View Full Version : Custom 1/6 scale R2-D2

Funny Money
06-23-2007, 08:29 PM
I have searched several forums on several SW sites. Has any one ever seen a custom R2, or maybe a re-paint of the Hasbro 12 inch? I want one that looks cool for my SS Jabba and Dejarik chess set (on order). I know GG is making a 1/6 scale R2, but the pose is wrong for what I want. I've seen the Kotobukiya kits too, they seem off scale. Even the ebay vinyl kits that are re-casts seem like WAY too much work. I guess a pic of a repaint of the hasbro R2 is what I want to see. Just to get an idea and the correct detailing. I would hope that SS wiould make a droid set, but at the CIV panel, one of the group stated (and I am paraphrasing) that hasbro's droids are such good sculpts, they wouldn't change much if they had a chance to make them... help!