View Full Version : Need Vintage Weapons / Accessories

06-23-2007, 03:04 AM
Hey guys. I just bought a bunch of Vintage figures and ships, and I need a bunch of weapons, parts, etc. to try and complete a few things. I have a few xtra guns and what not to trade. Here's my preliminary list of needs:

4-Lom - Brown chest plate thing
Admiral Ackbar - Staff
Bib Fortuna - Staff
Cloud Car Pilot - Walkie Talkie thing
Han Solo - Black Blaster (need like 3 of these :-)
Nien Nunb Gun
Prune Face - Brown Rifle
Princess Leia Bespin - Gun
Princess Leia Boushh - Helmet (need 2?)
Royal Guard - Staff (might need 2 of these)
Tusken Raider - Cape + Weapon

Snow Speeder - Laser Cannon (1)
X-Wing Fighter - Laser Cannon (2)
Y-Wing Fighter - Twin Guns above cockpit

Email me for my list of xtras!