View Full Version : I had a new dream with a laser gun and automatic

02-19-2007, 08:26 PM
This one was short as I dreamt it during a rather restless night.

I was in the same nearly empty house as I'd been in a previous dream. I recognized it this time as perhaps my brother's house, only it was smaller than his house is in reality - but almost just as sterile and white-walled.

I was in a room that was a bedroom (which would actually be the bonus room / loft area in my brother's real house), and I was shivering because I was cold and scared.

I wore a white robe with a hood on it. Perhaps it was a Jedi robe?

I was sitting on the floor clutching a laser rifle. It was more similar to a Star Trek phaser rifle than a Star Wars weapon.

Someone told me they had to leave and attempt "the mission" now. They asked if I'd be alright and they handed me an extra gun, this time a laser "pellet" shooting gun that was automatic and looked like General Grievous' blaster.

I said I'd manage and they left me alone.

I sat there for a while. My arms were tired, but I didn't want to let go of either gun. The hood on my white Jedi robe was constantly obstructing my vision except for the weapons which I held straight in front of me.

From outside the room, I heard some creaking of the stairs. It sounded like someone might be approaching.

I stood up, but in order to balance myself, I had to put the laser rifle down.

I thought the noise might be nothing, so I didn't think I'd need 2 guns just to see what it was. I proceeded towards the exit to the room with the one pellet blaster gun. The hood was still obscuring my vision except for where my feet were and my gun was being held, in front of me and below my shoulders.

I considered squeezing off a few shots into the wall to frighten anyone coming for me as well as to help me range my weapon. But then I thought that might give away my position, so I felt suddenly scared to try it.

I still couldn't see good out of that darn hood, but I felt like I was hidden as long as I wore it. I was also scared to take either hand off my gun to put down the hood or realign it.

That's about all there was as this was disturbing to me and I woke up.

It would definitely make a tense scene for a story, but there's barely anything to work with.

02-19-2007, 08:45 PM
That's awesome, I bet the gun barrel didn't have to be painted orange either, did it ? :grin:

02-19-2007, 11:05 PM
LOL. No. There was no orange tip. It was metallic and heavy enough that it felt like the real deal, or a good Master Replicas product.

The thing is the automatic still didn't feel as powerful as the laser rifle, just easier to manipulate.

As I said, just because I heard a stair creak, I didn't conclude that I needed 2 guns. One would do.

With the hood obscuring my vision, the smaller blaster probably felt instinctively easier to feel what I was targeting with.

Hmmm. This dream almost makes me want to order some full-size weapon or other (Stormtrooper blaster, Boba Fett's shotgun) from Master Replicas. I don't know if they can sell and ship those to Californians though. I think I heard there was some hangup about our state laws out here.