View Full Version : Epiphany! the 41st clones (Gree's) are also the Coruscant clones (grey markings)

jedi master sal
01-01-2007, 09:08 AM
I just had this epiphany! The 41st and the Coruscant clones are the SAME!

Okay, while this link isn't "official" it makes complete sense and I'm almost embarassed that I didn't figure this out before. First read the info on the 41st in the link below:


Now, doesn't that make sense? Since these are the very clones meeting up with the wookiees (and Yoda flies to them in a gunship) that they (the grey marked clones) are the 41st. Sometime during the jump to Kashyyyk, they change uniforms into the camo scout armor.

If someone posted this previous to my post, please provide a link.

Dang, I'm happy about this "revelation." This means that Gree is in charge of the Coruscant clones too. And the grey on his helmet makes sense too. SO...that leads me to wonder IF the grey commander from the Evolutions set should be Gree in his "normal" armor, as opposed to his jungle armor.

See here:

(here's the more comprehensive look at that Evolution set:
http://www.rebelscum.com/rots05evol-troops2.asp )

I'm calling a "referendum" on this.

Who's with the notion (now in light of putting this info together) that the grey Evolutions commander is in fact Commander Gree?

I think Hasbro should be made aware of this, since the figure is being carded. It would make an even greater selling point to the figure.

Now here's also hoping that they will include the trooper belt too, so we can make him a trooper as well. (And I hope they clean up some if not all of the battle damage.)

01-01-2007, 09:49 AM
That makes sense Sal, though I think the gray clone commander being Gree is left to the imagination. I doubt that's the intent.

At first I thought you were talking about the white SA clones(ROTS) which were #41.:D

I do agree that Hasbro should make the belt on the upcoming gray commander because I just want soldiers, no more commanders. Hopefully they'll darken the gray colors too.

01-01-2007, 10:50 AM
I agree, the Grey Clone Commander could be Gree. The grey clones in the link look like the ones in the Target Battle-pack "Attack on Coruscant" minus the blue trimmed Bacara of course (wonder where he fits in?) And here I thought they were from the "Made up Universe" We all know that it was the 501st that attacked the Jedi Temple. I was always puzzled by this Battle-pack. Yet there they are in the pic, the grey clones. So a detachment was left behind? Or they came back to Coruscant to Hunt down any remaining rebellions? The title of this Battle-pack is a total mistake? (no Hasbro never does that:rolleyes: ) They do look like the grey trimmed 41st regulars.

01-03-2007, 07:30 AM
I'm guessing the white armor is for when the Clones don't require any special battle uniforms, or it's a fleet uniform for the ones only serving on starships. We see them in white & grey during the battle over Coruscant and then only see them again before everybody starts really leaving.

I wouldn't mind the idea of Gree being the grey commander, especially if it were to convince Hasbro to release some grey clones on the #41 sculpt. The evolutions pack one is decent but no torso articulation, hard to get and it doesn't have the trim lines shown in the movie picture.

Anyways, it's possible that Gree is a commander aboard ships (hence grey armor) until he's assigned to duties that involves the large vehicles, like General Veers was aboard the Star Destroyer until going to Hoth to command the invasion that used AT-ATs.