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jedi master sal
09-22-2007, 10:18 PM
There are still so many characters that have yet to be immortalized in plastic.
What ten (or more) characters/troops would you like to see made as figures. Please put in order of most wanted on down.
I don't know each character's name, so I'll do my best to describe them and the scene they are in.
So starting from the beginning of the movie and working toward the end, here are the characters that I'd like to see made (and then at the end the list of 10 from the main list in order of preference)
• Silver 3PO-simple enough, just rerelease TC-14 without the drink tray.
• Gray haired Rebel Fleet trooper (Lieutenant Pello Scrambas)
• Imperial Lt. (the one who is talking to Vader while walking beside him)-this can be a generic officer too, to help those of us who might want to buy some extras to commander our troops.
• Imperial commander who talks to Vader (with the Lt. present)-the very same who Vader says "See to it personally commander"
• Redux Owen and Beru-not terribly exciting characters, but they need ot be remade with much better articulation-at least be able to sit properly.
• WED15-1662 Droid (from "Purchase fo the droids scene")
• 2X-3KPR and 2x-7KPR 2-pack these are the small droids on the Lars homestead with the glowing domes. They look like glorified vacuum cleaners, imo lol.
• Admiral Motti-with proper articulation-that elbow joint is horrendous. MUST HAVE KNEE JOINTS-this really goes for all of the Death Star conference room officers.
• Death Star trooper w/new head (this is a recurring theme for many characters-I'll list these at the end too)
The following are from the cantina-not sure of the order of appearance so I'm just posting them in a group then going forward with the movie:
• Baniss Keeg-hey, if his bro Ellors Madak got the figure treatment so should he.
• Bom Vimdin-this dude SO needs a fig. Heh, he reminds me of that puppet from the Puppet Master movies though. Still it's a cool alien.
• Braniac-not high on my list, but would be an interesting figure
• Dice Ibegon-who doesn't want a bloddy mouth worm...this should be one fig in a two pack, maybe with Reegesk (rat like alien)
• Hrchek Kal Fas/Sai'torr Kal Fas two-pack these guys have the Bossk head but are only half as tall. Easy custom, still I'd rather have hasbro do the work.
• Tonnika sisters-nuff said (sad that the one lady died just the other day-she was the one supporting the idea of a figure being made of her-now is the time to honor her by doing so.)
• Melas-okay so take Ketwol's head, turn it 180, lop off the tusks and you're close to a fig of Melas.
• Trinto Duaba-this is the human skull face dude-not Elis Helrot
• Chalmun-okay, maybe EU but a new Wook. Easy to make from kitbashing current wookiee figs.
• Wioslea-gawd this is one ugly bug faced character-but would be neat to have-not high on my priority though
Okay and now back to other characters
• Gantry Officer: he says "TK-four-two-one. Why aren't you at your post? TK-four-two-one, do you copy?" This is another example of a simple head swap to make a new character. In the red control room.
• Rebel Fleet trooper with guard post-this is the one who scans the falcon as it makes it's landing approach to the rebel base. The figure is really unimportant, but the guard post is.
• Commander Vanden Willard-rebel officer who greets Leia on Yavin-long overdue, IMO, especially since he had lines in the movie.
• Del Goren- Rebel Technician, monitored the Battle of Yavin
• Commander Bob Hudsol-rebel officer on Yavin with the bushy handlebar moustache
• Rebel personnel transport driver-this should come with the actual transport shuttle (small vehicle)
• Pops Rebel Y-wing pilot (and more importaqntly with a Y-wing with the voice chip of the character saying "Stay on target!")
• Rebel ground crew-look like the rebel honor guard but instead of the bowl helmet they have the tan ball cap with the long bill-this figure can be the exact same as the honor guard, just swap the head and make it with a removable hat.

That's 32 figures. Of which there are some possibilites for 2-packs-mostly in the form of cantina patrons.

Characters who need simple head swaps to make new characters or at least varying troops:
• Rebel Fleet troopers
• Death Star trooper
• Imperial officers-both black and olive green uniforms
• Rebel honor guards
• Rebel ground crew

Okay so now to try and narrow this down...hmm, maybe I'll just list the above 32 in order of preference and the top ten will count towards the poll (with some as two-packs):
1. Tonnika sisters 2-pack
2. Bom Vimdin
3. Rebel personnel transport driver (with vehicle please)
4. "Pops" Rebel Y-wing pilot (w/Y-wing would be awesome)
5. Commander Vanden Willard
6. Gray haired Rebel Fleet trooper (Lieutenant Pello Scrambas)
7. Baniss Keeg
8. Silver 3PO
9. Hrchek Kal Fas/Sai’torr Kal Fas 2-pack
10. WED15-1662 Droid
11. Redux Owen
12. Redux Beru
13. Imperial Lt.
14. Rebel Fleet trooper with guard post
15. Imperial commander
16. Dice Ibegon/Reegesk 2-pack
17. Chalmun
18. Wioslea
19. Del Goren- Rebel Technician
20. Rebel ground crew (ball cap)
21. Braniac
22. Commander Bob Hudsol-rebel officer w/bushy handlebar moustache
23. Melas
24. Gantry Officer
25. 2X-3KPR/2x-7KPR 2-pack
26. Trinto Duaba-this is the human skull face dude-not Elis Helrot
27. Admiral Motti
28. Death Star trooper w/new head

Wow, this took me sometime to do.

It was fun though.


09-22-2007, 10:57 PM
1. Tonnika sisters 2-pack
2. Bom Vimdin
3. Hrchek Kal Fas/Sai’torr Kal Fas 2-pack
4. Dice Ibegon/Reegesk 2-pack
5. Dr. Evazan Resculpt
6. Rycar Ryjerd
7. WED15-1662 Droid
8. Baniss Keeg
9. Uncle Owen Resculpt
10. Red Leader Resculpt

09-23-2007, 04:10 PM
Nice list! Here's my crappy list:

Luke Farmboy done right
Luke Stormtrooper done right
Obi-Wan done right
Han Solo done better (better face, better gun belt, better gun, removable vest)
Leia done right (VOTC's on the right track but not "there" yet)
Tonnika Sister
Gray haired Rebel Fleet trooper (Lieutenant Pello Scrambas)
Dr Evazan
Ponda Baba no sucka