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Sinscia Fat'o
11-16-2007, 01:24 PM
At first glance i was cool with this pack. I never read the Purge series, but i like that time frame, and i like jedi characters running from Vader, and it took place on Kessell, wow! All of this sounded really cool, i was sold on this pack, then today came and i sat down in my living room, excited to actually see if my purchase was worth it...

Koffi Arana: What if Mr T was a jedi knight? Well we know what he would look like. Over all he looks cool, i can't complain about the concept of the character. African American jedi with a mohawk. I have alot of mixed reactions about this figure, i want to like him alot, i really do, but each time i find something i like i find something else that i don't. For example.

Head: He's got a nice ball point head joint allowing cool head poses and such, something i know alot of people either love or hate, but everytime i move this figure's head his backpack falls off...UGGG!!!

Arms: This is the part of the figure i hate the most!!! He has articulation i swear he does i'm looking right at it, but his armor won't allow his arms to go anyway but up or down, but he does have a little give if you pose his arms going downward...which is pointless. His elbows have the Jedi Grip thing from episode one, which is just a swivel joint, and well is cool and forgivable, though i would much rather prefer standard GI Joe elbow joints espically in jedi characters. He at least has wrist articulation, which is perfectly fine.

Chest/Torsoe: He has a standard swivel in his waste area, pretty reasonable/standard for star wars figures, no complaints.

Legs: This figure has some great articulation on the legs, standard upper thigh cuts going back and forth, he has the GI Joe knee articulation, which is greatly awesome! He also has the swivel in his knee allowing some extra posing in his leg area. Though he has no ankel articulation. *Sour*

Weapons: He comes with a pack-back, which sucks and is stupid looking, and a blue bladed lightsaber, nothing special here. He also comes packed in with a hand of Vader which holding a really big knife..or a sword. I want to think it's a sith sword but i know better. Cool thingie to give us here.

OVER-ALL: I give this guy a 6 out of 10. Nothing really, really great, but better than your average Star Wars figure, though he could have been a really great figure.

Bultar Swan

I was one of those people wanting to know why this chick who had little to no screen time in the movies, i think she was seen in the Geonosis areana, and maybe briefly in ROTS, got two figures inbetween this year and next year? Well now i know....Good god.

Head: Standard ball joint, but a really good one, which allows for the head to be moved in many different poses. The paint job on the face is little to be desired in all of the Bultar's i went through this morning, and this one was the best one i found...she looks like she took a pocket full of speed and decided to go kill vader herself...or a muppet i'm still not sure which. Horriable head sculpt, or paint APPS. Still not sure, but this figure is ugly!

Arms: Bultar has a point of articulation at her shoulders allowing her arms to swivel in any direction, which is really cool, and a point i like in most figure like troops and jedi. She's got the SA treatment on her arms GI Joe style joints on her elbows (with the swivel), and her wrists move back and fourth. Awesome movement so far...i have not got to the bad part just yet.

Waste/Torsoe: Bultar comes with a white BD armor that does come off, or you can see under, i have yet to remove said armor piece because it looks cool on the figure but you may if you chose to. Like Koffi you can move her waste back and fourth, so far really cool figure minus that head.

Legs: Walk with me for a moment, think back to days long gone, when just being able to buy a star wars figure was cool. (You peeps around during the POTF2 era might know what i mean by this.) Well this figure's legs are kinda like the old POTF2 legs, stuck in a bad pose that begs for them to be made a fool of. No movement except for standard leg movement around the thighs, upper legs.

3/10...Oh yeah and she comes with a lightsaber...yipie....

Over All I gotta say this pack isn't worth buying unless you just gotta have each new character Hasbro brings us (I bow head in shame here.) or you like the purge series...or well just had ten bucks to blow, and with this being the holiday season...you should have given it to chairtiy! I sit here broken hearted that my jedi figures blow!

12-15-2007, 11:07 PM
Thanks for the review, Sinscia...

I enjoyed the "Purge" comic a lot so I'm looking forward to this set...but haven't seen it yet. We just keep getting a "revised" case that has the Ani/AssDroid set and the Fel/Hobbe and the rest of the case is packed out with older sets but no "Purge" (!?!)

Hope to find it soon though...I'm really liking these comic 2-packs...

Sinscia Fat'o
12-29-2007, 06:37 PM
For someone just getting into clone wars era comics like myself the purge comic was really a great story of just how dark the dark times were. As for the figures Koffi has actually grown on me since getting this pack, the Bultar still sucks, but the comic, and Koffi with his blade and vaders hand makes this set a really decent effort on hasbro's part, but the one postive thing i can say about the Bultar figure is that she at least stands really well, and has only fallen off my shelf once.

01-05-2008, 11:18 PM
Finally picked this set up...

Agree with most of your comments....don't really mind Bultar Swan...but I am hoping the "evo" one coming later looks a little more "jedi-like" (like AOTC) than this one (which in fairness does capture the comic look appropriately enough)...

My issue with Koffi is...mine won't stand unassisted worth a damn...unless I have him arched way back, looking a little awkward. Still a cool looking figure....gotta get more stands I guess...

I really like these comic packs....