View Full Version : Meridian Finds

08-31-2007, 05:20 PM
Just racked up at the Meridian Wal-Mart!!!

Scored 7 figures:

30-07: Airborne Trooper (Ultimate Galactic Hunt)
30-22: M'iiyoom Onith (Hementhe)
30-23: Elis Helrot (Givin)
30-24: Boba Fett (Animated Debut)
30-24: Boba Fett (Animated Debut - Ultimate Galactic Hunt)
30-27: Umpass-Stay (Klatooinian)
McQuarrie Signature Series: ConceptChewbacca (Ultimate Galactic Hunt)

Left the Luke Farmer & a bunch of Greatest Hits figs there....

I AM SO PROUD!!!! WHOOHOO!!!! Didnt think I would ever get Animated Boba, but to get 2 of em, both variations! AWESOME!