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02-28-2007, 09:42 PM
Alright, first off, I'm doing this cuz the wife said so (and it does make sense, saves us some money). We're just married and starting to merger our various services. So we decide to merge mobile services which means I leave Verizon for Cingular.

I find a "free" phone from wirefly.com and they don't deliver. First it wasn't programmed with my number. Than they don't bother to tell Cingular they want to port the number over from Verizon until 4 days after I receive it and for nearly 2 weeks after I start my Cingular contract. That means these cluster ****s from wirefly are making me pay for 2 cell contracts at the same time.

I get the run around all night tonight. Go to Cingular Store. Have to call Cingular Customer Service. Cingular Customer Service says it's scheduled to be ported 4 days from now, and they can't change it unless Verizon releases it. I go and call Verizon. They say it's released and Cingular needs to take the number, their problem. Call back to Cingular, get the offices closed message. Call Wirefly. Same thing. Wife calls the Cingular emergency line only to get the same response as before.
UGH. Verizon is at least available 24-7.

So do I kill wirefly? Cingular? My wife? Verizon?

02-28-2007, 10:33 PM
Who ever you kill, make sure you kill yourself afterwards, Jail is no fun. :p

Seriously, I hate that crap. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions. You should tell them you are out since they cant do anything, and I would say your phone will be working sooner than you can hang up with them.

02-28-2007, 11:28 PM
If you had gone directly to the Cingular store, or a RadioShack, then porting would have been much, much smoother. I've ported many phones from all different carries and have never had that kind of trouble.

El Chuxter
03-01-2007, 12:23 AM
I went from Sprint to Verizon and got the new phone and service at Costco. They took care of everything right there on the spot.

03-03-2007, 08:52 AM
I have to get my girlfriend a cell phone, and add it to my plan. Since I really only use my phone for emergency, I only have 300 minutes a month, plus free nights and weekends. I'm not looking forward to paying more, but the three of my last four cell phone bills had $100 in overage charges, and I can't afford that either.