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02-16-2007, 10:18 PM
Okay, granted that tagline hasn't been used since the mid-90's, but it's such a hard thing to forget... :D

Hasbro has been really adding more 'realistic' features to the Nerf guns lately and really, I've always loved Nerf guns. You can fire'em in the house, you can fire'em at the tv...and they'll stick on that character you really really hate. How can one not enjoy them, honestly?

This time last year I found myself drawn to the wonder that was the N-Strike Maverick with it's combination between a huge beefy revolver and an automatic pistol. I had to have it and have enjoyed it ever since. Even my cats have enjoyed it...or at least the big furry one that waits for the darts to fall off the tv screen so he can run away with them. :crazed:

Anyways, the most interesting thing about the design of the Maverick was the integration of real gun features. Though as mentioned, looking mostly like a beefy revolver, the cocking lever is actually the top part that resembles a pistol slide. Complete with RIS/RAS rail that real guns use to mount scopes/lights/lasers, etc. Of course, the rail is a bit too thick to actually be compatible with such attachments but it still looks so cool.

Looking over at HasbroToyShop though, I have found a new droolworthy Nerf gun. This time, they have added more realistic features in the form of a sniper rifle!


Complete with fold-out bipod, optional scope attachment, cocking lever that looks like it came right off a real rifle...except for the bright orange it's molded in, and the best feature to be introduced in Nerf ever: a removeable magazine.


Yes, no longer taking time from your daydream to unrealistically reload the darts into the barrel of your gun, you simply remove the empty and slap in a new mag! They even give you two with the rifle and the spare waits patiently in the stock! :love:

So, surely I am not the only one loving these wonderful evolutions of the Nerf weaponry? :D

02-17-2007, 06:05 AM
A friend turned me onto the Maverick Rev-6 a couple years ago and I really dig it. I also picked up the tiny 1-shot palm-sized one for $4 as it's silent and easily hidden, plus an extra thing of micro darts and whistling darts. I saw a thing of glow-in-the-dark micro darts at WM yesterday and nearly bought them, but then saw that only the tips glow, and to make the bodies glow you have to attach GITD stickers around them which is a recipe for failure, so I passed. I may get them next time I see them though just for the thrill of seeing 6 glowing darts fly once.

A sniper rifle I suspect wouldn't be any fun because unless it's high-pressured air-powered, it's going to be a ballistic trajectory on every dart that comes out of it just like the rest of the Nerf guns and you can't snipe that way.

Still, I'm glad to see they're doing more stuff that's rapid-fire and looks good and has nifty features, they were getting way off-base in the late '90s with goofy stuff.

02-17-2007, 04:15 PM
That's true, they aren't very likely to put a spring in there that makes it powerful enough for longer ranges since kids aren't likely to limit themselves when running around and shooting up each other. I love the fact though that they seem to have considered a compromise where if you don't want the sniper look, you can simply separate it and get an assault rifle and pistol. :D

02-18-2007, 07:43 PM
Yeah, separating is always awesome, I gotta agree.

They could put in a strong air system that could fire it straight further but ultimately the darts are still too nose-heavy to allow this to work.

02-18-2007, 08:48 PM
I'll mention it becuse someone has to...