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03-07-2007, 10:26 PM
Why do I post my dreams in the first place? Heck, being ill the thing I do the most is sleep. So instead of asking me if something interesting happened to me today, you can ask if I dreamt of anything interesting lately.

That being said, I've already noted that I use some of my best dreams for story outlines. I'm writing a major novel right now, so some other stuff has to sit on the backburner as just "outline files."

However, two of my most recent dreams would be copyright infringement if I wrote them without permission. They revolve around the "ALIENS" movies and "GARFIELD the cat."

I actually want to reverse the order I discuss those for a minute, because the strangest dream happened with regards to Garfield: I dreamt in full-color cartoon! Yup. I saw things in my dream as a cartoon show! It was pretty cool. That being the case, it was also strangely brutal.

In my cartoon dream, Garfield had rigged a guiloutine with sharpened teeth to the front entrance of a dog house. He proceeded to lure Odie in and then horrendously decapitated him! There was cartoon blood and a bone stump, and for a minute, the headless dog jumped around and looked like it was trying to bark, before its mentally slow nature caught up with it and it realized it was dead - so it fell over. Garfield cruelly laughed and lit up a cigar.

Then Garfield proceeded to try and lure Marmaduke and Snoopy to the dog house, and I think he was making a play for Bullwinkle (the Moose) too. Snoopy was busy rigging his own Red Baron attack-dog-house up with automatic twin machine guns when I woke up. But Garfield wasn't going to go down without a fight. It was pretty bloody for a cartoon.


Another dream I had was about a giant facehugger from the Aliens movies. This thing was larger than the facehuggers in the films and was probably 4 feet long or more, and several feet wide. It was really strong and everytime it moved, you could hear the click-click of its many legs.

The thing was in my house and a potential threat to me. This time my house was an old fashioned, dark wood kind of place. Very beautiful, though "old feeling."

I guess I called 9-1-1 because other people showed up and I was asking them to break out automatic weapons. Michael Bay was there also. He thought the thing was Scorponok that somehow escaped the film reels of his latest movie. I don't remember too much about all this, but I did dream it.


My final dream I had during my nap just a little while ago. I dreamt I was out by the planted landscape in some of the open space at my old apartment complex. Only it was much larger than I recalled it ever being. There were at least 5 larger animals running around in there:

a skunk, a raccoon, a possum, a miniature deer, a coyote. They were all antagonizing each other and I really didn't want the skunk to spray.

They all seemed able to understand me in English and some of them could speak back to me. It seemed to keep the skunk from spraying, I had to settle the question of whom should appologize to whom: the raccoon or the skunk, as they thought they were being chased by the coyote and they bumped into each other. Now they were threatening to fight. To mediate this, I had to move in close and I was in danger of being sprayed by the skunk as well. The coyote watched all of this, as if he was trying to decide who to pursue after everything was settled. The deer seemed completely dim-witted and she just watched the whole thing like she really never understood it. The possum looked sort of ugly and ferocious. I just sort of let it alone.

All the animals were rather big and furry - except the deer and coyote were sort of small for their species. Oh yeah, this was happening at night so there was no one else around to prove to the fact that animals could talk.