View Full Version : Spider-Man 3 Titaniums

04-28-2007, 10:06 AM
So, as mentioned in the haul thread I picked some up today. I decided to open Venom because I was very curious but sadly, have been met with disappointment. When packaged, I thought the stand would be magnetic so you could place him anywhere - nay, nay. The stand is just the AT-TE's stand in black without the large peg and a new title plate. No magnets, no embedded foot prints, no foot pegs.

You have to find sweet-spots to place Venom on the stand otherwise it's like walking on ice, he'll slip and fall. Ironically, Venom stands better without the base, not even slightly wobbling on a flat surface.

Venom himself is to good chunks of metal for the waist/legs and the torso with the head and arms being plastic and glued on. So while he may look articulated, he's not. Both my Venoms have their heads glued on with the head slightly angled to one side, I did see one with the head perfectly straight (but of course, it had the suckiest packaging). So if you're particular, keep an eye out.

The paint detail seems to be pretty consistent though, with very little slop or at least unnoticeable slop due to the dark colors. I like the color choice though, Venom is black (as opposed to the blues and purples on the regular figures), the webbing is gray with the spider logo and eyes painted in silver which nicely separates them from the webbing.

I can't see this one being too rare, I found the Venoms in a cardboard case endcap which had two spots holding 6 figures (12 in all). Venom was packed 3 to a case with the others being black and red/blue Spidey in the same websling pose as well as the Goblin.

There was a similar cardboard case below it (they were mounted on racks on the sides of the endcaps) which had the silver figures. That case had 2 silver Venoms, 4 silver Spideys (all the same pose which has the black and red/blue versions), 3 Sandmen and the rest were regular Spideys.

I haven't opened Sandman yet, I'll probably wait awhile but I looked it over. He does have some decent detailing, I'm going to assume he's mostly like Venom with the head and arms being plastic though. The head is definitely disappointing since the eyes are just black splotches in the middle of each eye region, theres no actual eye sculpting.

His base is the same AT-TE base as Venom's but done in a sand color, he shouldn't have any problem standing though since his feet are morphed into piles of sand and they're both connected (reminds me of the old micromachine figure bases).

So, I'm disappointed this is the best they did for $6 toys but I wasn't expecting much in the first place, I got these because I wanted to get something from Spidey 3 and these seemed like the best choice.

1) They're small.
2) They do have decent detail and paint.
3) They will probably look nice all lined up together.
4) More space for restocking.

If anyone's curious, this is what is out so far:

Spider-Man (web "blast" pose, like when he was firing web bursts at Doc Ock)
Spider-Man (red/blue - slinging pose)
Spider-Man (black - slinging pose)
Green Goblin (Harry)
Venom (silver)
Spider-Man (silver - slinging pose)

Ultra Spider-Man (red/blue - standing so it's different than the already released painted one)
Ultra Venom
Ultra Sandman