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02-02-2007, 10:45 AM
Heh heh... just kidding WS. You're quite welcome to my Brit benevolence...:razz:

So, I had a slightly concerned email from SWAFFY about my absence..well nice to know someone cares :whip: anyway. I am well, still teaching and wanted to share with my fellow mmers (this has nothing to do with AF or MMs) my latest assignment with the BTEC1 students.

The brief I set them was "Combat in Urban Street Dance, using Star Wars Episodes 1 - 3 as a stimulus" - I started transcribing the DM vs Obi & QG duel, Mace vs Palp and teaching them. We've been practising with 15mm overflow plumbing pipe. All cut to 1.20m apart from the 2.40 meter DM "sabre".

It took me 4 hours to transcribe the first skirmish with Maul in the Theed Hangar with judicious use of slo mo and the A-B function on my PS2. this represents about 7 seconds of fighting. What surprised me (a little) is how the students picked it up so quickly. That was a month ago and we've been working on it in the lessons each week since then. They were so good at it that I allowed them to develop their own fights which they have choreographed with great aplomb and I am now only going to work on the Ani vs Obi ROTS fights instead of the others that I wanted to.

We've got about 5 mins so far - the piece will be around 12 mins so the rest will be a lot of streetdance as I don't just want duels and sword fights. The music I'm using is Rage Against The Machine's Imperial March but will be mixing some other Duel of the Fates stuff at home. I'm going to get some footage of the show (in May) on youtube or something so just a heads up. Right now I have 45 mins of them in lessons rehearsing the moves. The school is Afro Caribbean predominantly so they have almost all been inspired by Mace's scrappy style. Two of the girls are copying Sidious though. Made me smile. My star student, Claudimar is Darth Maul.

In the meantime I took delivery of this which may be of interest. (see attachment)

I hope you are all having a wonderful double oh seven 7 and will catch up soon.

Is that B-wing out yet?

jeddishly yours,


02-02-2007, 05:19 PM
Hey there Jeddah! Sounds like you've been leading a real life, unlike the rest of us. ;) I wasn't worried about you, you've dropped out and then popped back in before so I suspected this was more of the same (unlike our MIA GSJ). Glad to hear you're doing well, sorry to hear you have a PS2 for a DVD player - I remember what that was like (update the DVD playback firmware if you can).

The Titanium 3" B-wing you mean? It came out, and it's pretty nice, not a duck at all. They're releasing an orange themed one in a few waves, that's kinda brought us all down.