View Full Version : Does Bubo look like a relative of Boss Nass with teeth implants?

01-23-2007, 05:29 PM
I was just considering the newest SideShow pics, though this is not a SideShow topic so I posted in "General."

But the design of Bubo reminds me of Boss Nass - not particularly any other Gungan, but Nass.

Cut off Nass' legs and make him a vampire Gungan with fangs - add a tail - and you have Bubo!

I hope I'm not being insulting to any Gungan fans out there, but in terms of Otah Gunga, Boss Nass is "the big dog" anyway.

El Chuxter
01-23-2007, 05:31 PM
You should smell the two figures and see if the aromas are similar.

01-23-2007, 05:43 PM
You should smell the two figures and see if the aromas are similar.

Oh! Of course I plan to. But I don't expect Bubo to arrive until May or June, knowing SideShow. I just ordered him last Friday, so these things have a 5-6 month turn-around on the ordering.

Meanwhile, I never opened my Hasbro POTJ 12" Boss Nass figure. I wanted to wait until I had a larger place and covered display cases to show them off in a dust-protected environment. I planned on putting the Hanger Battle Padme (Japanese exclusive (w. Qui-Gon) sent to local discounter Factory 2 U) and Sabe (decoy - Ultimate Hair Styles Queen) with Boss Nass and always hoped that they'd make Panaka (or that SideShow would now) or some Naboo Military plus Gungan Soldiers (I've bought several 12" JarJars, but I have use for them elsewhere, along with my single Tarpals on Kaadu). Nass goes with the Naboo for this scene however - it's the Gungan Sacred Place 12" version -but I didn't open the figures as of yet.

But anyway, Nass will smell fresh when I get to him (presumably, whatever he smells like will have been festering in the box since 2000) but I'll smell Bubo when I get him right away because I am setting up my 12" Jabba stuff right here in my new place because that throne dias is so cool!

But I'm not sure that SideShow and Hasbro will smell even remotely the same.

You know, I hope you're not making fun of sniffing figures. It's one more way to appreciate newness in your collection and I do it reflexively ever since I was 4 years old or so. I just became conscious that I always do this when I had a really enjoyable experience sniffing the new Mouse Droid.

That is also why I'm advocating the inclusion of chewing gum as a pack-in with new Star Wars figures.