View Full Version : What I Really Want To See

Jek Porky 2002
02-02-2002, 05:18 PM
The next Episode II figure I want to see before anything else is Anakin in his actual Jedi Gear with a proper green lightsaber not like that blue one that slides in and out of the arm of the Outland Peasant Disguise Version, which I think is the most disappointing EpII figure I've seen so far. Has the proper Anakin been confirmed yet?

02-02-2002, 05:40 PM
No idea but there's sure to be a deluxe anakin from the arena scene and a jedi Anakin with cloak from Tatooine and a jedi Anakin in geonosis duel with Darth Tyrannus.......

worst figures? Deluxe jango, C-3PO or white supremicists salute padme?
What the frick can you do with saluting Padme? Arm goes up - arm goes down - arm goes up arm goes down..... padme falls over and rests on her over sized assets.
Admittedly the Anakin figure looks nothing like Hayden and I really feel for the guy - being faced with a million tiny action dollies that look nothing like him. Nothing can have prepared him for that, poor kid. What an awful insult to a halfway decent lookin' guy to make a figure of him that looks like a young John Goodman. I'd be suing by now if I was hayden. that's if he's actually seen the atrocity that is the action figure.
Think Natalie's family will be glad of that swingin' salute action figure? What kind of actions can we simulate with that feature..... "Ani? my you've grown..." :rolleyes:
arm snaps to attention "Herr Fett, ve haf been expecting you..." :eek: