View Full Version : Stupid TAC coins for trade

Darth Cruel
03-19-2007, 10:08 PM
I hate these coins. I will trade them for anything in the pic, and I intend to add more accessories that I will trade for soon if they do not go. I am using the accessories for customizing. The picture shows:

1) R5-D4's antenna
2) The shoulder accessory from the Republic Commando set
3) Commander Cody's jet pack
4) 2 Han Solo Blasters, the bottom one is from the new DVD gift set. I do not know what figure the other one came with but I do not want any of the other Han Solo Blasters...it has to be one (or more) of these.
5) Jedi Pilot head gear
6) Black Durge-style blaster that came with the pod racer 2-pack
7) AOTC preview blaster rifle with blast effect.
8) Solid Black blaster rifle that came with the clone commanders and the exclusive troopers (and a few others)
9) Blast effects that fit any blaster rifle or pistol (not pictured)...but not the ones that went on the lightsabers

The most reasonable (read best) offer will be honored after the post has been up no longer than a week. If a reasonable offer comes up before that...I will take it.

Darth Cruel
03-22-2007, 10:43 PM
The coins have been claimed...thanks for playing.