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09-16-2007, 06:43 PM
While I think that doing the Imperial Knights is a worthy choice, it sure is a cheap way to debut Legacy: they can use the existing Kir Kanos / Carnor Jax sculpt that came from the Royal Guards to start with, add lightsabers and new heads, and there you go.

Cade Skywalker and Darth Krayyt would be the most expected figures from this series! After that, Darth Talon has some popularity, as might Syn and Blue, not to mention we've been dying for some Yuuzhan Vong and they're still around.

But the Imperial Knights to debut Legacy? We just had Crimson Empire....

El Chuxter
09-16-2007, 07:41 PM
Hooray! Ten bucks I can save.

As cool as it would be to actually get comic 2-packs that don't suck a**, maybe I should be thankful to Hasbro's growing consideration with the well-being of my wallet.

Sinscia Fat'o
09-17-2007, 12:10 PM
Its sad. Legacy much like KOTOR have very cool looking figures but the knights? come on, i expectted krayt and cade, maybe talon first...but other than that i didnt expect two lesser known characters to be first. but i guess its a reasonable repaint to test the waters with for legacy, but i dont expect them to be very warmly accepted.

09-17-2007, 12:34 PM
We're polling for the EU figures people actually want - click on my signature link.

The highest contenders are New Jedi Order and Heir to the Empire, the latter which had all 3 novels adapted to comics which would fit Hasbro's format for these. Meanwhile, the New Jedi Order was the campaign platform for the Yuuzhan Vong, whom are still there and impact the galaxy now in the time of the Legacy comics era.

Finally, Tales of the Jedi (Ulic, Nomi, and Exar) are the highest ranking comic-only characters in our poll. This should be obvious as it reflects results we've seen in the Toy Fare polls and so forth in the past. Legacy's highest rankers are Cade, Darth Krayyt, and Darth Talon - not to say that they even rank in the Top 50 (check my signature link again).

The Imperial Knights, while they are very cool - are not at all an appropriate lead-off for Legacy comic packs. C'mon? These guys before Cade and Krayyt? Or Syn and Blue? Not to mention figures from genres more demanded like C'Boath, a Noghri, Palleon, and Karrde? Puh-lease!

The comic 2-packs are a great concept, and I realize that Hasbro is trying to balance costs and returns, but they're being quite impatient to do these so closely on top of Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax, not to mention for a Legacy comic lead-off.

I think I've said this 2 or 3 different ways in the same post now. :rolleyes:

It doesn't matter. Hasbro might not read this and either they won't "get it," or their actions will be rashly dictated by their revenue goals under minimalist cost outlay conditions - which is short sighted in terms of this decision (though I'm sure there's some justification within the context of balancing "the whole wave," which makes me wonder what else they put in it?)

El Chuxter
09-17-2007, 01:25 PM
Like I said in another thread, it's a slap in the face that Legacy is barely a year old, and 2-packs are already confirmed, when EU fans have been begging for Ulic and Exar ever since the modern line began and they still say they're "something we might one day almost start to maybe think a little about."

Add to it that the first Legacy set will be this pig terd, and Hasbro is shooting themselves in the foot. As much as I hate "Fanboy Wank Sith Twi'lek in a Bikini" and "Darth I Used to Be a Cool Character But Some Retarded Third Grader Decided to Write Me Into Legacy As the Main Baddie," they'd have a hell of a lot more appeal than more repaints of Imperial Guards.

I think the guys at Hasbro have no connection to what fans and collectors want, and are just off doing their own thing and making Mandaloreans of themselves. Read the Q&A's. There's this total disregard for pretty much everything we ask. They ignore repeated requests for Yarna and a correct Jabba for over a decade. They insist that a fourth Hammerhead or Greedo are necessary, but haven't even considered redoing the travesty of Dr Evazan.

I can think of no other company who is continuously offered free advice on what customers want with no strings attached, and yet continually ignore it. I give the line two more years unless they change their ways. Thirty months, tops.

Sinscia Fat'o
09-17-2007, 01:48 PM
Again i gotta agree, as a fan of star wars since well i was born, the figures coming out right now are making me say WTF alot. While im not against LEgacy, im not for it either. It hasnt won me over yet, and figures from this comic is hitting a lesser number of EU fans than typical EU "cannon", while the knights are cool, and different, they have no place over much requested figures from other sources, whether it's Exar Kun, Nomi Sunrider, or Talon Karde, and the rest of the Heir to the empire group, these knights should have been exclusives or placed on the back burner until more requested figures have been made. As for the life force of the line, i dont think these figures will kill it, but i do think that hasbros misconceptions drive certain fan types away a little at a time, i know the distubution has hurt them alot, and now i have to wonder how making figures who havent proven themselves yet over classic characters in a line made for collectors will do the line.

jedi master sal
09-17-2007, 03:20 PM
...I give the line two more years unless they change their ways. Thirty months, tops.

Gawd I hope so. That would settle my funds down easily. Though I have a plan to draw my budget down, Hasbro ending the line would exceed even my plans.

Really, aren't most of us out of room or low on funds, aren't getting what we really want, tired of all the repaints, rehashes...etc.

While I've loved collecting SW, it really needs to come to a definitive end. Two and a half years from now is reasonable. Will there be things left undone? Sure. Will it make a big difference in our collections? Not as much as we might think.

All of the major and most of the minor characters in the movies have been done. A great lot of the background characters as well. ALL of the characters not in the moives are fluff. Fun, but fluff. Yes the Saga has outgrown the movies, but it's really not neccessary to carry on the line for charactrers that the passing fan would say "Who the heck is that?" And there really isn't enough of the hard core colletor who wants everything to keep it going. Not even enough of those who want most or half of the EU stuff, to justify carrying the line on.

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, just one of those who is bold enough to say it publically-I'll be glad when the SW toy line is done. The sooner the better now.

This coming from a fan since the beginning in the 70s, massive army builder, collector, etc. Many of you have known me for many years now, if even just on the boards. I do not say those above comments lightly, but it needs to be said.

The toy line will eventually die, however Star Wars will never die in our hearts.

09-17-2007, 03:48 PM
I agree with some of what Sal is saying, but I'd rather like it if the line could go on. It might still make it feasible for me to get young Owen and Beru, Cliegg, and every incarnation of Padme, amongst some other characters.

I am not a collector, so I really don't care what they do with Darth Vader next (though I bought the figure of him on Obi-Wan's empty robe - that was classic!).

But I understand that as long as there might be newbies, a Vader is to a SW line as Batman is to his own line - it must be available at retail. So put out a case with Vader and have some Utai, Treva Horme, Utriss M'Toc, Slim Aloo, Wan Sandage, etc. in there. I'll buy the others but not the Vader. The casual fan, and especially the newbie, will want the Vader. Others will buy the background characters to "accessorize" their Vader with.

That being said, I have pretty much tried to control my finances during the course of this hobby. I army-built (not quite as much as Sal did), and I bought multiple vehicles in some cases (4 v-wings most recently).

But I'm not through spending yet. I'm all for investing in my dioramas: display tables, plexiglass covers for them, ship stands, figure stands, and the surrounding scenery whether SideShow will eventually make it, or I'll be creating that myself (right down to a Star Destroyer and Jabba's Sailbarge, plus 3 Galactic Senate Halls, 1 for each prequel).

I'll be spending plenty on SW still - just probably a lot less with Hasbro.

I think the ocassional purchase of Young Owen (I think I'd buy 4 for about $30 total) is totally more comfortable than ordering a custom-designed display base and covering and hope I find it works. But it's my hope to purchase both eventually.

I don't think Hasbro should kill the line (the supposed TV series will keep it going anyway). If those working there tire of SW, then they should transfer to a different team. That's all.

If YOU tire of collecting, cease doing it. But don't sell all your stuff. It could take a few years even, but you will miss it and then struggle to re-acquire it all back. I've seen this over and over again. Put it in storage, but keep it!

Anyway, that's all I'll say right now.

El Chuxter
09-17-2007, 04:10 PM
T-Dog, there are some--myself included--who maintain that the weakness of all "modern" Batman lines is that there are too many Batmans and not enough villains.

09-17-2007, 05:01 PM
Really, aren't most of us out of room or low on funds, aren't getting what we really want, tired of all the repaints, rehashes...etc.

I totally agree. This is my last year buying all the basic figures. With Indy coming out next Spring, I will probably turn my focus to that, get what I need and just pick a few Star Wars figures here and there -- they've pretty much produced everyone I want. The new 2-1B and the Evolutions sets are the only things I forsee myself getting next year. If they do a Luke in medical gown, I can see myself getting that, but I definitely feel the end coming for my collecting days. I am super satisfied with what I have and Hasbro has done an awesome job managing the line in the last 4 years (IMO.)

But I will always keep an eye on the line, as long as it goes on. If my kids get into it a few years, well, then I will participate in the line again, however from a different perspective.

09-17-2007, 06:56 PM
I pretty much do NOT have plans to collect the Indiana Jones line. We'll see how that plays out though. I can say that VEHICLES or playsets to go with these figures might change my mind. Otherwise, I'm not sure what I'd do with them. I'm not a collector. I'd like to build something with the figures or not spend any money on it at all.

jedi master sal
09-18-2007, 08:16 AM
...But I will always keep an eye on the line, as long as it goes on. If my kids get into it a few years, well, then I will participate in the line again, however from a different perspective.

I think that's how many of us will look at the line. We'll keep an eye on it, but won't be so active collecting it. Just getting the odd new figure and passing up a lot os rehashes or slightly improved figs.

I don't have kids myself, but I totally see your point and understand the notion of participating from a different perspective.