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Jangu Fett
01-28-2007, 06:22 PM
Mace Windu / Jedi Starfighter (ROTS) -http://seibertron.com/forums/files/35_585_fb66646668dd853_168.jpg

Saesee Tinn / Jedi Starfighter (AOTC) with Detactable Hyperdrive Ring - http://seibertron.com/forums/files/35_585_93f9fc817fe3bc0_605.jpg

? / Republic Gunship -

I think we may also see AOTC Obi-Wan, Plo Koon and Kit Fisto AOTC JSF down the line. To bad no word on who the RGS turns to. Sorry. :thumbsup:

01-28-2007, 08:39 PM
The new models look pretty good, but I really hope that hyperdrive ring stuff actually comes off the vehicle mode!

Jangu Fett
01-28-2007, 09:13 PM
It said the hyperdrive can come off the ship. Don't know why the photo shows a part still on. But it looks like it can slide off. And doesn't the booster ring go over the top of the ship, not under it?

01-28-2007, 10:12 PM
Yeah, I saw that in the article, but I've seen sites make guesswork like that before and end up wrong so I no longer take it on faith that they're totally right.

You're right, the booster ring is upside-down here, you can tell this isn't how Hasbro designed it by the screw holes facing up in that photo - that should have suggested to me that the ring is totally removable.

Seems like that Ep 2 JSF is gonna make for a very small robot/mech.

01-28-2007, 11:07 PM
The first JSF was nice with the ring, now they are getting carried away with it.

01-31-2007, 06:44 PM
Yeah the ring surrounds the ship's nose.

06-27-2008, 12:16 PM
Cool. Hey I have an extra Millenium Falcon (Han/Chewie) loose if anyone is interested. I only wanted the die cast vehicles that came with it. Make me an offer.