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12-14-2007, 09:09 AM
In ROTJ, on the gantry when Luke turns himself over to the Empire, he says to Vader, "Then you'll be forced to kill me." Vader's response is, "If that is your destiny."

Destiny. By all definitions, destiny refers to a future which is certain. A future course of action which is laid out and is unchangeable.

Go back about three episodes to Hayd-akins' wet dream sequence in ROTS when he "sees" Padme dying during childbirth. He is upset and is determined to do whatever it takes to stop that from happening.

So through the course of events, he learns that Palpatine has the secret to saving lives... and even bringing someone back from the dead. Whine-akin can share this secret too, if only he joins the Sith.

Which Bi-Polar-akin does. At the drop of a hat too. The ONLY reason This-Doesn't-Make-Sense-akin lops off Mace's arm and then drops to his knees to pledge himself to Palpatine's teachings is to learn this power to save Padme's life. Of course just five seconds after making the pledge, Palps says that "well, I don't really know it, but we'll figure it all out if we work together." :rolleyes:

Anyway, that's not the point. As we continue in the ROTS story, we learn that indeed, Padme does die in childbirth, only it isn't because of anything at all. BUT, that's not what Darth Vader believes. All he knows is what Palpatine tells him, that Whine-akin killed her on Mustafar.

So, since the new Vader in ROTS believes that Padme died BEFORE childbirth (thus the surprise that he has offspring later in the OT), he knows that "destiny" can be altered. So why would Vader just shrug off Luke's potential death as his destiny when he clearly knows that destiny doesn't really exist?

El Chuxter
12-14-2007, 11:53 AM
They cut out a sizeable scene that explains it all. See, right before Anakin goes to kill the kids, Frau Bleucher (NEEEEEIIGGH!!!) takes him to his room in the Imperial Palace, and he goes to bed. Then we see him writhing in his sleep and talking to himself, "All right! I give! I'll say it! Destiny, destiny! No escaping, that's for me! Destiny, destin--" And then he's woken up by Commander Appo, who wants to go kill some kids.