View Full Version : Now that I've seen the pics.....

02-02-2002, 06:09 PM
........I think that, overall, the AOTC figures are pretty good and I will be getting all of the regular carded ones. Some of them aren't that great (Padme's stance and Anakin's monster sabre) but what the hell, I still have some baddies out like R2 with launching lightsabre (with the 3rd leg removed but it's still there) and Opeee Qui Gon (does the crappiness of this figure require any further info?). As far as goes the 4 Deluxe figures I'l be only getting Mace. This set looks AWESOME! Mace is a cool character, the sneak preview Ep I Mace figure is still one of my all-time favorites and this version of him in action, with a battle droid to boot, is gonna make a fine addition to my ever growing collection. As fot the other's I'm gonna pass. Jango I would get if the backpack wasn't so feakin huge, but since we're already getting 2 of him, with doubtless more to follow, I won't miss the deluxe one. Obi Wan and Dooku look alright but those flip boards would just end up in the closet and they're making single carded ones anyway. I'm definately gonna be gettin the vehicles and beasts. The new classic stuff is gonna round out my collection quite nicely, the only real classic item that I think we need made is ROTJ Jabba, and he may be on the way before E 3.