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08-04-2007, 01:45 PM
Copied from the news section:

TheSithEmpire.net: There have been many rumors about a possible AT-TE. Is there any truth to this? If so, when do you think we should see this?

Hasbro: It is true that we have been working on a model of the AT-TE, but we cannot yet confirm whether it will come out with the first season of Clone Wars, in a subsequent year, or really at all at this point. If it is prominent in the animation we would certainly like to do it. We would only look at releasing a vehicle this big in the Fall given the need to synch up to the holiday season. We don't want to get hopes up too high in case something happens, but we like the chances that it will come out possibly in '08 but no later than '09.

While I don't like the "we don't want to get hopes up too high" part I DO like the " possibly in '08 but no later than '09".

I'm so happy right now

08-04-2007, 05:46 PM
Well that is good news, but it has been known for some point that they said if it is in the new CW they would do it. I didnt know they have toyed with models on it though.

08-05-2007, 09:32 AM
This is about the only news I've been waiting for in the 2008/2009 vehicle line-up. Hopefully it all pans out, then it's just Palpy's ship from ROTS & a larger Falcon & I'm all set. The AT-TE should go well with the new AT-AP, two on each side to flank it.

jedi master sal
08-06-2007, 11:48 AM
I shouldn't need to post at all in this thread. Most of you all know my passion towards owning several AT-TEs. It's a mix of news, but at least there is a glint of hope. I'd much rather have it in 2008 though, 2009 seems so far off.
However, I wouldn't want to rush the production of this vehicle. I want the absolute best they can give us....wait, I mean, the aboslute best the I want. (The best they can give us would mean underscaled, not electronics, no troops in the middle section...)

I'll have to find the thread again, but I outlined what I wanted to see in an AT-TE toy.

By memory these points are:
Space for 2 drivers in the cockpit.
Space for at least 4 clones in the body sections-two facing forward (one in each side of the forward section where the cockpit is, two facing back in the back section. (though more clones in the middle section would be nice). Much like the new AT-AP, there could be lifting "doors" to access those areas. The middle section should easily be able to hold more clones 2-4 at least.
Cannon on top with seat for gunner
All 6 legs are articulated at least as well as the AT-AT.
Size wise it needs to be as long and a little wider that the AT-AT and at least half as high.

Electronics are not a must and if something needs to be scraped from the plans for an AT-TE, this would be the first part I'd drop.

Now as far as figures go, they do not need to add figures to the box. Just release them on card at the same time the AT-TE ships. Adding figures to the box will raise the price and thereby keep some people from getting it. They simply are not needed. Most of us already have plenty of clones, gunners, pilots. Rereleasing these on card at the same time works. Just don't make too many of those figure. The figures would really only be for those who haven't bought them yet and that's a small amount of poeple I would think.

Now if Hasbro were to rerelease the figures on card, they could advertise that on the box on the back. "Look for these action figures to man your ship!"

If Hasbro REALLY felt it neccessary to add a figure to the AT-TE, then I'd prefer something new, that fits though. Something like an AT-TE clone commander. AOTC version helmet. or have both an AOTC and ROTS helmet so we can chose what time period we want the clone to be from. As far as the deco it'got to not be too extreme as the AOTC clones were rather plain. I'd go for something like the same marking on the AOTC officers, but in a goldish-tan color, like on the AT-TE gunner's add-on to the helmet.


08-07-2007, 06:49 AM
I really hope Hasbro follows through on this and everyone who says they would buy one will. I mean it would not do any good for Hasbro to give us a cool looking AT-TE and to have them falling off the clearence racks at TRU. Plus if the vehicle does not sell well, Hasbro will refuse to give us anything like it again and we will be stuck with smaller out of scale vehicles.

08-07-2007, 08:13 AM
I just hope they don't release it in the mid-size vehicle category like the starfighters.

jedi master sal
08-07-2007, 10:13 PM
I just hope they don't release it in the mid-size vehicle category like the starfighters.

That's prolly my biggest concern, other than it never being made.

Heck I still have not bought the Sith Infiltrator. I just can't seem to bring myself to cave to buying it because it may be the only one we ever get. When I think of dioramas I have planned for the whole saga, the Infiltrator just doesn't play into it. So I don't need to buy a sub-par way to small version of it.

Now if Hasbro does the AT-TE as I've outlined or better, then I'm down for three at least!