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Mr. JabbaJohnL
11-27-2007, 06:34 PM
Everyone seems to love the Hoth and Endor Ultimate Battle packs, which are made up of mostly recycled material but still awesome. You should definitely keep making these, so long as they're good. One or two every year should do the trick.

For starters, how about one from the Battle of Geonosis:
*Obi-Wan Kenobi - 2008 body with Alpha comic pack head, repainted clothes to be AOTC-accurate
*Mace Windu - 2007 body, new head, retooled "skirt" for more leg articulation
*2 super-articulated clones with Geonosis dirt
*super-articulated 2007 Super Battle Droid
*2007 Destroyer Droid (no shield)
*2 Battle Droids, using ROTS mold with stiffer plastic
*pillars from Geonosis playset (we have 2 good ones; there were 4 in the movie)
*cannon - wasn't this going to be in the playset originally?
*Hailfire Droid

What do ya say?

El Chuxter
11-27-2007, 06:43 PM
I like these, even though I'm not buying them. I just have too much of the stuff in both the ones that are out to give up $50 each for them.

Keep making them, but please don't do the stunt you did with the Ewoks in the Endor set. You have no idea how much I want to kick you all in the nads for releasing what would essentially be a $50 Ewok.

11-27-2007, 08:20 PM
I agree that these ultra battlepacks are awesome and it would be great to see more:

here's some ideas:

AOTC Lars homestead - this was someone else's idea so I don't want to steal credit so I'll just post what should be included in this set.

AOTC Cliegg Lars
AOTC Beru Whitestone
AOTC Owen Lars
AOTC Padme Amidala (new figure second outfit she wears in the hanger/shop)
AOTC Anakin SA
AOTC C-3PO - not the crappy versions we've had, perhaps a repainted ROTS mold
Lars Homestead Hut
Cliegg Lars Speeder Bike

Duel of a Jedi: this would be a cool way for us to finally get our Death Star II set

DSII Luke Skwalker - not the horrid Saga version - all new SA well you know the drill
DSII Darth Vader - SA with removable hand
Emperor Palpatine - SA with throne, force lighting, and soft goods cloak but molded hood. or a repack of the Evolutions Sidious
2 ROTS Red Royal Guards with force pikes
2 TAC Death Star Troopers with correct D-17 blasters
Imperial Dignitary (new figure based on the original Kenner dignitary)
Death Star playset with large viewing window, catwalk, and guard stations, large staircase and perhaps even turbolift.

Attack on Theed Palace 1: this could be a great way to get some figures we have wanted since TPM was first released.

Holographic Darth Sidious on mecho-walker
Nute Gunray on mechno-chair
Darth Maul SA maybe repack of the Evolutions Maul with longer cloak
3-5 Battle Droids
2 Stap and Battle Droids

Attack on Theed Palace 2:

Qui Gon Jinn - SA
Obi Wan Kenobi -SA
Darth Maul - SA
Queen Amidala
Captain Panaka
Anakin Skywalker
Naboo N-1 Starfighter
various handmaidens
2 Naboo Soliders - new head sculpts
Theed Reactor Room playset or Theed Hanger playset

Escape from Bespin :

Ice Cream Maker Guy
Princess Leia
Lando Calrissian
3 Bespin Guards
Chewbacca with Threepio
3 Stormtroopers
Jeremy Bullock as Imperial Officer
Bespin Dining room set that should have been included in the first battlepack

Jabba's Court:

new and much more improved Jabba the Hutt with Salacious Crumb
SA Princess Leia as Jabba's Slave - so she can be posed on the throne
Saga 2 Bib Fortuna
VOTC Boba Fett in ROTJ Colors
Yarna - because it might be the only way she ever gets made
Klaatu - new figure based on the old Kenner ROTJ Klaatu
3 Gamorrean Guards
Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
C-3PO - ROTS mold with green slime around the eye
Jabba's Throne and Dais, roasting pit, etc

Escape from the Death Star:

5 Stormtroopers
Luke Skywalker
Princess Leia
Han Solo
Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker
Obi Wan Kenobi
various corridors and office rooms, for instance a place for Ben to duel Vader, the hiding place for R2 & Threepio, maybe even a conference room since we already have the battlepack

Battle on Kashayk

Chewbacca - not the crappy ROTS version
3 Wookie Warriors
preview Wookie Warrior
2 Elite Clone Troopers
3 of the Order 66 Clone
holographic Jedi Council,
3 Battle droids
3 Destroyer Droids
Tank Droid

jedi master sal
11-28-2007, 09:35 AM
Hey DarkArtist, could you think up something for this, I don't think we have enough ideas....lol.

Some of these are decent and I'd buy them. However you have to try and follow Hasbro's pattern. The two sets each include 8 figures, 4 from each side. One vehicle and either one huge or two medium sized accessories.

So with that here are some of my ideas:

Battle of Yavin (granted each side had battles in different locations, but it would work I think):
2 Rebel Maintenance Crew (New figure in the tan outfit, and a good way to reuse the mold immediately-helmet can be that of the Rebel Fleet trooper of Honor Guard, whichever is more appropriate.)
Rebel Command Officer (Pick one that was in the Yavin War room-this figure can use the same mold as either General Dodonna or Captain Antilles but with a new head of someone who was on screen.
Luke X-wing pilot-VOTC
Rebel ground shuttle-the one that toted Luke and Han-finally a way to get this vehicle-this would be the medium accessory.
Ladder (for boarding an X-wing)
2 Stormtroopers (pick a good sculpt there's several to choose from)
Tie Fighter Pilot
Imperial tech (use the generic black suited Imperial officer, but this time repaint the uniform gray. The hat can remain black so it resembles the scanning tech, OR make it gray as well and you've got another type of Imp officer.
TIE Fighter (with LARGE wings!)

Now THAT is a good set, IMO. Loads of army builders, nice pack-in accessories and one heck of a good vehicle.

Escape from Bespin:
Bespin Forces
2 Bespin Guards (one black and one white-new mold please. The previous one was inferior)
Cloud Car Pilot
2 Stormtroopers (pick any good mold)
Jeremy Bullock as Imperial Officer
Boba Fett-VOTC or other suitable mold

Correct scale Carbonite block
White charred disassembled IG-88 (possibly-though it doesn't fit the battle scene, still it's a way to get it)
Vehicle....wait for it........CLOUD CAR!!!!

Again it fits Hasbro's scheme for these, gives us army builders (the Bespin Guards being the great new update here), okay accessories and finally a ship many of us have been asking for for awhile.


11-28-2007, 10:11 AM
I like the ideas, dont get me wrong, but I cant see them sticking a TIE or a Hailfire in tehm as they are alot bigger than the AT-ST. If they did, it would be awesome. Maybe replace a Hailfire with the Huge Spider Droid.


2 Jawas

Landspeeder.(This needs a re-release badly)

Palps Office

Agen Kolar
Plo Koon(he was the other right?)

Window background with Desk in front of it, some of the statues he had also.


Spirit Ben
Vader/Luke behind mask
Various snakes and flying thingies

Yodas Hut and the Tree.

jedi master sal
11-28-2007, 11:29 AM
Not Plo Koon, KH, it was Saesee Tiin.

And yes, I'd agree that I'd much rather see a Homing Spider Droid in the AOTC set. However these sets are mostly about rehashes. (Yes the turret being an exception). The Homing Spider droid might possibly be better served as a stand alone "vehicle" to purchase. Though no doubts it would draw me into buying an Ultra AOTC set.

Okay so again in keeping with Hasbro's model for these (4 good side figs, 4 bad side figs, 1 vehicle and 1 or 2 accessories depending on size), here is another suggestion:

Battle of Geonosis:
2 White Clone troopers
Clonetrooper officer (pick a rank)
a Jedi General seen on the battlefield (Yoda, Mace, Ki-Adi, Kit Fisto).
Field Command Station (as seen when Yoda goes there and talks with a Clone Commander)

CIS (Seperatists)
4 Maroon Battle droids (EpI or EpIII mold, STIFF plastic) (okay this entry doesn't seem to fit with the model, however we ARE currently getting 2 BDs in one package, hence the increase in them here.)
Super Battle droid (TAC)
Maroon Battle droid Commander! same as the others, but with a slight paint change to reflect the commander status.
Homing Spider Droid OR Hailfire Droid OR 2 Spider Droids

Again good solid army builders, a main character, excellent accessories and vehicle choices. Most of this set is reused so it saves money for Hasbro. Big new thing would be the Clone Command station and possibly the Homing Spider Droid.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
01-20-2008, 03:32 PM
A lot of these ideas are pretty good. I think some may be a little ambitious, what with the all-SA, all-new requests, which kind of goes against the low price point of these sets just a bit. :D

For a Tatooine set, I would absolutely love to see:

*Luke Skywalker (any mold with good articulation)
*Obi-Wan Kenobi (repaint of OTC ghost)
*C-3PO (ROTS mold with silver leg, added dirt, and resculpted left arm so it can be removed accurately)
*R2-D2 (R4-G9 mold with electrocution effect from R3-T7)
*two VOTC Tusken Raiders
*two Jawas (one TAC, one Commtech, both repainted)
*Bantha (with straight hair, like the 1998 release)
*Luke's landspeeder (2002 mold, more accurate paint)

At the very least, I want the aforementioned R2-D2, maybe in a smaller pack with some Jawas.