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10-04-2007, 08:33 PM
Got this latest 1:6 scale expansion set from Sideshow today...

This set is the second "expansion pack" of creatures featured in Jabba's palace.

It arrived "double-boxed", which surprised me since I never specified for that but once I opened it, it was easy to see why...the standard shipper does not come with the styro-caps that have been featured in 1:6 figure's shippers lately. Sideshow is probably hoping to pre-empt a lot of folks having crushed shippers/boxes and having to do too many box replacements...a good call.

The package itself features the current SW30 design motif, with NO FLAP. There is decent enough photography of the creature figures (an interesting sidenote...take notice how the Womp Rat featured on the box illustration differs slightly from the finished product on how the tail is postitioned to support the figure) and some interesting film stills on the back (the one that got a giggle out of me was the one of regular earth-bound rats hanging off of a window grill...guess the womp-rats are camera shy LOL) and LOTS of text. The entire "Scum & Villiany" sidebar featured on the regular flap-style boxes is here along with a lengthy bio on Bubo and friends.
Once opened. the box has a clear plastic pull-out tray that is friction-fitted together (no messy tape) with the bagged creatures inside (no annoying twist-ties).

Now the creatures...Bubo is really quite large, featuring a great sculpt and remarkable paint apps, considering the detail required for his teeth. He has no articulation, a good choice in my book because in the case of a creature like this none is really needed and joints would just take away from the sculpt and make him more toy-like instead of how good he appears here. He also features a fixed leather harness and chain. Use care on the area around where the chain is fastened...it could be prone to tearing. The overall effect is great.

The womp rats are also well-sculpted with really great detail, especially around the eyes. The exculsive edtion contains an additonal one, posed like he's scratching himself...an interesting "character" moment.

The rock-wort is suitably creepy looking and also features good paint apps. The sculpt is somewhat soft in detail, but that could be a design choice...it still looks cool.

This set makes a good addition to the Jabba set-up that Sideshow offered earlier in the year...as a stand-alone, Bubo works well...especially if there is another SW figure to "walk" him (like I have Bib doing in the shot below).

There's been some grousing about the cost of this set...yes, perhaps with shipping it does seem a little high...but if one can do without the additional womp-rat, the set can probably be found through some specialty shops at a better price than through SSC.

I'm glad to see Sideshow "break-up" the standard 1:6 figure line with unique offerings like these creature packs and the Holo-Chess Table...it adds a fun variety to displays and keeps it interesting...

10-09-2007, 10:22 PM
Oooh. I don't have Jabba, and aside from Bib, I'd been avoiding the Jabbas palace figures. I love how they look with Bib though! I'm re-thinking about getting this set now. (Hmmm...)

10-09-2007, 10:56 PM
Nice! Got all of that, but alas no room to display. And of course, not one of those nice backgrounds.
That's a Hasbro R2 and Han Carbonite?
Got a suitible C3PO?

10-10-2007, 12:47 AM
Yes, Blue2th...that is the Hasbro R2D2 from the TRU 2-pack from several years back, along with the Hasbro Han/Carbonite and the Hasbro Jawa (w/cloth robe and light-up eyes)..Some Hasbro pieces stand up pretty well with the Sideshow stuff. I thought the Threepio looked a little too "rigid" with the set-up. I'm hoping that Sideshow does one someday with loads of articulation...

And I agree, plasticfetish...Bib sure gets a visual boost from talking Bubo for a stroll outside the palace! :)

Here's some individual shots for your consideration...

10-10-2007, 11:33 AM
I need to check my C3PO's (in a box somewhere) but you are probably right.

Sideshow needs to get the ball rolling on droids and armoured personel.

I didn't even see the Jawa (camoflage?)

Hey man! Where'd you get that petrified wood?
You've got this diorama thing down, it's always a treat.

10-13-2007, 08:41 PM
Glad you're enjoying my dio/pics Blue2th...as for the petrified wood...I've been collecting rocks longer than I have SW figures LOL...