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02-02-2002, 11:55 PM
Well, here we go. First let me start by saying that this is the best wave to come down the pipe in a long time! Also, this is the first wave to come with the new cards, and without the JFF. So I would like to take this opportunity to rate the new wave as a whole.

New wave/cards: Great, the new cards look nice, and have unique backs. This is a nice touch. The JFF absent from this wave. Notice I did not say MISSING, that's because I don't miss them! Enough said about that. Overall I like the new format, and the pictures alow the line to maintain some of it's continuity. Unfortunatly, Hasbro has a tendency to decrease the number of units produced at the end of a line. It happened with FF's it happened with EP1, and it WILL happen with POTJ! Mark my words.

Grade: A

FX-7: We have been waiting for this guy for a couple of decades. What can I say? WOW EXCELLENT, one of the best pieces in the line, and that's saying a lot! All of the arms are articulated and the little claw is removable. One of the drawbacks to the vintage FX-7 was that the little claw was permanantly attatched, over the years it always seems to get damaged. This new one can be removed for storage if need be. No worries.:) And the detail of the sculpt is awesome. The fact that it fits perfetly into the Luke Bacta set-up makes it even better. I recommend everyone buys an extra! You won't regret it.

Grade: A+

Rebel Trooper (Tantive IV Defender): Much better than the POTF2 version, toned down (not BUFF). The vest is a nice touch. The added articulation to the knees and ankles is also a welcome addition. This was a new step in the SW line, it looks like Hasbro took their que from another 4 inch line which shall remain nameless. ;) Anyway, the biggest drawback to this piece is the helmet. It is not really designed to be removable, or at least if it dosen't work well as such. The poor guy's head has a big notch cut out for the helmet to attatch to, and the chin strap is painted on. POOR design from Hasbro. But on the bright side you can buy lots of these guy and pose them in different positions, basicly standing or kneeling. Great for dioramas. Again I recommend buying extras for you loose collectors!

Grade: B+

Imperial Officer: Nicely detailed, not much for articulation. He kinda has 2 poses that would be good for dioramas. First he can stand at parade rest holding a blaster behind his back. Second, he can stand holding his gun in front of him. Both elbows have the swivel joints which work OK for this figure. Overall, a nice addition to any collection, but he could have been a bit better. IMO he is lacking a certain something I can't put my finger on. Again I do recommend multiples for you loose/diorama guy.

Grade: B-
Queen Amidala (Royal Decoy): Just another Queen in a cool outfit. Like all the others, she just sorta stands there. The sculpt is not horrible, but the head sculpt is not as good as Theed Invasion Amidala (POTJ Red Dress). The dress is detailed, but the front of mine was pressing up against the bubble and some of the gold paint was faded/worn off. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to look? But it just comes across as a bad paint job. Another thing that bothers me about this figures is the head piece. In the pictures the side buns (for lack of a better word) are GOLD, but the figure is done in RED? Hasbro did this on purpose, as all the pictures of the figure are the same way. If you look at the picture on the back of the card from the movie it is also GOLD! I think it's just lack of attention to detail on Hasbro's part. Considering the quality of the rest of the figures from this line she is sorely lacking. It's almost as if Hasbro said "Well, we want to get all the Queen Amidala outfits done so let's crank out another one real quick."
Grade: D
So there you have it.

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02-02-2002, 11:59 PM
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02-24-2002, 02:32 AM
....I wanted to wait til I got openers of this wave before I sounded off on 'em.

The cards....definately a "transition" card...still POTJ, but the backs feature the figures more than before and the layout is close to what we're getting from the AOTC cards. Good job, graphics dept...

The figures....

FX-7 : A+ Very good job....great detailing, the cool jointed arms, even a clicking head (well, more in the middle of the body, but still). Looks fantastic with the Bacta Luke set.

Rebel Trooper: B Yes, it's better than the POTF one, but a little better detailing on the helmet (considering how good Hasbro is getting with the detailing these days...it CAN be done) & the ability to stand unassisted would be nice (he stays upright posed on one knee really well though). It's a good figure, but just shy of being perfect...

Imperial Officer: A I like this figure...yeah, the poses are pretty limited, but he looks really cool with that hands-behind-the-back pose. If I could actually find a number of him, he'd probably look great in a line-up before Vader....

Queen Amidala "Royal Decoy" aka Black Travel Dress: B I wanted to really love this figure, but.... the "royal crest" gold detailing looks too earthbound to me and is really distracting (I looked at the scenes in the film featuring this gown and never noticed these markings before). Add to that the strange whitewash look to the headdress (which I easily corrected with a black marker) and it just keeps it from toppling the best version (to me anyway) "Theed Invasion". I guess those big gowns don't translate to a smaller size figure so well...

All n' all a good wave...too bad these transition card figures are turning out to be such a bear to find...

02-24-2002, 10:57 AM
I'm going to make this short and sweet, FX-7 is badass, best POTJ figure ever. The rest are worth picking up, but not worth talking about.