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12-21-2007, 03:02 PM
Continuing with our "best figure of 2007" poll series...

Which figure do you consider the best from TAC (30th Anniversary Collection) basic wave 7.5?

Remember, you can use whatever criteria you wish, it's entirely up to you. Maybe you just like the coin, or you were glad to find it, or its articulation was perfect, or you found one painted flawlessly. Whatever makes it the best in your book is fair game.

When we get to the end of the line, we'll put the winners up against each other.

And if you haven't voted in the Wave 7 poll (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showthread.php?t=36795) yet, it'll be open until the 21st.

12-21-2007, 03:27 PM
I've only bothered to get 3 of these - Holo Vader (I don't like the holo figures, but I have all the others, so had to get Vader - hopefully I'll be able to ignore them in future), red Naboo Soldier and Pax Bonkik. The rodians are my favourite alien species in the SW universe, VOTC Greedo is my favourite figure of all time, so Pax wins my vote by several miles.

12-21-2007, 03:39 PM
I voted for the Rebel Vanguard Trooper. I like having more ethnic variations on troopers who are not supposed to be clones and this was a good kitbash for Hasbro to do.

The wave was all filler and I only bought the Rodian, and 3 of the red variant Naboo dudes for diorama scene variety. But whatever. This wave's barely worth discussing.

12-21-2007, 04:06 PM
I don't currently have any of these figures, the repaint/revisit thing is filler and not particularly good filler at that. The only one I plan to get is the Rebel Vanguard and that's only because I love SW:Battlefront which he is from, though I don't actually remember a black-ethnicity vanguard in the game.

12-21-2007, 04:16 PM
I voted Vanguard as well. Pax was a close second. I also have R2-B1, but he is a so-so figure. I want to get H. Vader, but havent seen him yet

12-21-2007, 08:16 PM
I only have half of this wave, so I'm going on pictures.

I chose R2-B1 because a) I missed out on the E1 version, b) I always like to get more astro droids, and c) I like that it comes with the harness.

This is the dullest wave of the year.

1. R2-B1
2. Hawkbat Clone-Poncho looks good, but I have yet to see it.
3. Rebel Vanguard Trooper-Interesting EU Rebel. I like the bazooka that comes with it. He'll be a "tank buster" in my Endor diorama.
4. Pax Bonkik-I didn't even know this guy existed till they made the figure. They used a good sculpt, but its still a boring character.
5. Naboo Soldier-Its nice that they made the red version of this, but not very exciting.
6. 7th Legion Clone-The least coolest of the color schemes for clones.
7. Darth Vader Hologram-Perhaps the most disappointing figure of the year. Instead of using the "Emperor's Wrath" mold, I wish they would have used say the VOTC mold and given him a plastic cape to get a more neutral stance.

12-21-2007, 09:59 PM
I voted for the Rodian... and I couldn't care less what his name is or about his backstory. I'm just happy to have another alien instead (well, in addition to) the million different clones that we've got over the last few years.

This wave wasn't a looser as far as I'm concerned. Repaints and rehash... yes. But I'll gladly take the three (Vader, R2-B1, and Pax) figures that I bought any day.

...the Rodian repaint makes me wish that they'd do more "denizen" sets, rather than these fugly clone or Mandalorian box sets. (Saw those today, and boy are they cr*ppy.)

12-21-2007, 11:27 PM
Pax Bonkik and R2-B1 were the only figures I was really excited for this wave. As I have not seen a single figure from this wave in person, I'll go by the pics I have seen.

Pax gets my vote, another nifty background alien with an excellent sculpt and paint job using an almost perfect mold.

12-21-2007, 11:41 PM
This repaint wave was...okay.

Clone Trooper (Hawkbat - AOTC): My vote went for this one. I like the poncho idea taken from the CW cartoons...and it was cool to see a fresh take on an AOTC clone for a change.

Clone Trooper (7th Legion - ROTS) We've had every variety of Clone from ROTS...this one looks really good carded, especially with the scene from the Jedi Temple on the cardback...

R2-B1 This is a very good update of the Queen's Starship astromech. I really like the un-chromed light grey dome much better...

Naboo Soldier (red): While the uniform may be a bit plain in design, and his yellow/gold outfitted counterpart warmed the pegs last year, this is actually another well-articulated, well-sculpted army builder. The red version is a welcome addition to the Naboo troops...

Rebel Vanguard Trooper: Had no idea until I read JT's comments that this "version" was from a video game. I like the deco and look of him but hate the oversized gun accessory. A decent enough figure...

Pax Bonkik: Speaking of culling EU sources for figure inspiration (even if it's just a repaint)...when I first saw this one, I had to crack open my "Cloak of Deception" book and double-check...I thought this might be "Boiny", the pirate Capt. Cohl's dependable Rodian slicer/mechanic/sidekick. That would have made it more interesting than some background no-story guy from Episode One...an okay repaint, if not a bit garish...

On to the final wave of the SW30 collection....

jedi master sal
12-22-2007, 12:34 AM
Which is the best figure from TAC wave 7.5?
Darth Vader (hologram)-Glad we got a holo of him finally, but this is a bad sculpt to use. Could it have hurt to use an SA one. One that CAN actually bend at the knees (before Palpatine)?
Clone Trooper (7th Legion - ROTS)-kind of a boring flavor of clone.
Clone Trooper (Hawkbat - AOTC)-meh this one is just a smidge (or is that smudge) about the other clone.
R2-B1-Okay not bad here. Though I have it from the first release, it's good to have this back out there. Would have liked to seen a running change so I would have bought more (to get the extra Droid stations...)
Naboo Soldier (red)-he's ok. I need a few to go with the mustard color one and knew this would eventually be out again.
Rebel Vanguard Trooper-not a bad idea, now maybe we'll get the Rebel Sniper (hot rebel chicka...) Ok fig, was hoping for more.
Pax Bonkik-The only thing redeeming about this figure is the repaint head. Otherwise it's worthless. But the head is enough.

Hard to say any are outstanding in the wave, but I have to give my vote to Pax. Vanguard was a close second here, then the Naboo Soldier.

12-22-2007, 11:06 AM
The two Clones of this wave are the only TAC figures I am missing from this wave, and the entire 2007 line-up (hope I can find them for their coins) I'm sure I would like them, but Clones are Clones and I'm on Clone overload.
I voted for Pax Bonkik because I already liked the SA VTSC Greedo, and this is a repaint of him. I love the faded two-tone color of his head. Plus I like his vest better than VTSC Greedo's cloth one.

Sinscia Fat'o
12-22-2007, 02:11 PM
I gotta give it to the Vanguard... If Pax would have had a Soft goods vest he would have gotten my vote. Though i only own the legion Clone trooper from this line...so i really can't voice to much of an opinion.

12-22-2007, 04:21 PM
Having not seen any of these in the wild.... well, I haven't looked for them either, I can't say I'm excited about any of them. Wave 7 was the pinacle (& 5) for me and I haven't cared to look for any figure since. I gave my vote to the Rebel Vanguard. I love the game, I like the figure anyway. I will buy one if I find one. A close 2nd is Pax and I'll probably buy one of these too. Actually, reading everyone else's comments on this figure got me more excited about finding this one. I forgot that r2-b1's dome was different. I just found my Ep I figure the other day, so if I find this one, I guess I'll get it too, depending on what the dome looks like. I refuse to buy either clone and hope I am never suckered in again. Which leaves that red thing from Ep I. I swore I wouldn't buy that boxy shouldered figure, but finally did after seeing so many of them sitting around. I'll probably end up doing the same for the red incarnation.

12-23-2007, 01:45 AM
Pax won it for me because he's a interesting variation of Greedo. I saw him the other day in the store along with several other figures from this wave and he was the only one that remotely captured my interest. I actually had him in my shopping cart for several minutes before deciding to not buy him at the last minute. I'm kind of regretting that now.

I don't feel the need to even talk about anything else in this wave.

12-23-2007, 03:35 PM
I intended to buy the Rebel Vanguard Trooper and Pax Bonkik when this wave hit, but didn't do it. Still, I'll vote for the Trooper since I liked the sculpt and bought the figure when it was released in the TSC line.

I got R2-B1 during the Episode I figure line so I didn't need the repaint. I could care less about the Clones or red Naboo Guard.

The Holo Vader is a joke. The only Holo Vader I want is a miniature one from ESB, which should've come with TSC Veers.

12-23-2007, 03:48 PM
I voted for the darth vader hologram, mostly because I can use him to set in front of one of my R2 units and have it look like he is putting up a great big hologram of him. Though, as someone said before, I'd prefer a smaller one. Since he can be found on E-bay for preaty cheap last I looked, I'll probably get him after X-mass when I get a billion E bay gift cards from people who don't know what to get for me since they wont buy anything star wars related for me.

I almost voted for R2-B1, but I have an old 1996 R2-D2 that I repainted to look like him a long time ago, and the paint job was so well done that I have yet to want to spend money for one. I'm working on some day makeing a custom package for him just for laughs (vintage revenge of the jedi card back. Got the file on my computer. Just need to take the time to actualy do it!)

Mad Slanted Powers
12-23-2007, 11:43 PM
I went with R2-B1, though it was hard to pick one.

I think I pretty much echo what Snowtrooper said.

Darth Vader holo used a poor choice of sculpt

7th Legion clone is yet another clone and not a particularly interesting one.

The Hawkbat clone was kind of cool as I remember the poncho-clad clones from the Clone Wars cartoon.

I didn't know who Pax was until they made him, but it's a good Greedo sculpt they used. Plus he makes good background alien filler.

I don't like the big gun for the Vanguard, but I like the repaint since I've played the game.

Naboo Trooper is kind of a boring figure, but I got a couple of him to go with the two yellow ones I have. Both are pretty decent figures.

I have the old R2-B1, but this is a much better version. I haven't found him yet, but I'll definitely get him. I think they used the best R2 sculpt available.

12-24-2007, 10:13 PM
Now that I got the last few from JMS, I can vote - and voted Pax. I didn't expect to, to be honest but the others in the wave were underwhelming, or just not executed right.

The Rebel Vanguard - while OK, could have done better with ball jointed elbows, rather than the swivel cuts. And R2 B1 is a disappointment with the grey dome...I don't know why they didn't use the same paint at the Red R2 unit from the tin...

As for the others - the Holo is the wrong pose, the clones are just clones, the Naboo soldier is just the same ole as last year, but red (which is fine as a repaint, just a dull character)

jedi master sal
12-25-2007, 02:11 PM
Wow this is a VERY tight race.

I suppose because people still are trying to find this wave is the reason for a light response in the poll.

The winner still can be any one of 3 or 4 figs. Don't know how to interpret that other than because they are repaints noone was really floored with how they turned out. They are okay figs and fill some holes. Just not stellar compared to the rest of TAC.

12-25-2007, 02:26 PM
Pax was the only option for me. He's the only one in this group that offers a new movie figure (kind of). The Naboo soldier still looks like a 1930's football player, and the rest of the figs were either EU, or rehashed figures of overdid characters.