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Darth Cruel
05-01-2007, 08:20 PM
I was not sure where to put this. If it needs to be moved, mods...feel free. I will not be offended.

Just saw what, in my opinion, is the best fan film ever made. Has anyone ever heard of Ryan vs Dorkman? Well it was good, but this post is about the sequel..."Ryan vs Dorkman 2" or "RVD2". It is nothing more than a lightsaber duel that lasts about 8 minutes (after you subtract the time for the opening and closing credits). But the choreography is great and I like how the effects are not ridiculously spectacular...but very well done.

Two that stand out to me are when one of the combatants draggs the tip of his lightsaber blade through the puddle of water and later when one of them uses his lightsaber almost like a golf club to cause sparks to fly into his opponents face. Good stuff. Another one I like was when the two duelists were engaged in a "Force struggle", one to draw is dropped lightsaber to him and the other to "force push" it away. Then the one trying to draw it head buts the other to get it. And when it is almost in his hand...the other guy hits his hand away and the lightsaber hits him in the face. And some of the simple tricks they do with the lightsabers are subtle...but very imaginative.

I will try to get a good link and put it up. But most of the links I found required a bunch of downloads to view them or were really low resolution. I downloaded the full file and it was about 430 megs. I think I will go watch it again.

Edit - Well...at least here is a link to a low-res version. It is easy to google the file and download it if you want to see it full-screen.