View Full Version : Micro bursts took out my power last weekend

08-29-2007, 03:16 PM
Last Thursday we had some nasty storms with some tornado's as well as "Micro Bursts" move through my section of Illinois. It took out many big beautiful trees in my town, plus knocked out power in my county. We were lucky enough just to get hit with the micro burst, but they did there damage. Traffic lights were out at almost every intersection in my town. I was out driving and there were entire trees laying across roads.

Picture #1 is my neighbors house, you can see the box has where the tree snapped, the arrow points to my backyard.

The remaining pictures are some of the other trees that were fallen by the storm, the one with the white fence is about three blocks from my place, and the one with the white broken wood was from an archway in my neighbors backyard that was crushed under the weight of the tree branch.

My son had his friend bring a gas powered generator over,, so we had some light and AC on Saturday night. We got power back on Sunday.

08-31-2007, 04:29 AM
I've always been awed by the power of the wind. It's amazing that something you can't see has such power.

In my senior year of high school my family moved from California to New Orleans. Although I never experienced anything like that first hand in my neighborhood, it was not uncommon for events like that to take place there as well. Back in SoCal, we have the infamous Santa Ana winds that relentlessly kick butt and tear things up for days, not just a few hours.

Sounds like you made it through OK, 'frett, which is what we like to hear.