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The 'Xir
12-24-2007, 12:08 PM
Whats up Everybody! long time no see. Merry Xmas to y'all! Well this is it my final disconnect from star wars. :( As alot of you old timers know, I was once GL's whippin' boy, the man could do no wrong in my eyes, then EpII put doubt in my heart and III nailed the coffin shut. Although I do feel bad I haven't kept in touch with all the great friends Ive made here online and @ Celebration III, but the Star Wars fire just doesnt burn bright in my heart anymore and Its hard almost "forced" to try and contribute anything here or to any SW related ventures. Now as I said the final disconnect is upon me, I've moved 3 times in the last 5 years and I'm sick of lugging all my collectibles around so I plan on selling off my entire collection(or as much of it as I can). So I'm turning to my trusted friends here at SSG for a little help! I've never been a big fan of Ebay but I just created an account about a week or two ago, and I know it will be tough to start selling on there without a "trusted reputation", so I was wondering if you have any tips for me on how to start selling all this stuff online?! Besides here@SSG, are there any other sites that may be worth selling on? I'd like to sell most of it over the next month if possible.
I'll try to start a list on the 'buying & selling thread if anyone here is interested in anything, but I'm gonna have to organize it all, but maybe i can post lists as I actually open boxes!(man it will be like Xmas everyday for the next month! :D ) Mods? Since I havent been here in awhile any advice on who not to trust on this site would be appreciated(PM me), although I'm guessing most SSg'ers wouldnt be around long if they werent cool enough to stay! ;)
Well, "Any hep here would be hot!" and hopefully being a little more involved here @ SSG will reconnect me with some old friends and meet some new ones too. I'm sure I'll check out all the new stuff George is comming out with in the next few years, 'cause I'll aways have a fond place in my heart of what Star Wars was, so hopefully that alone will keep me comming back, but selling my collection is a little bittersweet, almost feels like a divorce! LOL talk to y'all soon, have a wonderful holiday!

MTFBWY All...Always The 'Xir :|

12-24-2007, 03:29 PM
Wow man, Long time no see. Glad to see you are OK and doing well. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

As for selling stuff, I would see what you can get for them here. I dont know if its all Hasbro or a mix of companies(GG, SSC, etc....) figures, vehicles, MOC, etc. I would get a list and offer them up. I am looking for some of the later EP1 stuff(Padme with Ascension gun) so when you get those PM me with info if ya have them

As for who not to trust, havent had much of that around here. Look at sig lines(Mine and some others) for good people to deal with and check the trusty trader thread in the feedback area of the buy/sell section.

jedi master sal
12-24-2007, 04:31 PM
Hey XIR! Indeed long time no see. How's the business going?

I agree with KH, try selling some here as well.

As for getting started on eBay, I'd say go gung ho. Start selling figs and a lot of them in many auctions. By doing this you will very quickly rack up feedback. I'd say once you get 100+ feedback you'll be considered trusted by most collectors. As to who,how and what to sell, that's up to you.

However some ideas are selling figures in lots. Either army builders in lots or you can have one fig that's really wanted and a couple not so wanted. People will bid on those auctions just to get the one they want and you can off load the extras.

One thing to be sure of, DON'T expect to make your money back. Many figures you might only get $1-3 for. So just be prepared for that. Accept it and move on. (This is why I suggest having MANY auctions going at one time.) Other wise you're going to feel nickle and dimed to death. Offer combined shipping for figs, something like $3 for the first fig then $1 per figure won in addition. This too gets people to bid on more of your auctions and likely to bid more if they think they are going to save on shipping.

I could go on and on, on how to sell a collection on eBay.

I certainly wish you the best anbd if you'd like some more pointers, feel free to PM me.


12-24-2007, 06:06 PM
Xir, I just wanted to stop in and say, "Hi."

It has indeed been a long time and I enjoyed meeting you at C3 in Indy and getting to hang out with everyone.

That was one of the last times I was in better health (as that was the end of April 2005 I believe) and by August (right after Comic Con) things went straight to hell for me for a while.

I think we had contact after that time, but some things are harder to remember. Welcome back around these parts and stick around just to hang out. The guys always have to remind ME that this is a Star Wars site. I was just telling Sal the other day that probably 75% of my posts or more have nothing to do with Star Wars, LOL.

Wasn't it that movie George Lucas made for 1977?

The 'Xir
12-24-2007, 06:47 PM
Wuzzup guys! good to hear from ya! KH hope your keeping the power of the :beard: in order!, Sal, Biz is great thanX for asking, love/hate Xmas, I make good money but Im soooo glad its over(sometimes more headaches than its worth! ya know?), thanks for the good advice! AND my man Tyhco! whats up brother?! Brandy says Hi! ;):D aww dont think th@ will ever get old LOL But I hope all is well and you've made as much as a recovery as you possibly can! Know it will porbably never be 100%, but it's better than the opposite!

I am going to be around for a little while, seeing as Im pretty much taking off all of January, so here's to looking forward to many great conversations to come! keep in touch with yourselves! :D

jedi master sal
12-25-2007, 09:00 AM
...keep in touch with yourselves! :D

I think Tycho does that all too often....lol

Bel-Cam Jos
12-25-2007, 01:19 PM
Dear 'Xir, The.
Now, when you say this will be your "final disconnect from star wars," do you mean just purchases, or any watching, talking, viewing, etc. too? We can also help you with your feedback grooming here, if you are looking to build some up. Subtle hint, eh? :rolleyes:

The 'Xir
12-26-2007, 11:52 AM
Hey BCJ?! What's up buddy?!! Well I thought I had explained myself for the most part in that regard:

I'm sure I'll check out all the new stuff George is comming out with in the next few years, 'cause I'll aways have a fond place in my heart of what Star Wars was, so hopefully that alone will keep me comming back, but selling my collection is a little bittersweet, almost feels like a divorce!

I mean I'd assume selling your entire collection is pretty drastic, seeing as how it's been apart of my entire life since I saw SW:ANH in theatres when I was 5 and now I'm 35. However, I had about $500 worth of RotS toys on layaway @ Walmart when the movie came out, and after giving the movie the benefit of the doubt over the course of the following month, I got my money back from layaway and never picked up any of the toys! The last SW toy/fig. bought recently was Biggs only 'cause I really wanted it! The summer before I might have bought 5-6 figures. After buying the first animated clone wars series on dvd, I never watched or bought any season after that. I havent collected any comics in about a year and a half, up until about 2-3 months ago, but any of the SW ones I have bought recently I haven't read any of them yet. I haven't watched any of the movies in over 6-8 months and I'm not really looking forward to any Lucas Co. upcomming projects! Hate to say it but really, My fire for SW has pretty much burned out. I remember thinking to myself before RotS was released, "I cant wait to got to Celebration III", "I can't wait to meet some SSG'ers there", I can't wait till the movie comes out", then the movie came out and I just dont have any of those types of thoughts about SW anymore. Lucas ****ed me off that much!

Now, as I said It's not that I wont try and catch some of the new tv shows, or any new projects at all, but where as before I'd HAVE TO BE THERE GLUED TO THE TV when it premeired, now I'm more of just a casual observer and If I happen to catch it and can get into it a little(as a tv show), great! If not...C'est la vie!

I'm kinda looking forward to the new Indiana Jones movie, but really the only franchise that I have any desire to follow, and Im still not that gun ho about it like I used to be with SW is 'Transformers'. 'Cause , more than likely I will sell everything I have including all my old Transformers, I have all four of the original TMNT in their original packages, those will be gone, comics, my card collection, everything! I'm pretty much selling everything and anything I can, cause as I said I'm sick of lugging the stuff around! So any tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated, and NO I'm not fishing for help in building my reputation on ebay, As I said I hate Ebay, I never understood how anyone can make any money on it(but I know friends that have or customers that have ebay stores), it's so convoluted with cra*p! I'd much rather sell everything right here, If I thought I could, to people that I know who would enjoy the stuff than some random idiots on ebay! However, obviously I'm not stupid either If any of you were to buy/win something from me on ebay or any other site, a little feedback would also be greatly appreciated, but as I said It's not like my sole purpose for comming here was to do that( :rolleyes: ), actually, it was just to solicit advice and hopefully reconnect with some old online friends! :thumbsup:

The 'Xir
12-26-2007, 12:40 PM
...and Actually these are the kinda things i am fishing for advice on, seeing as I'm brand new to the world of on-line selling..:

What are the best sites to sell different types of collectibles on? for example, "is there a comic book only auction/selling website(s) and which is the best one? Figs? Posters? Card collections?

What are the best ways to ship? Should I buy a digital scale?

What are the best ways to accept payments? Paypal, etc? Should I use my checking account, credit card(s), or whatever?

I'm sure I'll think of a thousand different questions, but these are obviously the basics to start off! And any other basic advice y'all can think of to get me going would be appreciated! ThanX The 'Xir!:D

12-26-2007, 01:49 PM
Nice to see you back :) , sorry to see you go. :(

If it was me (and it isn't yet), I'd likely sort out all the toys to figure out what the "rare" and or "valuable" collectibles are. You know that those will be worth something and attract buyers.

Then figure out what the run-of-the-mill items are that everybody has and nobody really wants/needs.

Then put one valuable collectible with a group of the others and sell off "lots."

You could also make "collections" and sell those off as a larger lot... such as "The Mos Eisley Cantina" where you create an entire "playset" complete with all the figures and items (playsets, vehicles, beasts) that belong in that group. The same could be done for "The Emperor's Arrival" where you have a ton of Troopers, the ships, and anything else that would fit into that scene. "Jabba's Palace," "Bounty Hunters on the Star Destroyer"... things like that. I'd wager that you'll get more interest and money out of selling like that than by trying to do everything individually.

Once you get the groups together, it's a simple matter of boxing them up, weighing them all and waiting for the offers to come in. Go to www.usps.com, punch in the winning zip code and you'll have the total price out the door.

I have most of what I need, but hey, I'd even look at "collections" just to see if there's anything I'm missing. It would be so much easier to "shop" that way than to sift through hundreds of individual auctions for that one in a hundred item I might be interested in.

The 'Xir
12-26-2007, 03:03 PM
ThanX Stilla! Good to hear from ya! And Yeah I have thought about doing something along that lines! Keep in touch, and as i said earlier I'm gonna probably post stuff here first on SSG as I start opening boxes, so If anyone is interested in something, they can PM me and maybe we can work out a deal through PM's IM's and email!
Give me a couple days to figure out all these websites and the best way to do these auctions and then I'll probably start opening up boxes and crates and posting the stuff here! :thumbsup:

jedi master sal
12-26-2007, 03:08 PM
Of course there's also using the search field when searching through what a seller has for auction on ebay.

I very often do this when someone has hundreds of stuff up for auction at once.

The biggest thing that should go without saying is label all of your stuff line appropriate. If it's Star Wars, say that in the title of the auction. If it's Transformers, TMNT, etc. Doing that will help someone searching through your auctions find the specific line quickly and help root out any unwanted searches. Be specific on subline too if possible. In other words, TAC or POTF2 or Galactic Heroes, etc. Again that makes it VERY easy for buyers to find specifically things they are looking for. If you've got many auctions at once, they might be MORE prone to buy from you if you've got your auctions organized and easy to sort through in a search field.

It doesn't matter if you weren't looking for the advice, I take no offense to someone asking for help on how to sell their collection. Even if you didn't directly mean to. It's all good.

Again best of luck. I know I'll be culling the collection down of unwanted items over 2008. I won't get much for the stuff, but I'l be fine with whatever I get. It was fun while collecting it, but I don't need to keep paying a storage facility to house my collection when I want to be able to look on it with my own eyes.....(sorry corny quote, lol) whenever I wish.

The 'Xir
12-26-2007, 04:36 PM
It doesn't matter if you weren't looking for the advice, I take no offense to someone asking for help on how to sell their collection. Even if you didn't directly mean to. It's all good.

Ummm...??? Sal? Maybe I'm confusing my own discussions, but I am looking for advice!
I was responding to Bel-Cam's post, 'cause he was hinting that I was really just fishing for help in building my ebay reputaion, which for 1) I have not bought or sold anything on Ebay at all so I have no rep to speak of, and 2) really just want to sell my collection as soon as I can and after that doubt I'd sell anything on ebay after that, so I really dont care what my history/reputation is after that!

but by all means, thank you!, I'm looking for all the help I can get! :whip:

The 'Xir
12-26-2007, 05:04 PM
Anyone done any biz-ness on Heritage, Hakes, Pacific Exchange or Comic Linx comic-book auction sites and what was your experience?

The 'Xir
12-27-2007, 01:33 AM
Also is it possible to hold shipments until confirmation of payment on ebay and alot of these sites, or do you have to ship item and hope you get paid? If buyer doesnt come thru with payment do these sites compensate you for your loss or are ya just screwed? what guarantees are there?

told ya I'd end up having a 1,000 questions! :rolleyes:;)

12-27-2007, 01:51 AM
You can most certainly wait until you get payment before shipping. I'm pretty sure that 99% of the sellers do that to ensure they get there money and they may also use the money to pay for the shipping.

Good luck with selling the collection and I'll be looking it as I still ned a few vehicles and beasts.:thumbsup:

12-27-2007, 05:38 AM
When I sold stuff, I would always put in the auction that would ship after payment clears my bank acct.

12-27-2007, 09:09 AM
The standard is for the buyer to pay first - any experienced person on ebay or other buy/sell sites will expect the deals to go down that way.

A thought - if you want to get ebay feedback quickly, make what deals you can here... but still list the item on ebay. Arrange a "buy it now" price that matches what you come up with here, then list the item and immediately email the item # to your pre-arranged partner who then "buys it now" as quick as possible. You work out the shipping and whatnot beforehand so things move quickly - then both of you get good feedback on ebay which will serve you well as your selling progresses.

Just a thought.....

12-27-2007, 12:48 PM

I was in the same spot when I sold off all of my junk.

1. create a paypal account and verify it. It makes you look legit.

2. Sell your cheapest crap first. People are willing to take a chance for a couple of bucks.

3. sell your expensive stuff last once you have a rep.

4. Vehicles go for a premium in Nov-Dec. I sold a MF for $135 in Dec. that I bought in Aug. for $60.

5. Sell as much stuff as you can at once and offer combined shipping rates.

6. ALWAYS end your auctions on Sunday evenings around 5pm PST.

7. ALWAYS use the gallery feature.

8. price your stuff to sell. I start all auctions at 99 cents. The market will move it up.


Bel-Cam Jos
12-27-2007, 01:56 PM
told ya I'd end up having a 1,000 questions! :rolleyes:;)Just grab us, shake us, and hope we don't tell you "answer hazy, ask again later! " :pleased:

The 'Xir
12-29-2007, 12:22 AM
ThanX again guys!

as I said the help is much wanted and appreciated!

I took your advice Jon and now I gotta wait 3-5 biz days to confirm my verified status! So as I said I'll start opening boxes here first, reall soon, and I'll post stuff either on this thread or in a collectible thread! Just going into the attic I could visibly see about 40 medium-large size cardboard boxes and about 6 tubs worth of stuff! Not to mention what I brought down with me thats packed in the van! Eeeesh, I was hoping to sell a majority of this stuff within the month. Hope my 'rents don't mind if I move back in for awhile! lol

Just to give you guys some Idea, most of my older toys(77-86) are just what I played with when I was growing up, so most of that is loose and unorganized, however I did keep most all of the weapons to each fig.(now if I can only find them). Although, I know I have a complete(instructions and advertisements incld.) ESB MF in box, and I think I have a tie-fighter in box as well(dont know if the lasers work on it tho). Oh I think I also have a landspeeder in box as well, I remember having the box 'cause I accidentally shot it with my bee-bee gun when a bee-bee ricocheted of the wall and hit it, so hopefully I kept it! I might have picked up somethings along the way but most of this stuff is just my toys as a kid.

After the first hint that Lucas might do more movies again is when I really started collecting, around(93-94) the time when Dark Horse took over the SW licenses, and most of what you could collect back then was just Comics and cards! Know I have most if not all, of the UK Magazine sized versions of 'Dark Empire' local shop at the time just happened to carry them. I remember getting some Topps colectible tin cards(2 sets each, I think) for ANH and ESB. This is also about the time when I bought a loose ESB MF for about $35-40 and outfitted mine with everything that was missing.

Picked up some "museum" peices here and there; Posters, collectors plates, DPS helmets, and I have about a 10" tall pewter AT-AT from I think the Smithsonian along with a press packet when the 'Magic of the Myth' tour debuted there.

Most all newer stuff(97-07) is just what I could grab before the rest of ya got your filthy mits all over it! ;)

But as I said, soon here it will be like Xmas all over again so stay tuned, and get ready to break out the plastic! :D;):thumbsup: