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02-03-2002, 07:15 PM
With Toy Fair coming up next week, I wonder if there will be any new classic stuff shown. I sure hope so. I definately want to see Ephant Mon. There is still hope though for some surprise stuff like R5-D4, Cloud Car, ROTJ Jabba, and Imperial Shuttle. If they announce any one of these I'll soil myself with happiness.

02-03-2002, 07:46 PM
I'm really hping to see some classic stuff too after being so disappointed with the AOTC offerings. I've just got big fears that they'll all have the same legs as the AOTC stuff or horrible head sculpts like the death star escape han. Ephant mon would be like a breath of fresh air right about now though. I'm also hoping that the rumour of a sandcrawler will be true although i very much doubt it somehow. But there is one in AOTC so.......

They could show that guted out FX x-eing that showed up the other day. that'd be sweet to see clearer pics of it. Also some of these other classic things that have been rumoured like bespin batle damaged Luke, rebel officer, cantina alien 2-packs, han Solo.

but as far as AOTC stuff goes I'm really hoping for a glimpse of the republic attack gunship and the senators. maybe Dexter jettster as long as he doesn't look like an iguana on amphetamines or something stupid like that. Should be some decent stuff among the dross though. :)

02-03-2002, 08:05 PM
I definitely be stoked to see R5D4, but I imagine that comes as no suprise to anybody who's caught my recent posts.

A CLOUD CAR would be irritating to see because "It is useless to resist" I'd be a sucker for that one as I love two person vehicles. And I've already got the TIE BOMBER on my list.

How nice of Hasbro to release such an unmade classic in conjunction with Episode II. My vehicle fix will be satisfied and I won't have to buy what I feel are the pretty uninspired designs of Episode II. (Truly a Lucasfilm problem -- can't blame Hasbro for any of those fiascos.)

PS -- RUMOR OF A SANDCRAWLER? Jargo, must you toy with my mind so mercilessly? Beyond Cruel! It's Positively Wicked! That's it, I'm reporting you to Sir Steve. Vader has nothing on your as far as insidious mind games . . .

Lord Tenebrous
02-03-2002, 08:06 PM
maybe Dexter jettster as long as he doesn't look like an iguana on amphetamines or something stupid like that

He has a goiter. :eek:

I would like to see Ephant Mon, Bespin Luke, Hoth Han, Chewie w/ blasted Threepio, and Kitik Keed'kak.

02-03-2002, 08:40 PM
I really hope those cantina packs are just a rumor. I'd love to get a new Dr Evizan, but Ponda Baba and Momaw Nadon are pretty damn good figures, even though they're pretty old. I think resculpting those two would be a real waste. Ditto for a resculpt Greedo. If they're not resculpts, however, I got two suggestions: the Tonnika sisters and Feltipern Trevagg with Nightlily. These would be supersweet! I won't get my hopes up though.

02-04-2002, 01:06 AM
I'd like to see figures that are consistent with the POTJ toys, but I'm afraid that that isn't going to happen.

02-04-2002, 01:35 AM
Man do you people not pay attention to the trailers? There isn't ONE Sandcralwer in Episode 2!...There's two. :D And they both are shown from the front in the trailer with their hatches open which makes it less than a background sandcrawler since that also puts it in a total of 3 films now. :D

I dunno about a sandcrawler, I wouldn't be too pleased to get a sandcrawler that would just be taken from the vintage mold with a few tweaks to it and probably 1-2 pack-in figures and would be $100. (I do believe Hasbro added it all up what it would cost and reported that being the lowest possible price.)

A Cloud car would be cool, but if they make it it better not be $30+ and should include 2 pilots rather than one or none.

Doubtful on the R5-D4, R4-M7 replaced that. R5 might be released later. *shrugs* Only ones I can think of that would actually have a chance are Damaged Bespin Luke, Damaged Bespin Vader, Rebel Trooper V.2 (with a different head sculpt), Imp. Officer V.2, Ephant Mon, and a couple others I think, not sure.

02-04-2002, 02:02 AM
Going by the list that I saw online, there will be a few OT figures and E1 figures released this year. Not sure if all of them will be shown at toyfair or if some will be held off to pop up later on, since the toyfair will include mostly E2 items.

The Phantom Menace:
Queens Handmaiden
Pod Racer (unknown)
Nute Gunray (Holographic)
Lott Dod (Neimoidian Senator)

A New Hope:
Rebel Officer (Probably Dodonna)
Cantina Alien (unknown)
Imperial Officer (Head Varient)
Rebel Fleet Trooper (Head Variant)

Empire Strikes Back:
Han Solo (Probably Hoth)
Chewbacca w/ C-3PO
Luke Skywalker: Bespin (Battle Damaged)
Darth Vader: Bespin

Return of the Jedi:
Ephant Mon

Thats all of the figures that appeared on the list for this year that was posted at the German website that I pulled my list of E2 figures off of. I think they may be wrong about the Holo Nute Gunray and Lott Dodd figures again this year, though. :(


Jar Jar Binks

02-04-2002, 07:33 AM
Originally posted by Lord Tenebrous edited
He has a goiter. :eek:

aaaaand... 'Roid gut! :eek:

02-04-2002, 01:33 PM
Epahnt Mon would be great

Rotj Jabba

R5-D4 ...After seeing the awsome R4, I want this one redone more than ever!

Fx scale Tie Fighter would rock my world.

A super deluxe Jedi Luke

02-04-2002, 01:47 PM
Well, I was thinking,

That list of figures that are supposed to come out next year mentioned Ephant Mon in there.
I would suppose that he would be a deluxe figure because of his size, I would further suppose that they would continue the deluxe line because it did so well, further, that there would be 3 other figures to complete the assortment of 4.

Since Ephant Mon is mentioned with the other regular figures we can venture that other deluxe figures are somewhere in that list:

New droid = R1-G4 (large droid befitting deluxe treatment w/ a mining droid pack in, he was listed on the last fan choice)

Cantina Alien = Kitik Keed'kak (rumored to be coming out)

and lastly,

Rebel Officer = Gen. Dodonna w/ console pack in (wasn't he on the last fan choice also? )

Heck, its the 25th anniversary, give us some awesome stuff. Give us what we want.

Sorry, I'm just dreaming.

General Veers
02-04-2002, 01:53 PM
JJB, when I saw your list the ones that I wanted most were the resculpted Han Hoth, Lott Dod, podracer, and Chewy with 3P0. I don't care if these don't come out till the 4th quarter of the year, this just gives Hasbro some time to make them REALLY good.:D

02-04-2002, 05:21 PM
Ephant Man would be great to see.

Rotj Jabba would be a dream.

A cloud car would be awesome.

SandCrawler would be so nice.

02-04-2002, 06:01 PM
Originally posted by Lord Tenebrous
He has a goiter. :eek:Well if I recall he's a huge fat lizard looking creature with four arms and a bad smoking habit. i'd say he's going to be a bit bull necked yes. So i guess he's very goitered. As far as being a 'roid gut JEDIpartnr, I don't think so. More like a beer gut. :) I just hope he's a nice looking character like Bossk instead of something rejected from that stoopid sitcom 'Dinosaurs' y'know the one with people in Dinosaur suits where the father of the family was an inept logger? I have a feeling he'll look something lke that but wit the extra arms. I'm seriously hoping I'm wrong.

One other thing I'm seriously hoping is that they decided to make all the figures from all the fan choice polls. Despite the fact that this would beggar the point of the polls completely, but it would be really cool to get R1-G4, Rieeken, Derlin, Ben Quadinaros, Ann Gela, Teemto Pagalies and the rest Including Admiral Ozzel. For these figs to be included in the polls it means they must have had some preliminary work done on them all so why not just make them all? I'd prefer to get new figures from the polls than resculpts of existing cantina creatures. Another Greedo? No thank you. And of course as mark mentioned R5-D4 when the heck are we going to see him? All the flming R2 resculpts and all they had to do was make a new head to sytick on an R2 body like they've done for R4-M9 and the new R3-T7. So easily done but still no R5.

There's collectors who go for the whole lot and good luck to them, then there's collectors who settle for either the Sith or the Jedi and leave it at that. Me, I go for the droids and aliens first the finally the vehicles. Of course I'm overjoyed when two of the three converge in things like B-wing with Sullustan pilot. But I'd prefer to see new aliens from the diverse range of them in the star wars universe. Kitik'Keed'Kak seem like an excellent idea because it's something different. Viva la difference! I tend to feel like a lot of this stuff is just hastily slapped together to reach production deadlines though. Like the first waves of AOTC stuff. Very hit and miss and there's no real quality in some of the stuff because it was just rushed. I think I'd rather they spent more time getting things right and put out fewer figures per year. Concentrate on the quality rather than the quantity.

P.S. mark2d2, ever read your private messages? And that rumour of a sandcrawler is seriously making me salivate with droid sale diorama longing. Sod the new scale Millenium Falcon idea or the Imperial shuttle, Me wants the sandcrawler!!!!!!!!!!! Just like I'm chuffed to get a new Tusken for my Tusken camp diorama I want to get that Jawa swap meet diorama finished. They put one out I'll buy two or three or four. Andf it comes with new Jawas and droids as pack-ins :crazed: :eek:

Emperor Howdy
02-05-2002, 01:20 AM
Let's see. I predict...........~meditating~.........."Price-gouged convention exclusive figures on Ebay"!...........the crowd goes wild!! Emperor Howdy does it again!! :stupid:

Rollo Tomassi
02-05-2002, 06:36 AM
Originally posted by Emperor Howdy
Let's see. I predict...........~meditating~.........."Price-gouged convention exclusive figures on Ebay"!...........the crowd goes wild!! Emperor Howdy does it again!! :stupid:

Until the overstock gets shipped to TRU and/or the Jawa Trader!!!

Whoo hoo! Rollo T. hits another homer! D'Oh!! oooh...sorry, Homer...:rolleyes: :)

02-05-2002, 09:38 AM
I am going to be spending alot of money for these exclusive figures if I have the chance. Damn myself for being a completist. :(