View Full Version : I want the the skull-decoed clones from the EE Mandalorian packs

Darth Cruel
07-08-2007, 02:49 AM
Well...this will be tough. I want to lock on as many as 40 of these clones. I will do that by getting the packs and offering the clones or by requesting the clones from someone who buys the packs, but do not want the clones.

I was going to put this thread in the buy/sell section. But it has become the auction section and I can not set this up through auctions. So I am offering to trade for the clones or trade the Mandos. You must PM me to find out what I am trading for. I will give you a hint: sounds like "honey". Sometimes it sounds like "rash". Individually, they are sometimes called a word that sounds like "Holler".