View Full Version : SideShow Star Wars 12" Product List

12-29-2006, 10:13 AM
I have another opportunity to list stuff. Let's see how it goes. The dates here will not be accurate, because in actuality some of the pre-orders for the early ones were taken every-other week. But I wanted to do it this way to guage our potential number of figures per year:

Jan - Luke Jedi OTJ
Feb - Anakin OTJ
Mar - Obi-Wan OTJ
April - Kit OTJ
May - Han Bespin HoR
June - Mace OTJ
July - Darth Maul DLOTS
Aug - Qui-Gon OTJ
Aug - Darth Vader (Sith Eyes) DLOTS
Sept - Leia Boussh HoR
Oct - Bib Fortuna S&V
Nov - Jabba / Creatures / Throne S&V s&h 2007
Nov - Plo Koon OTJ
Dec - Endor Soldiers (x 3) MSW - s&h 2007
Dec - Ventress ??? s&h 2007

Anyway, I may have forgotten someone or others, and I surely have the montly ordering options wrong.