View Full Version : UK's FHM Magazine's US Edition to go t*ts up.

12-15-2006, 07:44 AM
Yes, kids. The "popular" FHM is going to cease publication soon. Famous for its barely dressed bimbos on the covers and within, it just couldn't sustain an ere... readership against competitors like Maxim and Stuff.

EMAP Scraps U.S. Version of FHM Magazine
Wednesday December 13, 11:32 am ET EMAP Scraps U.S. Version of FHM Men's Magazine

LONDON (AP) -- British publisher Emap PLC said Wednesday that it is scrapping the U.S. version of its men's magazine, FHM.
Emap said conditions in the U.S. market have deteriorated over the past year and the company doesn't expect them to improve any time soon.
The company said it would continue to publish FHM in Britain and 30 other editions around the world.
The U.S. version was launched in 1999 and had battled to establish a profitable presence in a strongly competitive market.
"With conditions in the US worsening, we have decided to suspend publication to focus resources elsewhere on faster growth platforms," the company said.

12-15-2006, 09:54 AM
I've gotten a few issues of FHM over the years and I'm not exactly sad to see it go. Maxim, Stuff, and FHM were pretty much interchangeable. It seemed like they only differed by which girls were inside. They all seem like the same magazine from month to month with the same stupid humor which has gotten lower and lower as time has moved on, the same stories about stupid people doing stupid things and living, and the same gadgets and game reviews that are commercials disguised as articles. I really enjoyed Maxim back when it first came out, but either it got old or I did.