View Full Version : Battle Pack or Multipack Imperial and Rebel Officers

jedi master sal
05-31-2007, 12:11 PM
I know I'd purchase a few sets of battle packs that include generic officers.

For these themes, I'd go with 4-5 figures per set, retail for $20-25.

Here are the sets I'm thinking of:
Imperial Officer set (gray uniforms, like the Death Star briefing room sets)
2 Lieutenants (two red and two blue pips on the tunic)
2 Commanders (three red and three blue pips on the tunic)
optional Captain (four red and four blue pips on the tunic)

They all have the same SA body AND all the heads (differnet sculpts) can be interchanged between them, giving us the option to promote and demote figures at will. This would greatly increas out Imperial ranks without costing you much in toy development as the bodies are the same. It would be just the heads that are different.

Hoth Rebel Officers
Look at Luke on Hoth, he has three pips in diagonal formation. This denotes he's a commander. So nothing above that.
2 Ensign (1 red pip)
2 Lieutenants (2 red pips in diagonal opposite corners on the badge)
optional Commander (3 pips in diagonal formation)

Again as with the Imperials, make the heads interchangeable. Each should come with their own removable hat as well, giving us even more diversity

Again saving you money by having the same body, yet appeasing us by the vesatility of the set by way of head swap and hat/no hat.

We've really needed some generic Imperial officers in the gray uniform for sometime. Not every figure needs a backstory.


05-31-2007, 02:04 PM
Hasbro, if you feel the urge to put in a main character, please, please, please refrain from including Darth Vader or the Emperor. I have too many.

I would really love a Detention Block Escape... except make it a two parter!

Pack #1- Leia, Storm Luke, Imperial Officer, Two standard stormies.

Pack #2- Storm Han, VOTC Chewie with some cuffs, Imperial Officer, Two DSTs (with correct blaster!)

This would whup all kinds of tail. Actually, with all of the cardboard used in the Felucia Pack, perhaps you could some how make the packaging merge into some sort of cardboard diorama!