sequel.

Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest : again loved it can't wait for the sequel

V for Vendetta: missed it in the theaters, but rented it and thought great flick, asked for it in my Christmas Wishlist.

Da Vinci Code: Read the book and thought, Okay there is no way it is going to be as good as the book but still enjoyed the flick.

X-Men: The Last Stand: loved it, didn't agree with some of the scenes but still a great flick.

12-14-2006, 02:34 AM
My 'Favorites' (with notable complaints):

Flyboys - the best movie of the year. I loved this flick and I think it was totally underrated - plus you all should have seen it in the theater on the biggest screen.

Clerks II - funny, funny, funny!

Miami Vice - tolerable. It's not the same without Don Johnson, Phllip Michael Thomas, and Edward James Olmos. The story was just a glorified TV show that capitalized off the old show's fandom, nothing more. If they wanted to rejuvenate an interest for a franchise, it won't happen with this. Worse yet, Michael Mann, the original creator of Miami Vice the TV show, oversaw this fiasco of cloning himself! I listed it with movies I liked because I like the concept of Miami Vice. This was a very mediocre execution of it though.

Superman Returns - It was alright. Better than I thought it might be anyway. Kevin Spacey and Brandon Routh did pretty good in their roles. But it was not that exciting, but a nice re-intro for the franchise.

X-Men: The Last Stand - It was kind of a letdown though. I think the 2nd one was the best one.

World Trade Center - I normally think Nicolas Cage is a dork, but this role was a good one for him. Michael Pena was far better actually. The film made me want to see the characters climb out of that huge hole at Ground Zero and go after Bin Laden with everything including a Death Star. I think it was a good dramatization of what really happened though. United 93 did evoke more passion though - as did definitely Fahrenheit 9-11.

My Least Favorite

The Da Vinci Code - Tom Hanks was so wrong for this role - especially with a mullet. He's a good actor, but this was not his movie. Now I'd never read the book, but while watching the movie, everything became predictable anyway.

That's all I saw of new movies in 2006. Though I mean to go see Flags of Our Fathers before the year's end, I've just been busy.

12-14-2006, 11:13 AM
Though I mean to go see Flags of Our Fathers before the year's end, I've just been busy.I was wonderin' where this was on your list. If it's still in theaters (though I doubt it...) I'd go and see it immediately. It won't be there for long and it's definitely worth the price of admission.