View Full Version : How do these public figures feel when they come out of their breakdowns? Brit, Novack

02-26-2007, 01:21 PM
Britney Spears is getting divorced. She got pregnant twice by a guy who was her backup dancer in music videos and stage performances (that doesn't mean that he couldn't have actually been a compatable guy - but it rather looks like she was too young and he was too good at playing her to his own ruin as well as hers). So she dates some other guy who briefly puts up with her because he thinks she might be decent sloppy seconds, then he comes to his senses and bolts. Britney can't handle herself and allows photos to be taken without her panties on, then shaves her head and makes a daily habit of checking in and out of rehab while her life is under the national microscope. She might have to move to Nepal to ever have anonymity again (or Antarctica). Meanwhile, she has at least 2 kids (I don't know if she has a relationship with KFed's child from his previous relationship) and her life burned bright for what? Less than a decade to be sure. She's definitely in the washing out category now. Brit's 25 and most people are enamored with younger girls.

Meanwhile, Captain Lisa Novack has worked all her life to rise up through the ranks of the Navy and excel in science programs to become a NASA astronaut. She married and had 3 children. She was buddy-buddy with some hotshot space shuttle pilot who (not surprisingly) like another younger "space-girl" about 10 years younger than Novack. So Captain Novack drives 900 miles from Texas to Florida to confront this woman with a do-it-yourself murder kit and wearing diapers (mind you that the car would have to be refueled and gas stations have restrooms). She is captured, booked, and charged and the whole nation watches, laughing. Is there any way to make this more humiliatiing for her?

Mel Gibson, Tim Hardaway, and Mike Richards each get in trouble for slurs agains Jews, Gays, and Blacks respectively. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be news if Joe Nobody had a problem with one of these categories, but with celebrity status comes a huge amount of greater scrutiny. I am appaled that Pat Robertson has not been called out for his discrimination against Satanists though!

I mean what is the deal for these people now? I think there should be a show or something like "the new Fantasy Island" where these people go where no one has ever heard of them.

When we catch up to them, Mel Gibson will be sitting on the beach drinking with Tim Hardaway saying, "I can't stand those Jews!" and Hardaway would reply, "Yeah? What if they're Gay and Jewish?" To that Gibson responds, "Even worse." And there is nobody else there. No one cares what these guys think. And the water just continues washing the shore.

Just down the beach and over yonder, Britney is shaving her head while watching her children build sandcastles and Captain Novack is helping to change their diapers.

Meanwhile, Richards is hitting himself on a coconut tree distraught that Hardaway was allowed on their island. Again, no one cares.

El Chuxter
02-26-2007, 01:37 PM
And just out to sea, is that Tycho being eaten by a great white shark?


02-26-2007, 02:00 PM
And just out to sea, is that Tycho being eaten by a great white shark?


Yes. Ouuch! I can tell you how that feels. IT HURTS!

02-26-2007, 02:01 PM
Hopefully they will feel like total arses and stop bothering us with their ridiculous lives.