View Full Version : The X-men: the first Bryan Singer X-film

01-26-2007, 08:34 PM
This movie was released in 2000, so I guess that's why there was no longer any thread for it versus X2 and X3. But the original deserves notice.

I do think X2 slammed it, X2 was so good (the best of the trilogy).

But the first X-men was an awesome movie in its own right.

The cast Singer assembled was perfect:

Dr. X
Jean Grey
Ice Man beginning to be introduced

Pyro beginning to be introduced (though it appears they changed actors for X2)

I think this was such a great way to start this series. Perhaps only Spider-Man could challenge the X-men films as the best super hero movies.

I was not a fan of X-men, nor did I read the comics or even know these characters until Singer made his movie. Now I've loved everything I've learned about X-men (though movie 3 was a let down I think compared with the others).

But what a way to introduce the characters from having Wolverine and Rogue being brought to Xavier's school for the gifted while Magneto tried to track her down and use her to mutate all the world's leaders at a UN summit.

And the X-jet was introduced as well :thumbsup:

01-27-2007, 12:51 PM
Yeah, I enjoyed this one too, although the whole mutation machine on the Statue of Liberty was bit fantastical for me. I know comics are filled with this kind of thing, but my personal tastes are moving away from world-destroying super-villainy. In a similar vein, I don't care for James Bond films any more either, which always featured some megalomaniac trying to take over the world.

I thought the casting was dead on, except for Rogue. I had a crush on the comic version and Anna Paquin just didn't fill her boots. My Rogue could fly, sugah.